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Network Solutions to Choose As Your Choice For Your Project

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Network solutions is the best alternative to the Blue Host Host gator if you are looking for the Cheap and reliable Hosting services.
Network Solutions to Choose As Your Choice For Your Project

Network Solutions offers almost all the best features offered in Blue Host and the Host Gator and Cheap and reliable rates.

Here are some features offered by the Network Solutions.

The first Feature about Network Solutions is about the User Interference  You can setup you account in just few click without referring any manual and any help of any geek. You can directly choose you Account Plan, then the domain and then starting building your website in professorial way with few clicks with a the powerful Network Solutions site builder with lost of Website templates.

Network Solutions is one among the best hosting provider with the option of the UNIX Operating System Host and the Windows Operating web host.

Network Solutions allows it user to get the 1000 email account per account!...

And Networking Solutions is only web host supporting wide range of the programming languages which include the PHP,JAVA, PERL, ZEND, ASP, CGI, SSI, JSP,and NET. And Don't worry you need not learn single piece of code to build with networking solutions. You can build the powerful site with the powerful site builder. 

And Network solutions allows it's users to choose the operating server of the host of your site.

And you need not to worry about your site security and the downtime of the server. Network Solutions had maintained the up time of 99.85% which is a tough job for all the web design and hosting packages providers.


The best that everyone likes with Network Solutions is their wonderful customer care. You can contact the Customer Service at any time with any query regarding the Hosting and the other services of the Network Solutions. You can contact the customer care in multiple ways. But You need to wait for few minutes before directly contacting the live person from Network solutions for Support.If you don't want to wait to get connected with live person  They are offering the My Time Offer which is a paid service to get connected with live person.

We would recommend your to go with the network solutions if you are looking for the cheap, reliable  and inexpensive web hosting.
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5 Ways to Stay Protected When Working on Your Mobile Device

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Thanks to technology, we are no longer tied to our desks with wires to get our work done. However, with this freedom of becoming a mobile workforce we have also opened up a Pandora’s box of dangers to the security of the data on your mobile devices. There are several ways you can stay protected when working on your mobile device.


1. Choose Secure Passwords
Regardless of what mobile device you are using, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you need to make sure you choose a secure password. Never choose one that is too obvious, like the name of your child or pet. Your best bet for a secure password is to choose one that has a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters if the device’s operating system allows it. There are tools available to check the strength of your password such as the one offered on HowSecureIsMyPassword[dot]net

2. Connect to Secure Networks if Possible
Chances are if you are connecting to free WiFi in your local coffee shop or hotel common areas, you are connecting to an open network. Ideally, you should only connect to networks that are secured by WPA or at least WEP encryption. Nonetheless, most free WiFi hotspots are not secure; therefore, you need to be vigilant to protect your data when you connect to them. Only connect to websites that are secured with SSL to avoid packet snooping on a public network that could allow others to see your confidential data. Be sure to avoid visiting your banking or credit card websites from unsecured networks, also.

3. Block Access to Your Devices
Make sure you have your firewall enabled to block unauthorized access to your devices. Most laptops and tablets already have a firewall installed, but you can also find protection for your other devices from companies such as Symantec and McAfee. Keep up-to-date with all your operating system, application, and antivirus software on all your devices to prevent access through the latest viruses or hacking methods. Be sure to configure your Bluetooth options to block unauthorized access.

4. Don’t Store Confidential Data on Your Mobile Devices
There is no need to travel around with seven years’ worth, or let alone even a copy of your last year’s tax returns on your mobile devices. Leave that information at home, safely stored away from prying eyes or in the event your device is lost or stolen. If you must keep sensitive information on your devices, make sure that it is encrypted to save yourself the headache of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

5. Keep a Backup of Your Data
You should always make sure that keep a backup of your mobile devices in a secure location. When we say secure, we mean not in its case or your briefcase where it can get lost, stolen, or damaged. Keep a copy at home or in your office so that it is readily available if and when you need it. A backup solution to consider is using an online backup service such as what is offered by Carbonite or similar vendor that can be accessed from anywhere.

By following these suggestions, you can make working on your mobile devices a safer experience. It may be a jungle out there with people who think nothing of stealing your information for their personal gain, but you do have easy options to protect yourself.

Author Bio
Fergal Glynn is the Director of Product Marketing at Veracode, an award-winning application security company specializing in Veracode's SQL injection security solutions and other security breaches with effective risk assessment tools like: data leak guidefrom veracode.
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Top reasons to use cloud computing with multiple devices

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Reasons for using Cloud Computing

One of the core benefits of cloud computing is the ability to automatically sync data across any devices you use to connect to the application. There are a number of reasons why this is useful, and why you should consider cloud computing when you utilize several devices for access.

