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3 Things You Must Do If You Need To Increase The Traffic Of Your Blog

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3 Things You Must Do If You Need To Increase The Traffic Of Your Blog

A lot of people believe in publishing and publishing on their site alone which is not the only thing you have to do for the growth of your site. If you want to increase the traffic of your website you don’t have to write on you site alone and do some other things that would be listed below.
I would be listing three tips that would help you to increase the stat (traffic) of your website. If you are desperate to be getting lot of visitors on your website you have to work for that.

Tip #1

Guest Posting: guest posting helps a lot in getting traffic’s for a blog, most a time people do guest posting for fun, but it helps a lot. Also for you to see the true help of guest posting you have to guest post on a site that get a better traffic, It is not when you guest post on a site that doesn’t get traffic like yours then you start expecting people to visit your site, that won’t work.
Guest posting on a site that doesn’t get traffic will only waist your articles and your time, and as well do nothing useful for your site.
It might sound funny to a lot of people, that what is the meaning of this guest posting of a thing. Guest posting is a way in which you would write an article for another site and add your url to the article so the readers of the other site would be linking back to your site with a dofollow link.

Tip # 2

Always write cool articles on your site: Articles also attract visitors from visiting your site when it is index on Google. Guest posting would also let people to read your article by linking back to your site when they find your article interesting they would like to get your next update.
If your articles are not good enough they would not like to visit your site again after the first time, that is why you need to write cool articles on your site even if it is one per day it would still help you to get visitor from different places.

Tip #3

Create Social Media Accounts For Your Site: For anyone who is good with social media the first thing you would think of is how to invite your friend from your facebook account by creating a facebook page, tweet your site on twitter and share your site on many other social media accounts. This would make your friends visit your site frequently if they see articles that are attractive and interesting.

I am Onibalusi Segun From Nigeria; I write for you can visit this site to get moredetails about me.

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5 Tips to Get Quality Contents for Your Blog

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Now that you've made your way to this post, it means that you are already having a blog or two of your own and are just looking for adding on some great quality content to your blog. You might also be well aware of the saying “Content is King”, ever since the frequent Google updates, the only factor which saves ones blog from its negative effects is the quality content. 
Tips to get good content
If you happen to have some quality content, then you are quite surely not going to be affected by any of the effects but in case, you lack the quality, your blog might just be penalized.

So, we at <your site> bring this post to your solution, this post will guide you through the “5 Tips to get quality content for your blog”, without any further delay; let’s just dive in…

Part/Full Time Writers
Depending on the requirements of your blog, you should hire a copywriter who can easily ensure the timely delivery whilst not compromising with the quality of the article. You should make a deal which benefits both of you and doesn't require you to worry about the quality and publishing of the post on the blog.

Tip: A personal tip from my experience is to go for 2 part time writers which can usually cover for the late or untimely delivery of the other on certain occasions when he/she is unavailable.

Guest Writers to the rescue
Whenever I am having problem with some quality content on my blog, I simply call for guest posts. What are they? They are posts from other fellow bloggers on you blog which in turn get them a few back links and some author bio. Whenever, it’s time for my exams to show up and require me to study, I choose to call for Guest writers who are the perfect solution in such a case. Guest posts are ensured of quality because the other fellow blogger would not want to publish a low quality post on your blog which in turn would decrease his preference.

Syndication Feeds
More than 75% of the blogs serve RSS feeds that publishers can integrate into their websites and thus make their newly published content count on their site too. But, the problem they carry along with them is that they are not unique.

Visitor contribution
Once your blog has successfully made a brand name, all they need is some contribution from the regular visitors. This is sure to bring some quality content to their blog whilst also having a chance to hold some polls which can let them know of the people’s view on topics.

Article Database
Article Databases are free articles that you get from a quality post for submission on your blog. But alike the Syndication feeds, they also are not unique and require you to have the author’s website mentioned along with a couple of links to the source which does not look very appreciable to me.

