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5 Reasons to Focus on Your SEO Strategy

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If you are serious about growing your business today, you must have an online presence. Notice we said presence because merely have a website is just not enough. What good is a state of the art website if people cannot find you? The power of the Internet is such that you can literally market yourself to the masses without ever leaving your office. You simply need to understand how to harness the power of search engine optimization. If you will make this the focus of your existing digital marketing campaign, you will begin to notice more unique visitors coming to your site each and every month. Let us take a quick look at five main reasons why you need to be focusing on your SEO strategy this coming quarter.

Meet Prospective Consumers Where They Are

You might remember the days when you could just hang a sign up outside a place of business and the people would come. That might have worked for a time, but it is just not how businesses operate today. Not only is that type of marketing extremely limited from an exposure perspective, it simply is not how consumers look for the products and services that they wish to purchase. More and more searches are being conducted online today. In fact, even if a potential customer drives by your place of business today, he or she is likely to first research you online before deciding to pay you a visit. In addition, more businesses today than ever before have expanded their reach to be able to meet the needs of customers hundreds and even thousands of miles away. In order for them to trust you, however, they need to see an established presence on the Internet.

Expand Your Global Reach

A targeted searched engine optimization strategy can really expand the geographical reach of  your business. Depending on the products and services that you specialize in, you might be able to sell around the globe. If so, you will want to develop a website that will appear high enough in the search engine rankings that people will find you no matter where they are located in the world. This is a part of the SEO basics that you will want to focus on. You begin by determining what words people are using when they conduct their searches, and then ensuring that your website answers any questions that they might have.

Localize Your Search Parameters

Just as you begin to think globally, do not forget the importance of localizing your search parameters as well.  If you offer a product or service, you will want to ensure that people close to you you are aware of what you have to offer. People today will often use various search engine functions to locate businesses in their area that they would like to give a try. Hone your SEO strategy into a digital marketing tool that will enable a localized search to turn up results in your favor.

Beat Out the Competition

Finally, you will want to view search engine optimization as a way to beat your competition. We now live in a globally competitive marketplace. It is easier than ever before for people to enter business in the same area that you stake your very livelihood on. In order to shine above the competition, you want to have an online presence that gets noticed. This begins with people being able to find your site when they conduct a search online. Do not under estimate the importance of doing this. Spend some time in the coming months working to get yourself elevated in the search engine rankings so that you can win.

As you focus on your SEO strategy, remember that this is the primary marketing tool that you have at your disposal in the modern era. You can transform virtually any type of business into a powerhouse of an organization if you simply find out how to organically locate customers and draw them in. Focusing on your SEO strategy today will pay off handsomely in the future. Just be patient and keep working at moving up in the search engine rankings. You will get there before you know it.

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3 SEO Ideas You Should Forget Now

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Seeing as SEO has been around since the late 90s, it stands to reason that quite a few things have changed since webmasters first began optimizing their websites for search. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of outmoded SEO tips and techniques floating around in cyberspace that refuse to die. If you still subscribe to these outdated SEO ideas, it's time to get up to speed.

Ranking by back links alone: Search marketers have debunked this approach many times over. No matter what you were told, garnering a large number of back links alone won't boost your place in the search engine rankings. Other factors go into your ranking like social data, query relevance, and the frequency with which you update your content.
Do this instead: Backlinking is important, but you should also focus on an online marketing strategy that will get people to follow those back links and ultimately become your fans.

Copying your competitors: Websites succeed and fail due to a number of factors. Every company website is unique, as is every company behind the website. So what works for, say, Yahoo or Amazon may or may not work for your website. 

Do this instead: Set your own benchmarks and do your own research. Take an individualized approach to finding out what will work for your website's SEO.

Using article submissions: Submitting articles to sites like eZinearticles became a way for websites to get quick back links. However, this technique has only ever had limited success when it comes to SEO, especially when people started publishing low-quality articles for the sake of earning links.

Do this instead: If you're going to publish content for SEO purposes, it's best to use your content to build relationships. Get in touch with bloggers who would be happy to have you as a guest blogger. You'll be adding valuable content to their website, and also building relationships with their audience.

