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How To Reduce Spam Commenting On A Wordpress Blog

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How To Reduce Spam Commenting On A Wordpress Blog

Does it really seem to be impossible to reduce spam comment from a blog? Or do you think that there is nothing you can do to reduce it?

Actually to stop spam commenting finally is a very hard task, but it can be done. Anyway my topic is not covering “How to stop spam commenting finally”, rather “How to reduce spam commenting”.

This is very easy to do, with the measure of some important plugin you can reduce spam commenting. I would like to give you some plugin you can use to do that and also show you how to install those plugin’s for them to work with your blog.

Also before I give you the list of those plugin’s I would also like to tell you one thing that causes spam commenting to increase on your blog.

The number one thing that causes that is because your site has been index on Google and you have also installed the sitemap plugin on your site.

If this two thing has not been done on your blog your site won’t get much spam comment.

For instance; when I created my first blog, by then it wasn’t index on Google I do get comment but not spam comments. Some weeks after I Indexed it on Google I started getting spam comments till the day a discovered the plugin’s that I could use to stop the spam comment. I never rest because I do get more than 50 spam comments per day, but after I installed those plugin’s it minimized.
These are the plugin’s you can use to minimize the spam comment on your blog.

1) conditional captcha: Using a Conditional Captcha Helps a lot in reducing spam comment from your blog, what you need is to log in to your Administrator account, then go to add plugin, enter “CONDITIONAL CAPTCHA” in the search box, use the very first one that the search brought.

Caution: Do not install any other thing rather that Conditional Captcha.

2) Use Akismet For Your Wordpress Site: Akismet which is also known as Automattic, is a well know wordpress plugin, it is a spam filtering service. It filters back spam comment from a blog and spam trackback ping.

Akismet was launched in the year 2005, this plugin is a product of Automattic. You can install this plugin by going to add new plugin type “AKISMET” install it then get the API key for it to work on your computer.
Note: You must have the API key before you can use the Akismet spam protector.

3) Turn Off Comment on your site: This can also help you reduce the spam commenting on your Blog. Although it is not really necessary for you to turn off the comment on your blog because this two listed above plugin’s can reduce the spam commenting on your blog.

If you really want to be getting people’s comment about how your site is then you can leave the comment on, but they can also use the contact page to tell you what they have for you.

I am Onibalusi Segun a Nigeria Blogger, I write for payday loans you can visit this site to get little charges.
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Oxygen Responsive Magazine Theme for WordPress

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Oxygen Responsive Magazine Theme for WordPress

Oxygen is a premium-quality, responsive magazine theme for WordPress. Oxygen is a highly extensible parent theme, built on the industry-recognized Hybrid Core framework – a great base for creating your own child themes.
It supports fluid, responsive layout. Custom front page template. Featured content slider. Theme Settings. Breadcrumbs. Theme-matching styles for contact form plugins – Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7. And best of all, it is free for download.

Price : Free
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5 Android Apps for Bloggers

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Blogging is now a passion for all the people. Some use it for their personal lifestyle, some go professional, some people blog to get their pocket money. But it’s not always possible to post or manage your blog from a computer. So here are the 5 best Blogging Apps for Bloggers.

Wordpress is the most used blogging CMS on web. Wordpress recently launched its Android App on the Android marketplace to have its users use it on mobile. You can do everything from the App. So what are you waiting for, get it from the Android Marketplace.

Google's blogger is one of the most used platform for simple blogs. Make everything out of your blogger blog from your mobile phone. Get the app for your Android Phone and start posting your Blogger Blog.

Google Analytics
Check your blog or website's analytics anywhere from your Android Device. Get the G-Analytics app is still in it's beta version and soon will be adding much more features. The app supports charts, secure login with android account manager, Current Stats etc..

Adsense Dashboard
As every blogger, you too would be earning from your blog from Google Adsense. So start checking your Adsense Estimated Earnings, Finalized Earnings, Page RPM anywhere with this app.

Manage multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. From a single dashboard. Hootsuite makes that possible for you. And now it has released its Android App to get connected wherever you are. You can schedule your messages for future. Shorten the links with

About the Author:
This is an article written by Vikas Bhatt, who runs an Android Blog

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Top 10 WordPress Hosting Services

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If you want to make your own website live on internet and accessible for everyone throughout the world, you might need a web hosting service. There are many webhosting companies over internet which provides space on their server. These web hosting companies also provide the internet connectivity to the website owners.

