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5 Ways Audio Files Are So Important To Gamers

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When it comes to audio files, no one finds them more important than gamers. Every game out there, whether it’s a war game, a game of strategy or any other game, audio is a significant part of the game because it helps to provide the overall experience. There are many ways that audio files are so important to games.

1. Enhances the Experience

Audio files are going to enhance the overall experience for the gamer. When you are playing any game, you rely on the audio files to get you into the game – it’s one of the main reasons that you invest in speakers and you don’t play all of your games on mute. The audio files are also going to help you know when a scene changes or when you’re running out of time. Without sound, you’d be at a loss as to what’s really going on, despite the visual cues.

2. Provides Realism

Many of the games available on today’s market are advanced – visually and otherwise. If you’re playing a war game, then you want audio files that are actually going to sound like someone is firing at you. If you don’t have the right audio files in place, the game isn’t going to be as good as it could be.

You are likely playing games on a large screen with a great graphics card. This is all part of helping you to get into the game and feeling like it’s real. Audio files are so important to gamers that Microsoft has figured out a way for gamers to go into XNA Game Studio ( and sub out audio files to help improve the realism.

3. Shows Off to Other Gamers

Audio files may sound very different from one computer to the next. And if a gamer is getting into audio customization of their game to enhance the experience, then it becomes all about showing off to other gamers. The truth of the matter is gamers hang out with other gamers. You might have gamers coming over to your house or you will be talking to them over a network as you’re playing a game. When you take the time to pay attention to the audio files, you can show off and ensure that others know that you are serious when it comes to playing your games.

4. Demands the Best Equipment

It’s hard to get the true sound of a grenade exploding or a jet zipping through the sky out of your basic laptop. Gamers take audio files seriously and they want the best equipment to be able to showcase the sounds. This is why companies like Alienware have spent the time and money in research and development to provide for the gamers, offering exceptional sound so that a gamer feels like they are in the center of the action.

Just as there is surround sound for televisions, there are surround sound systems for gaming consoles – and it all comes back to providing an experience.

5. Audio Files Can Be Used Externally

Gamers like to show off and let others know they are gamers, too. If you’re a gamer, then you can tell what audio files are from what games. You may have even grown attached to some of the sounds and want to incorporate them into other aspects of your life. How do you do that? You can extract the files from the game or go to to hear samples from some of your favorite games.

Once you have the audio files, you can use them as your ring tone, create a mix CD with these incorporated in between the tracks and do various other things with them.

Gamers want the full experience and they aren’t going to give an inch. If you’re a gamer, you know this to be fact. You want to dive head first into the game that you’re playing. The world of technology may not be able to deliver virtual reality systems yet, but with quality audio files and the best ways to play audio files, it can provide close to the same experience – and many gamers have invested a significant amount of money to get it.

Author Bio
Flynn Star is a video and music blogger who uses KoyoteSoft wav to mp3 converter when creating videos and sharing them online. You can convert to mp3 using KoyoteSoft too!

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Why Mobile PCs are for work while smartphones are used for play?

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Given the choice of a mobile PC or a smartphone which would you choose and why? Perhaps like many other people you would have both, one for work and the other forplay. Or is there already another alternative?

Mobile PCs
A mobile PC has the same functionality and software as a desktop PC but runs on batteries and is fully portable. To truly deliver mobility, their most important function is allowing the user to connect to the Internet wirelessly, via mobile broadband.

The principal classifications of mobile PCs are those of laptop, notebook, netbook and tablet. Each of these sub types has specific definitions, mostly relative to their size, although there is some overlap between the categories. The general guidelines are as follows:

Laptops, notebooks and netbooks all have a similar physical specification in that theyare hinged and when opened up display a screen and separate keyboard. Touch screen versions are available, but are less common.

Today's laptop most commonly has a screen size of approximately 15" and will weigh up to around 10 lbs. Larger screen sizes are available but can become cumbersome to transport although they are popular with the gaming fraternity.

Notebooks are smaller and lighter than laptops with screen sizes ranging from 11" through to 15". They will have the much of the same functionality as their larger counterparts but are likely to be more expensive for a similar specification, reflecting the increased production and component costs.

Netbooks first went on sale in 2008, intended specifically designed for use on the Internet rather than for processing power. Most have screens ranging in size from 10" through to 12" with some models weighing as little as 2 lbs. In terms of processor speed and hard disk capacity, they are of a fairly low specification, but with the advent of cloud computing they are now really coming into their own.

Last but by no means least are tablet PCs. Tablets do not have a lid and feature touch screen operation, using either fingers or a stylus pen. They come in a wide variety of sizes and specification levels.

To all intents and purposes some of the high-specification smartphones now availableare akin to mini PCs in their own right. By definition they are extremely portable, reflecting their heritage as a hybrid between ordinary cell phones and PDAs.

Smartphones use different operating systems to mobile PCs, but with the wide range of 'apps' (software applications) available, they are almost equal in sophistication and functionality. Since some of the major smartphone operating systems (OS) are designed by mainstream players such as Microsoft and Apple, a significant degree of compatibility and interoperability with desktop OS is also present.

Unlike mobile PCs, smartphones allow the user to make phone calls, send text messages (SMS) and even multimedia messages (MMS). They invariably feature a high quality digital camera in addition to Bluetooth, GPS and 3G mobile broadband.

It is clear that both types of devices have their own advantages and disadvantages in thework/play balance, neither being ideal for every task. However, it is no longer necessary to own two separate devices.

The alternative is yet another hybrid, commonly referred to as a UMPC (Ultra MobilePersonal Computer). UMPCs are larger than smartphones but are far more compact than other variations of the mobile PC.

UMPC screen sizes are generally between 5" and 7" with most weighing a maximum of 1.5 lbs. They are capable of running a full Windows operating system and may be usedin the same way as a cell phone. Almost all are touch screen with some versions also boasting a full pull-out QWERTY keyboard.

The UMPC may provide the answer to true portability and is arguably a glimpse at themobile computing technology of the future.

About the Author:
The above article is composed and edited by Rosette Summer. She is associated with many technology and designing communities.
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Luxor Adventures (2009)

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Luxor Adventures (2009)

Bonus: This game includes the full version of Luxor 3. You get two games for the price of one! Travel to the edge of time and back! Follow John Swift and Jane Graham in this Hidden Object game, as they travel through the past to keep history intact. When the archaeology duo uncovers the Osiris Orb just outside of Luxor, they learn that the mythical Stairway to Heaven is more real than they had first believed.Now, they find themselves tumbling through time and space in a race to keep the deceptive, power-hungry Seth Hisster from changing history forever!

* Unlock new game modes * Purchase includes LUXOR Adventures and LUXOR 3! * Travel through time!

## Requirements: Windows XP/Vista; CPU: 1.0 GHz; RAM: 512 MB; DirectX: 9.1.

Download Links:



Torrent Mirror: Luxor Adventures (2009)

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