SEO changes all the time, so it's important for website owners to stay current on SEO trends. If you choose to purchase SEO services, make sure your provider has ways of staying up to speed on SEO news and changes. That way, you can guard against you and your website falling behind in the search rankings.
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Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Spoil Your Websites Ranking

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SEO Mistakes to Avoid Doing

As the blogging world is getting hits from all over the globe, the competition is getting tough day by day. To stand out from crowd, you must be good, not only in your articles, but your SEO tactics as well. I have seen many websites getting spoiled because of low rankings in search engine and this happens because of SEO mistakes that the website owners do. If you are also running any website, then go ahead and read this article to know about the top most SEO mistakes that spoil your websites ranking.

Irrelevant Backlinks

All of you know that to get success with your website, you need to have good PR. Backlinks decide about your website's page rank, But only with the relevant ones. Means there is not any benefit of getting a back link from a health related website while you are running tech or any other niche. This is called irrelevant linking and instead of showing any positive results, it always results in negative ones and thus spoils your website completely.

Keyword Stuffing

This is what the big G, Google and other search engines hate the most. Many of the website owners try to be over smart by using the wrong keywords just with the hunger to shine on the top of search results. Keyword Stuffing is the worst SEO mistake that any website owner do. There are many owners who perform that and then end up with the frustration over getting their sites banned from search engine listings. Come on, it's matter of common senses as well. Suppose you are writing an article about 'Web Designing' and there you are talking about the entertainment stuff, then to how much extent, this is good to do? Of course to zero. Not only the search engine will penalize you for this, but the readers will also not stay longer.

Poor Website Design

Some people don't care about their website's design and it's another big mistake. The theme is not for the appearance purposes only, but for the SEO as well. There are many websites which have got penalized by search engines, because of using a poor design. Come on, the website templates are available for free, choose one SEO friendly from them, rather than going for a poor random design.

Duplicate Content

Some people don't want to work hard and want to earn a huge success. The perfect examples are copy cats who just copy the articles from other websites and use on their own. The search engines detect them and spoil the website's ranking. The SEO starts from content and what one can do, if you have copied it from somewhere else.

No Internal Linking

Many people just write articles in their websites without doing any internal linking. Internal linking is must for the SEO point of view. And if you are not doing that, you will soon find your website in the Spoiled websites' list. Do you want it to happen?

About The Author: Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada Company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
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SEO Trends: Out with Anchor Text, in with Co-Citation

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In recent weeks, search engine optimization media outlets and experts have been touting a trend, which may leave many dissatisfied, while others amazed with their newfound high search rankings – for keywords they hadn’t even tried optimizing and ranking for. This, some industry analysts, explain, is all part of Google’s new strategy for encouraging quality content on websites, as opposed to mere keyword stuffing. It’s a concept many may be unfamiliar with, which is why a cursory explanation follows—of the term co-citation.

What Is Co-Citation?
Co-citation of a key phrase and keyword together with a brand name has been touted as the next thing set to replace anchor texts in SEO strategies. The increased usage of this strategy becomes immediately apparent if you search for a key phrase that’s likely to generate some serious competition (such as ‘laptop ratings’ or similar phrases). You are bound to get some top results, which, when clicked through, will reveal neither one of the two words that make up the phrase. In most cases, the key phrase is not on the page, not in the title of the page either – yet many websites are high rankers, in the detriment of those that are using the keyword with a fair amount of density and employing it as title. While the actual mechanism behind this is not entirely clear, many are surmising that it has a lot to do with co-citation.

How Does Co-Citation Work?
In brief, when an article on, say ‘laptop ratings’ mentions a highly popular product comparison website for laptops, or a review website with trusted content on the same topic, Google probably notices the association between the key phrase ‘laptop ratings’ and the domain name of the afore-mentioned website. It doesn’t have to be a live link, pointing back to that site – often enough, it isn’t. Google, however, will keep indexing such co-occurrences, and rank that site highly, if a sufficient number of people mention it in association with the keyword or key phrase at hand.