The web hosting services are actually categorized in four different categories- shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Almost every company providing the web hosting services manage all these categories. In this piece of writing we will discuss about some leading web hosting service. When we are talking about the good webhosting services we cannot forget 

Webhostingclue. It is a detailed directory of the best web hosting services available on internet. It provides the solutions to all your queries related to webhosting.  This web hosting service provides reviews, and popular web hosting coupons. You can also check the complete guide to webhosting.

Webhostingclue incorporates the list of the leading and best web hosting services and complete details about them. The list includes the Price, Band, Width, Disk Space, Free Domain, and genuine reviews about the web hosting companies. It also includes detailed information about the WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Green Hosting, Small Business Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting, Family Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

We will discuss about the Top 10 WordPress Hosting Services in this article. Wordpress is the best blogging tool on internet today. Wordpress has thousands of themes and plug-ins which help you to make your blog unique and beautiful.

However, there are thousands of web hosts providing their services for the Wordress blog, but we will discuss about the best 10 WordPress Hosting Services who have proven themselves in providing the preeminent solutions.

1.BlueHost- It is a web hosting services provider offering the services since 1996. BlueHost has developed goodwill in the market with its excellent services. BlueHost has topped the list of best webhosting services by their award wining customer service system and reliable product. It provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.  

2.WebHostingHub-It is the sister brand of the leading web hosting services InmotionHosting. WebHostingHub provides linux hosting solutions for individual bloggers as well as the small business owners.

3.HostGator- This is a web hosting service offering the services since 2002. It is one of the fastest growing web hosting services in US. It provides both shared and reseller web hosting services. If you are using the services of HostGator, you can access the SiteStudio website designer to design your website.

4.Hostmonster-  It cheaper that HostGator and BlueHost and offers excellent support. 3000Gb of bandwidth and 300Gb of disk space is more than enough to make a good blog. It is the best web hosting services for you if you have a low budget.

5.NetworkSolutions- it is a fully featured web hosting provider, with years of experience and constant support. It is the leading webhosting company providing design services, marketing, e-commerce functionality.

6.iPage- it is the best one for small to medium-sized websites as it is one of the most cost effective web hosting services.

7.JustHost- It is the best choice for the small business websites or individual bloggers. JustHost includes everything you need to begin with your website.

8.PacificHost- This service comes at $2.49/month. It is a full-featured webhost catering both medium sized and small businesses websites.

9.Greengeeks- This is a great Wordpress webhosting service providing the free auto Wordpress scripts and unlimited web space.

10.Dot5Hosting- It is one of the best affordable webhosting services. The hosting package fromDot5Hosting helps individual bloggers and business websites get high powered services. 

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Make yourself familiar with Web Hosting

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When a person is planning to host a website he needs to choose the web hosting services that are affordable. If you want your online business to earn a lot you need to choose the web hosting services that provides quality services. There are a number of web hosting service providers that are available and it’s entirely your choice to select the best from them which provides you with a reliable connection. The good aspect is that there are so many companies in the market thus you are having so many choices such that you can choose the best company which satisfies your needs.
A good package is the one which is having database services like MySQL, MS Access and MS SQL server. These programs are capable of holding large information. A lot of packages are designed for specific websites like ecommerce, blogging, or heavy business uses. Affordable web hosting is the vital aspect if you want to run your online business. Web designing is increasing in demand; we can see a number of advertisements on the internet speaking about style and design of websites which will be made with the help of experts. There are advantages of adding the website design template to be featured in your own website.
Web Hosting is a service that is required by a person for hosting the website, such that the people who are having interest in your products as well as services can only access your website. Web technology is the need of today’s time, so it is obvious that you require the aid of Web hosting. There are numerous types of hosting web services like shared web hosting: in this a number of users are accessing the same server that is the reason why it is called as shared web hosting. It is available at low cost. The service provider is solely responsible for managing the service and monitoring them. Since a large number of peoples are accessing the site at the same time a heavy load is seen on the server therefore it runs slowly.
The other type of web hosting is ecommerce web hosting as this provides a person with the tools to manage the ecommerce website. This is useful if a person is deciding to run his own online business. The clients can trust on this as the data which is stored in this is in secured manner. Therefore the users can rely on this type of hosting service. A person should make proper investigation before choosing the web hosting provider for him, as he should look after its reviews. Thus you should select the one which satisfies your requirements.
Dedicated web hosting is another type of service in this a person should buy the entire server if he wants to create his own website. Thus a person is having a number of services at his disposal thus you can host more than one website by means of dedicated web hosting. The service provider is reliable, as one customer gets the entire server.
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5 Best and Ultimate Joomla Extensions for all