Author bio:
This is a Guest Post by Raj kumar on behalf of
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Increase Traffic to Your Website in 3 Easy Ways

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Steps to improve your site visitors
Increase your Traffic

Getting traffic to your weblog is not something in which automatically occurs every time you article updates but instead requires just a little preparation! The net offers you a large number of people in research of sites to understand but you have to first make awareness of one's site along with offer a thing worth the reader’s time period!

Here are generally 3 elementary 'rules' to follow as anyone prepare to create updates to your platform that will assist get you the traffic you choose and have to have!

Great Content material

Consider this specific your 'anchorman' in relation to attracting along with retaining readers! Remember individuals are looking for blogs to learn to read and it's the same the data they check out that establishes their higher level satisfaction! Retaining visitors brand-new or coming back happy with regard to any info you provide when you post updates will directly influence the degree of traffic you have! Creating good quality content can be your top goal as a new blogger and also failure to do so will lead to little or perhaps no website visitors to your situation!


Key phrase use is necessary and is one thing you must pay special focus to every time you submit updates on your platform! Correctly optimizing your posts helps to build awareness using the search engines which may in twist get anyone higher ratings! What it indicates for an individual is far more 'free' visitors will area on your website because your current platform resulted in their particular search results! Of study course if you've posted anything people are searching for this also means these persons will possibly be highly focused on what you're writing about!

Expand Your Reputation

Simply mentioned search motor traffic is just not enough to help your web log stay in existence and survive! You must take other measures to create awareness of one's platform by means of actively endorsing each brand new post! Selling your system at crack houses, forums or perhaps distributing content is only a number of several strategies you may use to get more visitors! The here is that you simply must become more aggressive inwards calling care about any fresh entries an individual publish! As already pointed out there are invariably people looking blogs you just read therefore you need to direct the crooks to yours by promoting your situation!

After investing the persistence to develop content generating traffic to your website is the well known items next stage so you are able to 'share' whatever you have to offer!

Considering the net has plenty of people looking for blogs to read you would certainly think almost all you should want to do is publish updates so wait regarding visitors! The truth is you will need to take certain measures to generate awareness with the existence of this site to create this happen! Our talk above is often a quick write-up on 3 basic rules you will need and ought to follow prior to deciding to post revisions to make sure to get all the traffic your hard employment deserves! Always keep in mind, you are not the only blogger in existence, no make any difference how small your specialized niche, and to have success you must increase your exposure! And before that even so you'll also want to be indisputable before one does post improvements that what we offer is definitely of excellent quality!

Author Bio:
Daniel is one of the part-time blogger who write on tech,blogging. Some of his sites are and at Prosyn Business IT Support

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How To Snatch Google Adsense Approval Within Two Working Days

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Each and every online marketer desires to get plenty of bucks. Millions of bloggers shows interest in incredible adsense advertising which the best place to get handsome money through advertising Google products and services on our live websites. Everyday many dummy bloggers dreams get ruins by the several disapproving from adsense team as Google adsense approval is not an easy task. They had kept some norms which they strictly follow and they ask us to follow the same.

Some precautions one should take care while applying adsense account application:

Things which is matter why Google rejected your adsense application:

Domain URL & Domain Age:

This is the first and most important part to keep in mind. Google always provide priority to the top level domain like .com and other extensions. One should avoid the free sub domain url for applying with adsense . Most people do this to avoid the expense for the tld’s domain and hosting. Google also see whether present domain urls are static or dynamic. I mainly prefer one should have static url which seo friendly.

Domain age of any website measures it online presence and trust to the end user . So one should atleast complete a threshold period of 6 months which Google ask. But it will be much better if we apply a domain having age of at least a year .

Unique Content is the king :

It is said that unique content is the king for any site to come up on top in Google and major search engines. That is very much true because Google loves unique content. Google has always tried its best to provide the relevant results to the end user. So he always gives priority to the updated unique content. So unique content also has a great role for adsense account approval.
So one should always update his website with the latest content every time.