How Will Co-Citation Change the Future of SEO Strategies?
For one thing, such practices will definitely entail a high infusion of public relations into the world of SEO. In order to feature on as many websites as possible, as a good source of *insert keyword you’re looking to rank for here*, you’re going to need lots of people out there, associating the name of you brand with that particular keyword. It’s a type of SEO that not many companies are applying, as they choose to focus on actual website architecture, root domain tags, and such. They’re still building on their anchor text density, while overlooking the fact that anchors have been grossly abused of late, and, as such, are turning obsolete. As the Google search algorithm gets increasingly intuitive and community-focused, capable of understanding context and semantics, things and attitudes are bound to change.
Author Bio
Ryan Franks works in SEO content creation and is lucky enough to be very passionate about his job. He likes staying updated on the latest news in the field and can recommend some proficient digital agencies, with all-new strategies, to anyone seeking to improve their search engine page rankings.

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3 Web Design Tricks to Boost Your SEO

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The way websites are designed has changed significantly. Web designers have become more aware of the different web design tricks that will boost search engine rankings. Designing the perfect website now also taps the SEO potential of the back-end structure. This is to accommodate the dynamic changes in search engine optimization. If you are not familiar with the back-end SEO top secrets yet, then this article is for you. Below is a short and easy guide for SEO-friendly web design tricks.

Code Your Way In

- You need to work hard on your code with the aim of making it as clean as possible, mainly for crawling purposes. The more streamlined your code is, the easier for web spiders to crawl your website quickly. A great understanding of HTML will help you identify unnecessary tags when designing and developing your website. With this, you can avoid code bloat and simplify your back-end as much as you can without hurting the front-end. And if you are trying to beat a tight deadline, you can use Adobe Dreamweaver for a faster clean up.

- Another quick way to ensure that your code is neat, try validation using World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. This validator tells you if web pages are W3C compliant and are healthy and search engine spider-friendly. W3C validator also comes with many tools that can detect design elements that are causing SEO issues.

- The loading time of your pages is also key in boosting your SEO. To achieve this, you have to externalize your JavaScript and CSS to reduce your file significantly. Smaller file size makes your pages load faster and increases your content-to-ratio score that is helpful in optimization.

- For beginners, it is possible to achieve a clean code just like the pros. Use HTML5. It is more SEO- friendly than Adobe Flash and is much easy to work on for newbies who are trying to create their first website.

Content Structure Makes A Difference

- The architecture of your web content is crucial in SEO. Experts even call it the "heart of SEO efforts." Structure the website by categorizing content in themes. This technique is equivalent to a user-friendly navigation that makes browsing more intuitive. Set up your content in a way that it is meant to be found by relevant search engine queries. Think of your target audience on how they can benefit from your navigation features and apply it in your web design.

- In your efforts to make your content search-engine friendly and user-friendly at the same time, don't forget that you can make your navigation elements more SEO-friendly by using keyword texts instead of images.

- The way you structure your individual web pages matters too. Make sure to use Meta tags (Title, descriptions, keywords) in your Head section. Be concise and help the spiders understand what the page is about.

Stable Back-end Support

- Evaluate if your server is delivering your website to the user quickly. Google's algorithm considers site speed a legitimate factor in search engine rankings. Lastly, make sure that you are using a top-notch content management system (CMS) that is SEO-friendly and generates clean code. Choose a CMS that has the ability to manipulate the directory, offers easy web page customizations, and the power to externalize CSS and JavaScript.

Remember that every website has its own goals, and it is up to the designer on how to incorporate these web design tips to boost SEO. The results will not appear overnight but rest assured that they are long-term. Apply these and start making huge changes in your search engine rankings.