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We know that Joomla is a powerful content management system that helps you to create your websites for the growth of your business or service. Once you have started to work on Joomla, the next thing to be considered is choosing the best and ultimate Joomla extensions. The online world is fully fledged with innumerable extensions so it’s become quite hard to find out the best extensions for you. In this article, we have explained about 5 best and ultimate Joomla extensions for all that would definitely help you to extend the functionality of your Joomla software program.

In order to enjoy full power of your Joomla CMS, you need to choose the best Joomla Hosting solutions available. The hosting plays important role in running the extensions or plugins on the sites efficiently.

1.JCE Editor
Known as Joomla Content Editor, it is a wonderful extension which is to be configured in WYSIWYG editor. This extension contains additional plug-ins that would allow you to work with some great features such as image loader, smilies, font control, table maker and so on.  Moreover, it also has an additional administration interface which is basically designed for the configuration of editors. It is a non commercial extension.

2.Community Builder
It is also an excellent extension having various attractive key features such as blogs, galleries, forums, newsletter, PMS, image upload, Ajax email, front end workflow management and so on it also offers multitasking.

This extension is the best for businessmen who want to build up an E-commerce website. It serves as an ultimate shopping cart solution for the store owners and best fulfilled the needs of their customers with the availability of great documentation. Virturemart is highly administrative extension that would allow you to handle several products, categories and orders with an ease and comfort. So if you want to sell anything on the internet or just want to showcase your products, this is the best choice for you.

The words SEF in this extension denotes search engine friendly. Generally, search engine friendly URL’s are not build up by Joomla applications and they are also quite difficult to read and understand. Hence to solve the problem, you can use JoomSEF which makes user friendly URLs which are quite easy and simpler. It works with Apache web server as well as IIS web server.

It is an amazing Joomla extension having lot so attractive plug-ins. With the help of his extension, you can easily customize your web pages and it also enables you to add php, html and JavaScript in your section. Jumi is definitely a great choice if you want to create banner advertisements. It offers you an easy access to category descriptions and various interesting features. This extension goes well with smaller as well as larger modules.

These are just a few Joomla extensions to be used by website owners to make their websites more attractive and appealing. There are more than 4000 Joomla extensions which are featured in Joomla Extension Directory. So choose the best and ultimate Joomla extension for you that best fulfills your needs and help you achieve your goals at its best. But as a beginner choose an extension that is easier to use and best suffice your requirements.

Please pass your valuable feedback through comments.

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How To Backup Your WordPress Blog Automatically To Dropbox

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Hello everyone today i gonna teach you how to backup your WordPress blog to Dropbox with this simple method.
Its so simple, a 5 min workout to complete and enable this feature. So, lets start the tutorial.
The first basic thing is to know yourself that " are you registered with Dropbox" if not your missing a lot of online stuff happiness. Dropbox is a cloud based storage with file sharing service. As this is the main positive point, the site has become very popular and also because of its ease to use and the basic offer of 2 GB online free storage space. Now every WordPress user can use this popular site to backup their Blog/Site automatically into their Dropbox account. This tutorial will make you easy to set-up this.

01. First sign-up with Dropbox using the below link
02. Now Install the WordPress Plugin and Activate it, download the plugin from below link

03. Now authorize the installed plugin and give it access to your Dropbox account. Then select time and date, now set how frequently do you want it to take the backup of your Blog/Site from your plugin settings page and now you can also save your backup locally (on your harddisk) also.
04. Wait for the time to arrive and awesome! the backup file will now be in the specified location.
I think you like these simple tutorial. If you think it please like it :) and share your feedback using comments.
Happy Blogging & Have A Nice Day...!

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Similar Content Recommendation Widget for WP - Plugin

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The SimpleReach Slide is the best way.. Thanks to help readers discover more of your content. The Slide shows related posts on a widget that “slides” in at the bottom of the page – increasing pageviews and time spent on your site.