Collect a few  amount of quality web links:

Prior sending application to Google adsense one should gather an ample of quality relevant backlinks. Getting backlink means not just that scrap link quantity. I am talking about the links which have both good alexa and page rank. Make sure one should not keep loads of high pr links or just buying links
Keep some social site like facebook, twitter, linkedin to spread the website content on these social platforms easily.

Do not keep any adult related backlink or site as it violates the TOS of Big G.

  • Keep The Website Design Simple
  • Keep the navigation menu simple.
  • Make a separate page for privacy, disclaimer and ownership confirmation page.
  • Keep the who is record matched with the adsense form filling details.
  • Make about us page also to describe your or company profile.

If you keep this in mind for adsense application then adsense team won’t reject you. Incase if they reject, you should not get disappointed, make yourself again and rectify the errors and try until you get the result in your favor.

Author Bio:
Myself Sadique Shaikh,simple guy making handsome green on internet and wish to help others 
who wanted to learn hot topic with latest news and updates on how to earn money on net. 

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Four Social SEO Mistakes you need to Avoid

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First off, what precisely is social SEO? Social SEO could be a hybridization of social media selling and SEO. the 2 disciplines are literally rather more intertwined than some marketers could believe and it not is sensible to control them in separate silos.

Fragmentation of your on-line selling efforts typically suggests that your actions are not being properly leveraged across varied platforms, resulting in a diluted and confused whole messaging strategy.

However, simply because you acknowledge that social media selling and SEO go hand-in-hand that does not mean there are not pitfalls you must watch out to avoid. Here are four social SEO mistakes to observe out for:

1. Using Social Media As An Advertising Vehicle

Please do not flip your social profiles into a soapbox to sell your product.

Most social media interactions are being driven by the patron. Social profiles are an excellent thanks to interact and interact your target market, build your on-line whole presence (with a well optimized profile), share and promote your content and far a lot of however they're not an advertising medium for your company.

Businesses that which use social media solely as a platform to sell their products/services quickly learn that nobody is listening.

2. Assuming Social Profiles can Replace Your web site

At the opposite finish of spectrum, there are a couple of corporations that invest most time/effort/manpower into their social profiles that they conceive to essentially abandon their company web site in favor of their Facebook page.

This move may prove deadly for your company. you do not very own your Facebook page, Facebook will. they need the facility to clean up your page swiftly or rationalization. Where would that leave you and your company?

Not to say that i feel Facebook is leaving anytime soon, however imagine if Facebook vanished off the face of the world tomorrow. If your entire internet presence was designed on the social network it'd vanish too.

3. Expecting Overnight Success

Both SEO and social media are incredibly long run processes. Joining the 2 along does not create them any shorter thus do not expect instant success.

Too several website house owners are during a hurry to prove ROI (which is understandable in today’s economy), however it implies that long terms comes are typically sacrificed for brief term gains. that's no thanks to reach the web marketplace.

Social SEO needs a relentless and dedicated effort so as to assist your on-line business thrives.

Remember, social media is made on real relationships (even if they're online) with real folks. You cant force somebody to interact together with your company on-line, thus you have got to allow them enough time and enough incentive to trouble.

4. Targeting the incorrect Audience

One of the fundamentals of selling is to spot and perceive your target market. If you do not have a firm grasp on who you're making an attempt to achieve all of your messaging can fall on deaf ears.

When it involves social SEO, you not solely got to apprehend who your audience is, however you furthermore may got to learn their on-line behaviors. you would possibly be making an attempt to sell product to IT administrators, however how will the typical IT director use the web? What sites do they visit? How comfy are they with social networking? How do they seek for things? Knowing how your target market interacts with the net can assist you position your web site within the absolute best means.

Social SEO has the facility to radically improve your on-line whole presence when managed properly. It takes the most effective of social media selling and SEO and fuses them along for a fair stronger campaign. However, there are lots of opportunities to form an easy mistake that might limit or derail your campaign entirely. attempt to keep these four in mind when executing your social SEO campaign and you may be far better off.