Erik Gaandt is a freelance tech writer and SEO enthusiast. He enjoys sharing his insights on various blogs. More than 90% of webmasters read reviews when deciding on webhost. is home to hundreds of reviews on the most popular webhosts such as Dotster, and BlueHost.
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Top 13 Tips from expert SEO bloggers

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Top SEO Tips from Experts
The most vital thing for a business is to drive a promotional campaign of awareness among the targeted audiences. The online business also works along the same traditional lines; it needs promotions and the awareness among the related clients.  To effectively create awareness among the users about your products and services on the webpage, search engine optimizers experts are the best people for generating required awareness and bringing clients to your webpage. Here are a few SEO blogger tips for the success of your blog:

SEO Tips from Experts

  1. Always bold your keywords and place tags around the keywords on every page. But, do not put the tags everywhere with the keyword. A rare tag on the page will attract the crawler to look in your page carefully.
  2. Create deep linking for the all the WebPages on your website to bring in the required traffic from all around the internet. The more keywords you have, the more clients you can attract, but make sure the keywords are related to your products and services.
  3. Become a foreigner for the blog owner with the address from UK or Canada. It will help your cause a lot and most of the clients will be visiting your blog for appropriate guidance and getting information.
  4. Social bookmarking is also very important for the blog. Link the blog and the webpage with the social media websites to help navigate the users to your webpage for the products and services that they may be interested in. There are so many social bookmarks that can help generate lot of traffic for your business.
  5. Writing newsletters and ezine articles provide you with the opportunity to create awareness and allure the targeted clients. The ezine links stay alive for longer times and gives more awareness to the customers.
  6. Develop the text links and image links all together but try to put your text link ahead of every link to navigate the user to your website. People glance late to the image button and catch the text in first look, therefore, put your text navigational buttons ahead in the source code. The search engine robots also follow the first link they find on a page.
  7. Multiple domains will also serve your cause by linking them all to one back source. If you are tackling many topics which could support its own website independently, it will be beneficial to have multiple domains because search engine list the domains once per page on the result pages. On the other hand, if you have more domains with one main link it will be listed multiple times, resulting in more traffic generation.
  8. Exchange your articles with others to display and create more awareness with back linking and vice versa.
  9. Put your links with the title as well, because it will bring in the impaired users.
  10. Do not overburden your webpage with anchor text, because it will not help your cause it will just allow a chance to search engines to go away and put you down in the bottom of the rankings.
  11. An easy site map to navigate directly to the desired page will also keep the interest of the user and keep them on your webpage.
  12. Use the best webpage design with colorful firework to lure fancy clients.
  13. Use less complex web architecture for easy loading and to avoid the wastage of user’s time.

Author bio:
This is a Guest post by Rajkumar blogger from India and blogs at

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How to optimize your Wordpress Blog for SEO

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I love WordPress, and maybe you too. WordPress makes me easy to optimize my blog to appear at the top of the search results. If I say about optimization of this post then this process may take much time on any other blog platform but in case I prefer WordPress, then it will take much less time because I can customize many elements of SEO on page optimization easily. Thus saving my blogging time.
WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO#1: Initial Settings

1. Title Tag:
You can access it by going to the dashboard, click on settings and then select General. There you can write the title of your blog. Be sure to include your keywords there.

2. Description:
Still in the same menu. You can enter a description of your site. Short course, do not forget to use keywords. 
(Note: in addition to these things, you can also include a Meta Tag Description etc..)

3. Permalinks Settings:
Setting your permalinks to SEO Friendly. By default WordPress permalinks are
http://blogname/?p=123. You can change it by accessing the Settings and click on permalinks. Choosing the type of permalinks that lets you enter keywords. I like to choose [postname].

4. Choosing a Theme:
Another thing I like about WordPress is choosing theme from a large number of options. You can choose as per your choice either free of paid as many themes are getting uploaded daily. I like the theme of simple and fast loading time like Swift. OR in other words theme which comes with built-in SEO settings and which is SEO friendly.

WordPress SEO # 2: Optimizing Performance

1. SEO Plugin

Now, to optimize the functions of WordPress, you will need a few plugins. There are many SEO plugins available for Wordpress and you may get confused. Do not worry, you can refer to my another post
5 SEO Plugins for Wordpress ( also I am writing some essential plugins you may choose from: 

a. All in One SEO 
b. Broken Link Checker 
c. SEO Smart Links 
d. W3 Total Cache 
e. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARP)

2. Use Post Excerpts

By using post excerpt you can avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content not only be assessed from outside the site, on the site as well. In addition to the show post excerpts you also cut anchor text (internal linking) to text Read More. Few themes offers Post Excerpts by default.

