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Twitter Research Shows you How to Increase Click-Throughs

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Twitter Expand
It is amazing how much data we generate everyday. One cause of this is simply trying to get our great content in front of an audience. We spend a lot of time with tweets, blogs, vlogs, and promoting the heck out all of them.

If I told you that there was a secret to increasing click-through rates (CTR) on all your content using Twitter...would you believe me? Here is some great research showing you exactly how to do it.

3 Ways to Increase Twitter CTR

What We Are Doing Wrong
Heidi Cohen recently wrote about new research that shows how to maximize the impact of your tweets. One thing you can do right now is to begin putting the URL 25% into your tweet instead of at the end. This increases CTR more than in other area of placement. Simple!

Many of these tips seem straightforward. The reason why they work is because of the way we scan content. The style of Tweets that perform the best present information in a credible way. Another aspect that makes this style so appealing is that it looks different. These effects may not last once everyone adapts to this new information.

Buffer App increases Twitter impact by over 200%! The simplicity of Buffer is what makes it such a powerful tool. By only tweeting at the most optimal times you increase the likelihood that your network will see and act on them. Buffer schedules your tweets and keeps you from overwhelming your audience with information.

It isn’t surprising that most of the important blogs are using Buffer as an option to share. In one short year Buffer has become a major staple of the blogging community. Expect to see more from them in the future. They have already added Facebook updates to their app.

Promote Others
Focus  on more than yourself. Twitter is a social network. You would be wise to never forget that. You can actually increase the chances of people promoting your content by making a habit of promoting others! Build your relationships and people will seek you out and tweet yours. That act of discovery is what makes Twitter so much fun!

Relationship building is the only way to go with social media. It goes beyond Twitter and Facebook to the heart of your business. If you think that your business exists in a vacuum you are wrong. Learn how to share the spotlight with others and you may find yourself taking center stage.

Why Should You Join Twitter

Are you still waiting to join the Twitter train? Many of the people I speak to still don’t see the point. For me it is the number one tool I use to build my professional network. It has allowed me to reach out to my mentors and build relationships. It also allows me to look for help and is a great research tool.

Why have you joined Twitter? Do you use it as a promotional tool? If not, how do you promote your content?

Author Bio :

Susan Silver works as a contract SEO copywriter. She has contributed her knowledge of social media to several blogs.

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4 Best Web Apps to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

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We all know now a days using Multiple Twitter accounts is not so..... easier.We should always login to each twitter id to tweet or navigate through your accounts....But now the problem for these solution is sloved...!! Want to know about it.

Well,I found these web apps a better apps to use for your twitter accounts if you use Multiple accounts.Of course you can use them for a single account.So,they are as followed shown below

TwitIQ :

TwitIQ is a Smarter web app or client.It has Better Features like
- Real Time Updates
- Inline Image and Video Previews
- Multiple Accounts Support And Many More...! 
- Automatic Expansion of Shortened URLs

It is An advanced, Web-based Twitter client that supports grouping, Facebook, stats, multiple accounts,
pretty pictures, trending topics, and all sorts of other cool, awesome, and fantastic stuff :-)

It is an Web App for Easy management for multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitor...!

These is the Web App at present i am using for my twitter accounts..With these you can also attach Facebook account(Fan page) to post itself whenever you update your website or blog.

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Share Your Feedback...!
Have A Nice Day And Blogging :)
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7 Cool Twitter Tools for Multiple User & Group Tweeting

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Clearly, Twitter is undoubtedly the topper when it comes to Social Media Marketing tools. Out of all the tools we use today for social media marketing, Twitter tools are the most versatile and obviously most sought after. One of the good feature about Twitter is that more than one person can use it at the same time. Multiple account tweeting is a reality today with big corporations or just about anyone with a peer team manages one single Twitter account collaboratively.

Who does group tweeting and why ?

Collaborative tweeting or group tweeting are done mainly when there is a team managing a single twitter account. Many people use Twitter for Customer Service, and there is often a team that works in shifts to manage a Twitter account 24/7. Social Media management requires 24/7 monitoring, therefore managing between multiple users becomes a necessity.
Here are some group tweeting/ collaborative shared Tweeting tools that should help you.

1.  Media Funnel

A professional group tweeting tool that lets you manage your tweets among colleagues and peer team. Analytics and event tracking for tweets are possible with this tool making it the best among the lot.

2. Objective Marketer

Really impressive tool that lets you schedule tweets, run campaigns and even measure them right inside the tool. Very promising tool, but costs a bit on the higher side.

3. Hootsuite

Probably the most popular among all Hootsuite is the most reliable tool when it comes to scheduling tweets and multiple user management. Easy to manage, Hootsuite is undoubtedly the best tool out there.

This tool is more like a social media monitoring tool in itself, with excellent reports on social media mentions and sentiment reports. To add to it you can run campaigns with multiple users involved. Very impressive tool.

5. Split Tweet

This is a multi user twitter management tool and an analytics tool combined together with no other distractions. You can use it for campaigns on brands and specifically target a social media channel. however, comparing it with other tools, you’ll miss some advanced features here.