Author Bio:
Kristina is a freelance content writer by profession. Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing are her topic of interest.
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5 Things to do when you have nothing to Blog

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You might be spending a lot of time daily in Blogging so that you can drive traffic to your Blog as much as you can. But sometimesit may happen that youdid all your Blogging work, but still have free time & nothing to Blog. This happens with me as well when I have nothing to Blog. So at that time I do some work that are very beneficial for a blogger.So you too should follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Check Comments
If you have nothing to Blog, then the most beneficial step can be checking your previous comments of the blog because the previous comments can gain you knowledge and new ideas for your posts. Most of the Bloggers dont read the comments properly because of the busy schedule, but in the free time you can very well go through it.

2. Check Mail
Make use of free time by checking your email. Some readers have the habit to Leave Mail to the Blog owners for Suggestions, Feedbacks or any type of Questions. So take their feedbacks seriously and reply back to them by saying thanks for the Feedback. This will help you to build a good relation with your Readers which is very useful and needed.

3. Chat with Other Bloggers
You as a blogger should remain in contact with other bloggers and maintain good Relation with them. You can share your thoughts and knowledge with each other and this will really help you to improve your work and gain more visitors to your blog. Facebook is the best platform or getting in touch & sharing knowledge with other bloggers.

4. Search Youtube Videos
You can spend your free time by Searcing Vides in Youtube(The Best & Largest Video Sharing Site). You can search for the videos related to your Niche. If you have a Blog Niche Related to Blogging, then search for "Blogging" in Youtube and you will get 1000's of videos related to it. Just watch some of the Videos with some cool and Catchy Titles. Then take note of some points mentioned in a Video as this can teach you important things and can build your knowledge.

5. Preparing for Killer Post
If you have successfully done all the work mentioned above and still have a free time, then try to think of writing a killer post.
Tip:You should always write 1 killer post in every 10-15 days.

Writing Killer Post will Increase your Blog Traffic and will attract new Readers. So spend atleast 15-30 minutes daily preparing for Killer Post and after all done, publish it and see the Traffic Coming. Dont write on a topic that every blog has, just step far away and write a Killer & Viral post.
What next? Share your valuable views in the comment section.

Author Bio:
This article has been written at iDev Blogs. They are one of India's largest blogging firms working on a number of blogs, one of which is Android blog where they cover How to root Android phones tutorials.

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Internet Marketing (Viral Marketing): The great Revolution in entertainment Industry

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A Tamil film song in broken English tanglish has gone viral on the internet. Tamil actor dhanushs pop songs kolaveri di(killer range)has not only become the most viewed video on YouTube but has also entered business school classroom as a case study for one of most successful viral marketing campaigns.

How it Works??

Viral marketing comprises techniques that use pre-existing social networks to increase brand awareness, sales or build a positive attitude towards the brand. For kolaveri di, it was YouTube and social networking site like face book.
Why viral Marketing is so successful??

Viral marketing is like a viral attack. It’s contagious and can go out of control. It is important for viral marketing to attain critical mass after which it turns into a big wave. A brand needs to advertise where their target audience is and today youth are in the digital world. They do not watch as much television  as they remain online.
            We have youngsters who log on to face book and YouTube minimum once or twice a day. They trust their friend’s recommendations and can spread the word.


The viral marketing campaign should be cute, provocative or interesting. As for this song, it was all above novelty. The concept of Tanglish was never used before and people who were curious to know what goes on behind a song could see it video.
            This type of marketing strategy is driven by emotions, Dhanush’s songs was all about surprise and joy. Through many viral marketing campaigns are outrageous, this was not. Instead, Kolaveri Di was all about fun and enjoyment. There’s an element of amateurship that is seen in these marketing strategies that is visible in the songs as well.
There are few reasons why people becomes part of campaigns either to be a part of a group
For personal growth or show some individualistic and altruistic traits. In case of Kolaveri Di, It was the former. People wanted to show they love music and enjoy it.