3. Create Google only index

By using SEO plugins such as All in SEO Pack or WordPress SEO, you can make the google spiders to index your posts focus. I do not like to involve much less post category tags, as risky because of the duplicate content problem internal blog. And I do not download copy and paste the writing of others.

Ok, actually WordPress is very good for SEO, a lot of advantages. However, it will all be useless if you do not understand basic SEO techniques. That means you need to optimize it further, such as entering a keyword and off page optimization. 

Hopefully it was helpful for you.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Yogesh Vashist who writes about technology updates, blogging tips, SEO etc on

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Responsibility of SMO Facilities in Search Engine Ranking

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SMO Facilities in Search Engine Ranking

Those engaged in the web business understand splendidly about all the advantages that come with Social Media Optimization and the additional benefits that one gets when Social Media Optimization promotions are executed on websites. The campaigns are extremely precise and content affluent and work on numerous facets of the website for instance it presence, visibility and certain other stuff that become obvious when the website begins drawing business and begins making an impact. This consequently leads it to being sleeted as a money making mechanism and as well being labeled like a scrupulously professional brand that knows how to magnetize traffic.

Social Media is unswervingly a progressive online technology that appears going to overtake the SEO facilities. In the current scenario, therefore, most individuals use Social Media Optimization to share their perspectives, experiences, journal and other stuff with each other. Overall, SMO plays an essential role aiding people in submitting their most contents in any shape whether it is text, image, or video in the favorite social media websites and then split it with other people.

Though, generally, these SEO and SMO methods and technologies can be found being benefited by people in the form of chat debates, message boards, wikis, podcasts, blogs etc. Thus if you posses few content and covet to publicize or get it noticed internationally, you do find a need of a reasonable SMO services, and see what occurs. Literally, you will get plenty of Social Media services suppliers who as well stick out viably in catering to the relevant requirements. There are certain things that SMO does to the Search Engine Ranking ultimately:

·         Make your website link driving: If your website holds adequate number of links, it will be simpler for Social media or other sites to connect to your content. This is extremely trouble-free and can be done by starting blogs in your website. On the other hand, you can as well introduce abundant articles, free white papers and resource paper hosting helpful connections at a particular location.

·         Make social bookmarking simplistic: Place a bookmarking label or button so adding a text link under will robustly help you in getting your content observed. Lots of users execute this and have got the best benefit.

·         Join an online forum immediately: If you are blogging, don't drop behind and connect to an online group conversation or forum section which aims your special audiences. As well, generously participate in the held discussions. You might support other customers by giving them feasible answers and vice-versa.

·         Giving reward to supportive users: Those abusers who have been cooperating to you by persistently contributing to your website's content require being distinguished and rewarded rightfully. This will assist you to achieve incessant help from those and others too.

·         Offering reward to internet web links: The more internal web links you insert to your blog content, the more you will achieve an advanced and higher search engine rating or web visibility.

Scrutinizing these points makes a truth obvious that it would be a joke if one leans to overlook the significance of social media in the ultimate search rankings that the website goes onto attain.

Author Bio :
This Post is written by Daniel. He also writes for cyanogenmod apps 

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SEO and link building policy 2012

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SEO is basically a technique to increase the ranking of the website of a particular organization or business. SEO is mainly done using plenty of schemes and to play around to promote more of your website you need to build sufficient content or links so that your business is prop up more and more. One of the ways by which you can do this is by following the link building policy.
What is link building policy- the rating of a website is the main way to make it visible in the top few pages of the search engine such as Google, Yahoo!,, etc. this is mainly done by techniques of SEOand Link building techniques, which is nothing butconstructing more and more acquaintances and friendly  links. By doing this you endorse your products ideas to more and more audiences as well as more customers.

Few link building tips:-

Updates- keep posting updates of your products on each and every website you have a link on. This will gather more attention to your website than the usual. Try to post as much content as you can of the latest offers provided by your business organization and also update them at regular intervals.

Participate- try contributing in small functions by offering your products as tokens of appreciation or as gifts in any social gathering. This will again build up your link and is an important tip for link building policy.

