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5 Best iOS Apps For Your iPhone/iPod

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5 Best iOS Apps For Your iPhone/iPod

Whether you are interested in music programs, high quality games or social media, there are thousands of applications in the Apple official store. There is always something appropriate to entertain or inform you, as long as you have the patience to search through the applications. New programs show up on a regular basis, so deciding on a definitive champion is almost impossible. People have different preferences and necessities, so your favourite application might be useless to someone else.

How many times have you listened to a song for the first time and loved it instantly? You usually try to remember some of the lyrics, so you can find its name over the Internet. With SoundTracking, you no longer have to play this annoying game. The application gives you the possibility to identify the author and title of the song you are playing. Other than that, you may also share the respective song with your friends in various social networks. The song does not necessarily have to be on your gadget. You may just as well hear it in a club or on a friend's device.

iMuscle can be described as your personal fitness trainer. The application can easily measure the heartbeat and determine whether or not you are too agitated. At the same time, it can tell you how many calories you have just burnt throughout your workout session. As long as you follow the instructions, the measurement is very precise. The application is just as useful if you need some new ideas, since there are almost 500 different exercises. The 3D views give you the chance to better understand what muscles you have to work on.

Spotify was first released in Europe. It hit America about three years later, but it was definitely worth the wait. The service brings in a few sophisticated streaming options. You gain access to thousands of music files, but you are also free to share them through your favourite social networks. The application is available for a monthly fee and seems to be the most appropriate option for those who are tired of what they can find on iTunes.

Pinterest is extremely popular and gives you the possibility to establish and manage your own virtual blog. The bulletin board can be public or private and allows you to share opinions and thoughts about anything you can think of. Your followers can then comment on your posts or images. The application has a minimalist design and a facile interface.

Whether you are bored at school or you simply love painting, Procreate is the most advanced painting application. The interface is user friendly and very easy to use. You can paint whatever goes through your mind in real time. There are numerous options at your disposal, so even a professional can find this application to be very entertaining.

All in all, the thousands of applications available to Apple users can seem overwhelming at the first view. Making a good decision depends on reviews and charts. The market is continuously improving, so do not forget to check out the latest applications every once in a while.

Guest Post by Sai krishna who is a tech and gadgets enthusiast. He works for, visit the web site if you are wondering where you can selliPod
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Comparision Between Android 4.0 and ios5

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As Nowadays hardware is not everything we need a smart OS that is what matter a lot. Day by Day new operating systems are released to improve the customer satisfaction. Let have look into the deep insights of android 4.0 and ios 5.Let's see which one is better.
Android 4.0
The smartest out of them. Android is a platform where you have choice of hardware. Android 4.0 is the best among all of the previous versions. This version comes with standard font, shortcut tray and a task manager which gives a classy feel. But things are very confusing and not at all straight forward. The best part are the widgets which helps you do many things like checking emails, music playback without having a look at the tiresome menus. Social integration is enabled. Android has bad reputation in security factor. Day by day cases of data theft are increasing as hackers are aiming smart phones now.

If you like to play and want a wide range of hardware choices then android 4.0 is what you are searching for.

iOS 5
5 years and still rocking the world.iOS is the one of the best in concerns of security but you do not get a choice of hardware .iOS is fully featured rich and has thousands of application available. You can find apps for everything from music, pranks, books etc.Apple has its own suite which helps in making presentation, worksheets, documents.You can store all your data on i Cloud which means everything can be backed up even in a data loss. Apple has also enabled the feature of notifications just like android which shows missed calls, unread messages.

If you want a phone which can do everything as ios is after all made on iPhone and if you don't have a iPhone,you don't have iPhone.
Which one is better? What do you think?

Author Bio:
Aadith sasi is a tech blogger who writes on his blog Techthreat . He also feed at Facebook and twitter @techthreat

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