Advantages of Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing has some advantages over mass media. The constraints (like censorship) are less; it is cost effective and voluntary. Targeting can be effective as it can be sent to the same interest group. It can reach an audience that could not have been otherwise possible.
            However the flipside to it is that it can go out of control. Distortions could happen and the produces could have no control over it. Kolaveri Di has got many new versions now running on YouTube, but they are also positive. It has proved that the campaign has made it interactive and has created some engagement among the audience rather than making it passive.
The best marketing tool for movie is its music. Music is what gives a movie the momentum and makes people go to the theatres. Movie such a 3idiots has already used the technique of going digital successfully.

Other Examples of Viral Marketing: 
Due to viral marketing music or movie can reach directly to the viewer’s. They can share it with their friends.
That is why promo of movie will be seen at YouTube or social networking sites before it will appears on the television, Recently SRK also done some special promo of RA-ONE on YouTube and Google+. Another example is “Dirty picture” movie of Vidya balan got the maximum hits after uploaded the promo on internet .After some day movie can be release on Internet as well as theatres because internet is growing rapidly and its provider company also provide internet in cheap prize. So internet marketing is the best way of marketing to reach directly into heart of viewers.
            SRK also design game for RA-ONE and DON-2 and promoted it on internet.
Many Hollywood and bollywood stars are also having their profile at tweeter and Facebook. They tweet about their movie and share some picture of the movie making so that viewer gets involve into that campaign indirectly. This gets benefits while movie is releasing.

Now a day Television industry also adopts viral marketing strategy. They uploaded their serials episodes on YouTube and Facebook for the viewers so that viewers can watch that episode whenever they get the time and this is begin very popular because viewer can watch the episode wherever  they want and they can pause it also…   

Author bio:
We are Parigh Technologies, Proving Creative graphics and Web Designing

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5 Way To Improve Your Website's SEO

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Search Engine optimisation has become so famous amongst bloggers.  One, bloggers want to improve their SEO to gain them more traffic. More importantly, two, most bloggers still don't know know the most effective way to improve SEO on a blog. There are many ways our there to improve SEO. However, most of them will not make as big a difference as you would have expected. This is why I am going to highlight to the top 5 ways to improve your website's SEO. 

A Keyword Rich Introduction
Keywords are crucial to improving your SEO especially in the introduction. It is the first bit of text search engines see. To give you an example, look at my introduction. Below, I have highlighted all keywords I could possibly associate with SEO in websites:

Search Engine Optimisation has become so famous amongst bloggers.  One, bloggers want to improve their SEO to gain them more traffic. More important, two, most bloggers still don't know know the most effective way to improve SEO on a blog. There are many ways our there to improve SEO. However, most of them will not make as big a difference as you would have expected. This is why I am going to highlight to the top 5 ways to improve your website's SEO.

You see? The amount of keywords will improve your content's SEO dramatically.

Although commenting don't entirely provide you back links to your site as the link will be no follow, it will still gain traffic and promote SEO. Blogging is about a community. Its not just about injecting content onto the Internet. Remember that. Here is an article I made that might be helpful - 10Reasons to Comment on Other Blogs as a Blogger

Guest Blogging
So you see that no follow links are not the best way to get back links. To get do follow links to your site, you need to guest post on other sites.  Guest blogging is the most effective way to increase SEO. Fact. So do it, like I am now!

Social Media
Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook help to produce organic traffic to your blog promoting SEO. A website that has a strong Twitter base will certainly affect Google's decision on what level page rank to give the website.

Create a Short Snappy Title
Like I have done above for this article, a short, snappy, keyword filled title will make your website rank higher on Google increasing your SEO prescience. The title must describe exactly what your blog is about using as few words as possible.