Use maps- we are not talking about the regular site maps, we are talking about the office or business organization locations on a world map. By adding this feature to your website you will attract more customer and users to your company and you will also be able to accelerate the rate at which a person hits your company site as you provide all the directions to your office and its linked details.

New domain names- always try to keep domain name in such a way that it is closely associated to your working environment or your company’s name or the type of products your organization produces. Domain names not only makes an interesting effect but it also puts a long lasting image in a users mind if at all the domain name is attractive and eye catching. Because most of the time people don’t even look up to the url name, they simply get their work done and move on.

Keyword- the main thing which your website content should contain is the keyword which people mostly hit during searching on any topic. By increasing the concentration of keywords in your content will make it appear more on top of any web searches. So try using various popular keywords and try updating them on regular basis.

Suggestions and discussions boards- a very good habit of a website developer is to make space for the people to put their comments and suggestions or complaints. Doing this will not only help the users to know more about the site but will also be a means of indirect communication to the company management. Discussion forums usually act as a guideline if the user doesn’t know much about the side. Also sometimes through the discussion boards there are plenty of keywords appended to your website without your knowledge that ultimately improves your per person hit and your rank.
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Four Social SEO Mistakes you need to Avoid

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First off, what precisely is social SEO? Social SEO could be a hybridization of social media selling and SEO. the 2 disciplines are literally rather more intertwined than some marketers could believe and it not is sensible to control them in separate silos.

Fragmentation of your on-line selling efforts typically suggests that your actions are not being properly leveraged across varied platforms, resulting in a diluted and confused whole messaging strategy.

However, simply because you acknowledge that social media selling and SEO go hand-in-hand that does not mean there are not pitfalls you must watch out to avoid. Here are four social SEO mistakes to observe out for:

1. Using Social Media As An Advertising Vehicle

Please do not flip your social profiles into a soapbox to sell your product.

Most social media interactions are being driven by the patron. Social profiles are an excellent thanks to interact and interact your target market, build your on-line whole presence (with a well optimized profile), share and promote your content and far a lot of however they're not an advertising medium for your company.

Businesses that which use social media solely as a platform to sell their products/services quickly learn that nobody is listening.

2. Assuming Social Profiles can Replace Your web site

At the opposite finish of spectrum, there are a couple of corporations that invest most time/effort/manpower into their social profiles that they conceive to essentially abandon their company web site in favor of their Facebook page.

This move may prove deadly for your company. you do not very own your Facebook page, Facebook will. they need the facility to clean up your page swiftly or rationalization. Where would that leave you and your company?

Not to say that i feel Facebook is leaving anytime soon, however imagine if Facebook vanished off the face of the world tomorrow. If your entire internet presence was designed on the social network it'd vanish too.

3. Expecting Overnight Success

Both SEO and social media are incredibly long run processes. Joining the 2 along does not create them any shorter thus do not expect instant success.

Too several website house owners are during a hurry to prove ROI (which is understandable in today’s economy), however it implies that long terms comes are typically sacrificed for brief term gains. that's no thanks to reach the web marketplace.

Social SEO needs a relentless and dedicated effort so as to assist your on-line business thrives.

Remember, social media is made on real relationships (even if they're online) with real folks. You cant force somebody to interact together with your company on-line, thus you have got to allow them enough time and enough incentive to trouble.

4. Targeting the incorrect Audience

One of the fundamentals of selling is to spot and perceive your target market. If you do not have a firm grasp on who you're making an attempt to achieve all of your messaging can fall on deaf ears.

When it involves social SEO, you not solely got to apprehend who your audience is, however you furthermore may got to learn their on-line behaviors. you would possibly be making an attempt to sell product to IT administrators, however how will the typical IT director use the web? What sites do they visit? How comfy are they with social networking? How do they seek for things? Knowing how your target market interacts with the net can assist you position your web site within the absolute best means.

Social SEO has the facility to radically improve your on-line whole presence when managed properly. It takes the most effective of social media selling and SEO and fuses them along for a fair stronger campaign. However, there are lots of opportunities to form an easy mistake that might limit or derail your campaign entirely. attempt to keep these four in mind when executing your social SEO campaign and you may be far better off.