You’ve seen an identical content recommendation widget on sites like, and now SimpleReach is permitting anybody to take advantage of this awesome plugin at no cost.
Please pass your feedback through comments section :)
Happy Blogging :)

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UCOZ - A Free Website Builder

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Owning a website is a dream for most people who would like to put up their thoughts and ideas on the internet. In the past it was very hard for ordinary people to get their own websites because the domain registration and hosting costs were too high for a lot of people. Nowadays domain registration fees have come down drastically, but the high hosting fees still make some people nervous. But luckily, there are some good solutions out there which provide free website hosting to the public. I know most of you might have heard of such “free” services, and you might be skeptical about them, and for good reason. Most free website hosting services aren’t actually very useful other than for running a few test websites. But there are a few good services out there which you can trust. I have recently found one such service where you can not only get free website hosting, but you also get a free website maker! Now that’s a good news for people who do not know much about website designing! One look at the services offered by this site will be enough to tell you that this is not like those other trashy website creation/hosting services. Using this service you can create your own website within minutes, and it’s really easy to use as managing a website is as easy as managing BLOCKS. I hope you do like it! 

By the way some of its main features are…! 
A free website builder as said above which allow users to create E-mail forms, Forum, Photo Album and many more in-built. 
A collection of unlimited templates to use for your site, By default it provides 250 Templates . 
Integration with Popular Web-Services Google Maps, PayPal, YouTube, Deposit Files, Pixlr and more….! 
Gives the users to add 21 modules, thousands of widgets and gadgets 
Having the option to make a backup of your valuable data 
Supports Modern CMS 
Gives the Domain name like 

Site Advantages: 
The best thing is there is no space limit. Its Unlimited Disk Space 
You can have the total control on your site. 
Simple Interface which can be accessed easily without hesitation. 
Support can be given in a unique way..By providing Textbooks, manuals, technical support 
A Friendly Community 

Some of the Quick Facts about the site…! 
Supports 13 Language Localizations 
Provides 99% UpTime. 
Every site almost 1,000,000 active websites with no Downtime 
Site gets 100 million user Hits daily

Please let me know your feedback and suggestions through comments JJ

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Adsense Revenue Sharing Widget For Blogger Blogs

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Hi my dear Loyal Readers and Friends.Today am going to teach how to add a Adsense Revenue Sharing Widget in blogger.We all think adding Adsense Revenue Sharing in blogger is very hard but now its very easy by implementing this simple tutorial.
Actually,What is meant by "Adsense Revenue Sharing".
  • You can share the adsense revenue with different People/Authors
  • You can get more traffic to your Blog/Website
  • Can have more Guest posts from different Authors
  • Traffic from different countires
  • More Adsense impressions
  • Increase your site SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Ranking
  • For more info visit : What is the AdSense Revenue Share
So,Now lets Start the tutorial........

to Goto-->Design-->Edit Html
Now Check Expand Widget Option
Now find the following code in your Template:


Now, paste the following code just above <data:post.body/>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

<b:if cond=' == "Author_1"'>



<b:if cond=' == "Author_2"'>



<b:if cond=' == "Author_3"'>




It will not work directly by Copying/Pasting the AdSense code.So,You should Parse the AdSense Code from here.And make sure that you paste the code as shown below in the image
Preview Image

Now replace the 'Red Color Text' with your 'Author AdSense Code'. And Replace 'Blue Color Text' with the NAME of the Author (The name you choose while you register).The author names must not be different, it must be unique.Now place the author name when they have chosen when they registered at the blogger account.
It can be found on the profile editing page.
Preview Image
Finally,Now save your template.And now your writer can get fully monetized post...!You can also use this trick for ad networks like Chitika and other sites if you don't like to use it for AdSense its upto the Author Choice.
It is your choice to choose the banner size. I recommend to place square banner. It is best visible on the blog posts.

Now your blog is Adsense Revenue Sharing Blog with multiple authors where each and every authors can get benefits whenever they write on your blog. Enjoy blogging with blogger!

Please pass your suggestions and problems by using the comment section. :)
Have a nice day :)
Comments Are Do-Follow :)
SEO Friendly :)

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WP Answers - Monetizing Q & A Sites

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