Automatically synced data
Cloud computing means your data is automatically synced across any device. That’s because you’re not accessing data stored on your own device, but you’re tapping into a remote server. No more sending file attachments to yourself via email; everything you need is right at your fingertips, regardless of where you are.

Accessed from anywhere
When you’re using the cloud, you have instant access to all your data. It’s stored remotely, so you can access your personal or company information from any Web-enabled device.  No more pre-meeting calls to obtain the most recent statistics – users can even pull up information from a laptop live during a presentation.

No special software necessary
One of the biggest problems with traditional, on-premise solutions is that you must have the same applications stored on the devices you want to connect with. If you need access to an on-premise application and you don’t have a mobile app, you’re out of luck. Like your data, the software programs run in the cloud are stored remotely.

The Apple vs. PC debate is null and void
If your company utilizes a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model, you likely have some users with the Apple’s iOS platform and some with Android-based devices. Ordinarily, this could be a concern for tapping into on-premise applications and solutions. With cloud-based apps, however, it’s a non-issue—the only thing needed to connect with these applications is an Internet connection.

Easy collaboration with team members
Because data and documents are automatically synced, multiple users can collaborate on a single document with ease, without the need to send files back and forth and merge changes. Team members in different office locations can even work simultaneously on the same document, in many cases, with seamless and automatic data merging so every person with access is always viewing the most recently updated version.

Remote work more functional
Business travel and remote work used to be a challenge. How can you provide your team with the tools they need on the road? Before cloud computing, enterprises were faced with ensuring proper installation on all devices used as well as manual data feeds. Now it’s easier than ever to work in the field with cloud-based apps that offer immediate updates, no software installation and automated collaboration.

Automated backup and recovery
Picture this: You’re on the road, furiously working on a document on your way to a meeting. Suddenly, your mobile device loses connection—and all that data you just added is gone. This kind of thing happens, and if you’re working with a file stored on-premise on your device, you could be out of luck. But if you’re working in the cloud, your data is likely saved as you go, meaning your data remains intact even if a sudden mishap occurs.
If you’re in any type of situation in which you must access a set of data from multiple devices, nothing is more functional than using the cloud. Productivity is amplified by reducing the painstaking administrative tasks of transferring data back and forth, leaving you—and your team—to focus on what’s important knowing the needed data is at your fingertips and up-to-date from any device.

Author Bio
Robert Stanley is a content producer at ClickSoftware, a field service management software
company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning and mobile apps for business
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Tips on how to open your home office

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If you wish to know how to open or set up your home office, there are some tips that can be really helpful. First of all, you need to select a space in your home that you can dedicate for the office and that which is not used by others. You have to set up the home office properly and so you should have proper work setting.

Find a space
You need to set up the office in order to let it function smoothly. This simply means that you need comfortable and useful equipment. See to it if your chair is comfy. The more relaxed and comfortable you actually are in your home office, the more time you will be able to give to your home business or work.

Make a schedule
Follow a schedule and see to it that the schedule is not disturbed due to any distractions at home. Don’t not even multi task yourself and try to keep the household tasks separate from your office works. Just don’t think that you can mail a client and in between prepare the breakfast for your kids.

Personal vs. professional
Also, demarcate the office space and try not to work in the bedroom. While it may be too tempting to enjoy a nap in afternoon, working conditions may get affected due to this. Do not even choose the basement for your home office. Try to choose a nice space and decorate it with inspirations quotes and paintings.

Organization is the key
Do you have place for all things? Storage, management and organization are really crucial when you look forward to open your home office. In case you skip this, you will have to spend a huge time to find the things. Create paper organization system i.e. the file cabinet. More so, make a useful storage system on the computer itself. For the paper files and folders, it is advisable that you have separate files for all bank accounts, expenses, receivables, payables, taxes, marketing and the sub folders for every project.

Make the office lively
Further, you can try to add some personal touch to the home office and make it pleasant and appealing. Choose the paint color for the walls that are bright and you can even add some pictures and posters related to your work. If your work does not require you paying serious attention, you can even play sound, soothing music in the background. This will keep you lively and up all day long.
Indeed, just like the corporate environment, you have to arrange the supplies in a manner which promotes efficiency and productivity. If the space allows, keep the extra supplies in some cupboard. You can even consider hanging your phone on some wall near the desk to have more space for the work desk.

Set up office hours
In fact, flexibility is the key advantage of working in the home office setup. However, it still needs that you put in proper time for your work. Setting a proper schedule for work in the office will surely help you to be dedicated and committed. More importantly, keeping the office hours helps the clients know what you can be reached or when you are easily available for work.
So, open up your home office now and enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Author Bio:
This is guest post by David. He is technology blogger and provides services such as VPS Hosting and Cloud hosting.

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