6. Co Tweet

An amazing social media dashboard tool created specifically for Twitter, it lets you do lot of advanced things like multiple user management, specific keyword monitoring etc. The best thing is that it has a very simple interface even with all the complexities.

If you know more such tools, do let me know in the comments.
Have a nice day and blogging...!

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Easy hack to leech email Id’s on Twitter (sorta)

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Hi friend's,I found this trick something useful while i am on twitter searching for new profiles to follow.But "Please Don't Use These Method For Spamming Other's Or Any Other Related"
Well, this isn’t exactly a hack, but nevertheless lets you reap a load of valid email Id’s off Twitter. If you’re a spammer / email marketer you may know what that means.
Typically, people who’re concerned about privacy would not publish their email ids on twitter. But there are many who does. I assume they’d like some attention, which is why the ids are published on their profiles.
However, if you go to Twitter people search and do a simple search on “” (See Example Here), you’ll get a boat load of email IDs.

Now, is this a security issue ? Not really. Because these folks voluntarily published their email IDs on their profiles. But as long as these are valid ID’s, this is a gold mine for email marketers..err I mean spammers !

So,what do you do now!!!....? Just go to your twitter id and then change your email id privacy Setting's..I Mean Keep your email id Hidden.It will save you from spam :)

And Finally,I Think This Article Helps You A Lot And My Dear Loyal Reader's And Friends After Some Days,I Will Post A Article On "How To Extract Your Twitter Follower's List"(Just Only Twitter User name And First Name,Last Name And Other Related).Since Twitter Will Not Allow For Extracting Email Id's Of Your Follower's.So,Please Visit The Site Again For Regular Updates.
Have A Nice Day :)
Please Pass Your Valuable Feedback Through Comment's :)  
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Automatically Update Your Twitter And FaceBook Status When You Add A New Post On Blogger

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Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt are now one of the biggest visitors sources for a lot of blogs, so you have to use this services to get more visitors,
So you have to update your status regularly each time you add a new post on your blog so your followers and friends keep receiving the latest updates from your blog.
But updating your status regularly taking a lot of time, specially if you post many posts daily.
Today we’ll learn a new way that`ll save us more time. by using this tool you wont need to tweet and update your status on Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt.
You will just need to Authenticate your Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt account .
After this add your blog’s RSS feed link there . and you are good to go.

Lets Do It.
Go to, And click register now. Then fill the form and click Create account.
Then you’ll be taken to another page contain 3 steps.
Step 1: Name Feed & Add Source URL.
You’ll need to enter your
Feed Name
RSS Feed URL, your default blog url should be the following.
Or you can enter your feedburner url if you are a member of feedburner.
And click Continue to Step 2
Step 2: Configure Publishing Services.
In this step you will be able to Authenticate your accounts in Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt with your account,
For example click on Facebook, on the next page, click Connect with facebook, a new window will be opened, enter your facebook e-mail and password and clickconnect Then click allow access and click create service
And after you add and Authenticate all your accounts click All Done.
Step 3: Done.
On this step just click Go to dashboard. From your dashboard you can add, edit or remove services from your account.
And now you are done.

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Gaining New Twitter Followers Fast and Easy!

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Hey Everyone!
So you Say you want to gain more Twitter Followers Fast. There are plenty of sites and services out there today that promise to get you thousands of followers in no time flat. Become the next big thing on TwitterTwitter!
Well just like anything else on the internet ” If it was so easy and everyone would do it, Then why don’t they”.  Most of the set it and forget it following sites have a Free and a Pro option. Let me very quickly explain to you how this works with just about any Free vs Pro system of Marketing or Advertising or pretty much whatever program that you can find today. The pro members and website owners are really the only ones who get a good deal! And how you might ask? Off the Backs of the people who sign-up for Free. ( I’ll be doing a Free Vs Pro article Soon )
Anyways, The site that I want to review today is called Twiends ( formerly known as Fast Followers). The way it works is based on a credit system. You follow others and the credit amount they offer for you to follow them is put in your account, Which you then offer for others to follow you. On the credit system the house always gets one credit so say you offer 4 credits per follower when it shows on the site it will display as 3 credits per follower.
It’s a very easy way to gain followers fast and one of the best things is the Unfollow rate seems to be quite low ( They are doing the same as you, Looking for Followers ) and you know that because they are there they are Active Twitter Users.  If you hold your mouse over the picture of the person you are thinking about following the system will tell you a little about the person and whether they tend to unfollow people allot.
There are a couple of other resources as well, You can use your FaceBookFacebookaccount to gain fans or become a fan. You can also post your website as well. ( I’ve been getting a bit of traffic from people looking at my site, But am not sure how productive it is yet ) You can gain Credits as by looking at other websites in the system as well. It kind of reminds me of a traffic exchange in a way.
Well that’s about it for today and If your looking to build your twitter follower count, You should give Twiends a try.
Happy Tuesday All !!...
Twitter Id: @Saikrishna1234
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