Using the above points, you can easily improve your SEO of your page websites. A website with better SEO will have a higher Google Page Rank improving your presence on the Internet.

Author Bio : 
Will Green, at the age of 16, created (Blogging and Twitter tips and tricks) by himself clocking in 19,000+ views/month in just 9 months. You can follow him @AskWillOnline.

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing FAIL

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Everyone is aware of the fact that it is a hard job to run a business successfully in this competitive world. Businesses are always looking for new ways to promote themselves to the people and generate more revenue and get new clients. There are many ways through which people can promote their business, such as newspapers and television commercials, but sometimes the reach of these measures is not wide enough to generate the desired wave. The introduction of the internet allowed people with the opportunity to connect with millions of people easily, regardless of where they lived in the world. This opportunity to connect with millions of people provided businesses to use this medium to promote themselves. Due to promotion through the internet, social media came into being. The social media tools made communicating with other people more interactive. Business who are hoping to promote themselves to other people and attain success also use social media tools or marketing strategy, but things don’t go as they had planned.

Failing to Properly Understand

One of the reasons that social media marketing will fail for a business is because the people who own the business don’t fully understand what social media marketing is all about. Yes, they develop a website for their business but then they sit and hope that they will get visitors. This is not the case at all. Communication is a two way street and making a website is not enough. A business needs to write interesting and relevant content and give news updates that will attract the attention of the people and urge them to visit the said website. Along with that, answering the questions that customers might have in an appropriate manner is also important to build a good reputation and making the social media marketing strategy a success. The ability to listen to criticism and responding appropriately is also important.

Using too Many Tools
The second reason is that businesses use a lot of social media tools to promote themselves and thus, their whole strategy becomes a failure. Businesses should start small and use only one or two of the available social media tools and work on improving them, rather than using every single tool and undermining their quality. There are examples of businesses that made it big through using the social media tools, but that is not always the case with everyone and one should set realistic goals when it comes to building and implementing a social media marketing strategy.

Thinking that it Guarantees sales
The third reason that social media marketing will fail for businesses is when businessmen fail to understand the basic meaning of the social media tool. Yes, a business can reach millions of people through using social media but what it doesn’t guarantee, are sales. Investing everything in just social media marketing is not a wise thing to do and one should still use traditional promoting methods like newspaper advertisements as well as television commercials to promote their businesses. 
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Top 5 Ways to Naturally Build Links

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Link Building
In the world of SEO everyone is looking for links. Some are better than others, and some are harder to get. There is seemingly an endless amount of ways to start building some links, which is good news. The problem is, that building links can be hard work and you may not have enough time to work at link building on a day to day basis. In the perfect world everyones link building process would be natural. A natural link is something that is built without putting in extensive work to get your website's name out there. The funny thing is, although these make link building easier, the initial work you put in, may be a lot harder. Here are the top 5 ways to naturally build links.
Number 5 - Providing Stimulating Blog Posts
If you are looking to have a successful website, then blogging is a good place to start. Blogging not only gives you an outlet to provide news, and topics about your website, but also allows you add content easily. If you have an article that is particularly striking, then you will find people linking in so that so that others may read it too. If you have some writing skills, blogging is a great way to naturally build links. 

Number 4 - Provide Something Free
Everyone loves the four letter word "free." Providing something for free that people will appreciate or enjoy is a great way to start seeing people link back to your site. It can be anything really. Free tips, free coupons, free reviews, free e-book, etc. When you provide something of value, for free, people will naturally link to your page. 

Number 3 - Build Relationships
If you are to build solid relationships between yours and others sites then people will naturally start pointing traffic your way. You can do this a number of ways. Commenting on blog  posts in a truly engaging manner. Do not just comment something without even reading. You can also personally exchange emails and talk with sites sharing your various tips or articles. You can even link back to sites that you have a good relationship with. Building strong relationships is just like building links. 

Number 2 - Infographics
Inforgraphics are a great way to have sites naturally link back to your site. The only thing that matters is that they have to be good. They must provide detailed information, have some humor, or simple provide something that people will like. Once the sharing begins, it can take off exponentially. A good infographic can be worth hundreds of links. 

Number 1 - Content
You probably guessed this would be number one, because content is still king. Quality content is what people are constantly looking for on the internet. If you have it, people will absorb it. Sites love to point people in the right direction to quality content. Providing quality content that is unique, and presented in a user friendly manner may be the hardest thing to do on the web. However, investing in quality content is your best bet. With quality content, everything else will simply fall into place. 

Everyone needs their links. Natural link building can be a lot of work at first, but it will all pay off. You can obviously try other methods but these are by far the most tried and tested tactics that show results. Be creative, and you will have better luck. Don't forget that every link should be backed up with high quality content. 

Please pass your valuable feedback through comments :)
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How to make money online by domain flipping?

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Digital asserts if chosen carefully can give you highest return compare to any other traditional asserts. Digital asserts could be Blogs, Websites, Forums, Domain names or any other online property. Out of these buying and maintaining domain names is the simplest way to hold digital asserts. Domains names are considers as a virtual real estates of internet.

What is domain flipping?
Buying a domain name at low cost and selling it latter at highest price is known as domain flipping. You could do it as a part time business or may be full time once you became successfully at it. You could also buy domain names for just investment purpose and latter when its price increases you can sell it for higher price. Today all (4 letter domains names got extinct); you cannot register it at regular price the only source of is getting from domain flippers (one who buy and sell domain names). In future 5 letter domain names ( may also get extinct.

How to choose best domain names?
Below are the few points to be remembered before choosing a domain name. Also cost of a domain name is decided by below mentioned points.

Short domain names - A domain name should be short and sweet. And most important is, it should be easy to remember. Domain name must not be more than three words unless it is required to do so. For example, etc

Avoid typo - As far as possible try to avoid typos in domain names because it may create confusions. Domain names with typo may not be that valuable. For example is a typo of

Avoid special characters - Domains names with special characters are not index by search engines so don’t take any domain names which contains special characters. For example is far more valuable than

Domain extensions matters - The trend is .COM domain name is more valuable than any other extensions. So try to grasp domain names with .com extensions. For example is more valuable than or

Where to buy domain names?
There are many websites, which offers online registrations of domain names. All you need to have is a credit card for making online payment. Most popular domain registrar is; you can create your free account and search for your desire domain name. Once you choose a domain name you can register it by making online payment. It may cost around 8$ to register a domain name.

Below are the lists of few top domain name registrar.

Where to sell domain names?
There are many websites, where you can get potential buyers of your domain names. You can put for an auction or can sell it at fixed price. If your domain names have that scope then it may get sold immediately else it may take time to get sale. is the best place to sell your domain name; you can even list it on

Below are the lists of options where you can sell your domain names.

Below are the lists of few examples of domain names sold out recently          $9,999,950          $7,000,000         $3,000,000    $2,200,000      $1,900,000   $1,800,000        $1,750,000             $1,500,000        $1,015,000

What is domain parking?
If you just own a domain name selling and not planned to start any website yet. You can park it for free of cost with various domain parking services. Parking is nothing but showing ups ads on your domain name in the mean time you get buyers of your domain names. You may also monetize your domain names by parking services. Parking may be good options for those domain names which has high type-in traffic. Otherwise instead of parking you can start a simple blog with some good articles so as to pull traffic on it.

Below is the list of few domain parking services

Domain names are a new generation’s asset. You can invest in this digital assets to become rich & financially free. Domain names if chosen carefully can give you highest returns than any other asset class in this world.

Please pass your valuable feedback through comments.
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Similar Content Recommendation Widget for WP - Plugin

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The SimpleReach Slide is the best way.. Thanks to help readers discover more of your content. The Slide shows related posts on a widget that “slides” in at the bottom of the page – increasing pageviews and time spent on your site.

You’ve seen an identical content recommendation widget on sites like, and now SimpleReach is permitting anybody to take advantage of this awesome plugin at no cost.
Please pass your feedback through comments section :)
Happy Blogging :)

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UCOZ - A Free Website Builder

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Owning a website is a dream for most people who would like to put up their thoughts and ideas on the internet. In the past it was very hard for ordinary people to get their own websites because the domain registration and hosting costs were too high for a lot of people. Nowadays domain registration fees have come down drastically, but the high hosting fees still make some people nervous. But luckily, there are some good solutions out there which provide free website hosting to the public. I know most of you might have heard of such “free” services, and you might be skeptical about them, and for good reason. Most free website hosting services aren’t actually very useful other than for running a few test websites. But there are a few good services out there which you can trust. I have recently found one such service where you can not only get free website hosting, but you also get a free website maker! Now that’s a good news for people who do not know much about website designing! One look at the services offered by this site will be enough to tell you that this is not like those other trashy website creation/hosting services. Using this service you can create your own website within minutes, and it’s really easy to use as managing a website is as easy as managing BLOCKS. I hope you do like it! 

By the way some of its main features are…! 
A free website builder as said above which allow users to create E-mail forms, Forum, Photo Album and many more in-built. 
A collection of unlimited templates to use for your site, By default it provides 250 Templates . 
Integration with Popular Web-Services Google Maps, PayPal, YouTube, Deposit Files, Pixlr and more….! 
Gives the users to add 21 modules, thousands of widgets and gadgets 
Having the option to make a backup of your valuable data 
Supports Modern CMS 
Gives the Domain name like 

Site Advantages: 
The best thing is there is no space limit. Its Unlimited Disk Space 
You can have the total control on your site. 
Simple Interface which can be accessed easily without hesitation. 
Support can be given in a unique way..By providing Textbooks, manuals, technical support 
A Friendly Community 

Some of the Quick Facts about the site…! 
Supports 13 Language Localizations 
Provides 99% UpTime. 
Every site almost 1,000,000 active websites with no Downtime 
Site gets 100 million user Hits daily

Please let me know your feedback and suggestions through comments JJ

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Movavi-An Ultimate Video Converter

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Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of videos. It’s fun - thanks to Youtube and a bunch of video hosting websites, I’ve been finding lots of funny and useful videos as well. When I download them, however, I find that they’re always in different formats.Sometimes a video is in FLV format, while some other times it is in MP4 format. But my mobile only supports 3GPP format, the same format that most ordinary mobile phones support! That is why I started looking for a good way to convert videos into 3GPP or any other format that I wanted. That’s when I got overwhelmed by too many different video converters. Some were too complex and I couldn’t use them at all, while some were simple to use but didn’t have many options. Then I stumbled onto a really neat video converter that actually gave me what I wanted - quick conversion into the formats that I was looking for! The best thing about this converter is that it supports a whole range of formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3GPP, MKV, MP3, MOV, QT, VOB, IFO, MOD, DAT, M2T, MTS, VRO, FLV and more! So you can convert videos to any format of your choice, depending on the kind of device that you own.iPhone users convert videos and sync them to their iPhones very fast.Try it; you won’t be disappointed! 

Features of Movavi Video Converter
• On the same Timeline convert & Unlink audio,video into two parts
• Extract the Audio directly from the CD or DVD. 
• By its high performance it converting we can save time and usage of unnecessary memory. 
• Supports more than 170+ File Formats Audio,Video,Images 
• A Best feature is “Frame Capture” which can be used to save the movie into images.
• Secondary manual editing feature is choosing different Bit rate,Aspect ratio and some other parameters 
• Automatic Bitrate Selection
• Gives the most important feature Called High Definition Video Support 

A Converter which as almost everything we need. The Interface can easily managed and understandable even by kids .So,what for your waiting here still just start getting. Am lucky to have this converter in handy times,Thanks to Movavi Video Converter Cheers…! :)

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