Author Bio:
Kristina is a freelance content writer by profession. Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing are her topic of interest.
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5 Essential SEO Skills You Require To Implement

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There are ton of queries relating to successful ability sets of Search Engine Optimizers. To answer all these days a successful SEO should be an integrated digital marketer, i.e. one who has data of on-page SEO similarly as alternative integrated ways. This means, 5 main SEO skills are needed.

Technical SEO
SEO isn't concerning simply keyword search and wordsmithing (thinking stuff). it's concerning creating the websites higher at the page similarly as at server for reinforcing up the chance of being found and obtaining a lot of traffic and conversion. In reality, it's sensible given that you have got learnt everything concerning technical SEO, sitemaps, server side settings, server response codes, and rewrites, etc. This really helps you resolving all the key problems.

Social Media promoting
Social Media has become a section of the routine. however it doesn’t mean presence at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; if truth be told, it’s concerning obtaining traffic from social sites. you'll be able to generate traffic by improving videos on YouTube, by creating fan acquiring plans and by developing the Twitter followers. The combination between Social media and SEO is increasing rapidly so you bought to start out performing on it immediately.

Link Building
With growing variety of social media platforms, the possibilities of building links have gone some way up recently. Today, an extended lasting link are often engineered through the olden day directories, credible with high PR websites, association sites, additionally to short term links like blogs, bookmarking, content syndication and Twitter. With all the external link building, internal link building is additionally crucial which might be achieved by using your own platforms or social media platforms like Facebook page. With such a lot content developed by your external link building team, internal link building won’t be abundant of a tangle.

Usability & data Structure
Site usability is incredibly essential for contemporary SEOs because it describes, if the data provided on the web site is helpful for the users, the positioning is straightforward to use and navigate, and the way the objects ought to be placed at the page.

To have the info on data structure is crucial too, because it is all concerning organizing crucial data & content on the web site, determining folder structure and also on labelling components of the web site. This can be the purpose where several SEOs are weak; particularly if keyword to IA approach is concerned.

With huge competition, the eye of users diverts, that’s why it becomes crucial to not lose your guests.

Content promoting
Your web site content will get you plenty of visitors or lose them utterly. Content promoting are often classified into 2 main errands: content creation and content distribution.

SEO has to realize each methods however you want to act as a filter and adopt solely those concepts which might extremely add significance to go looking engines and users. For this, you may realize some skills helpful like finding content gap, keyword analysis and distributing content.

SEO could be a groomed trade currently with a lot of target results and ROI. a radical data of internet analytics and metrics is mentioned here, however abovementioned skills are necessary for all gift and future SEOs.

Author Bio:
Sandipan Mukherjee is a 23 year old blogger from Durgapur(India). He is the owner of Crystal Articles and iTechboy. He blogs at Technozeast and Techfume.

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SEO – The happening word in business

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Understanding SEO

If one does not know, what SEO is then SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the techno savvy world of today this is the most important and favorite word one can ever think of. The web solution depends on this very word and is the success factor in making a company popular and famous in all the possible aspects. There are many search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are many more search engines, one can do any sort of search, and the information is available to a person. There are few tips which one should follow and then see that one will see increase in business at all levels.

Elements of SEO

Title tag is the important thing and should not be ignored at any cost. One can divide the entire web page into tags, title tags, Meta tags, heading tags and links. If one has links in the website this will only increase in the popularity of website. Link building is also important factor and should be given prime importance. There are lot of things like content of the website and the webpage. If the website has good and fresh content then it is sure that the success is sure. There so many web companies looking for and are in search of good and experienced writers. These companies also give chance to fresher that are good in writing and wish to become something in this profession.

Importance of web designing

Web designing is an art and one need to have interest in order to learn and master it. The SEO is very important and everyone who is into any sort of business should have some knowledge about it as it would be helpful in any case. Do not worry to spend money for designing the web site as one will definitely pay at the end. If the website is good more people will visit and ultimately it will increase the sales of the product for which the website is designed. The important aspect in designing website is the use of proper keywords and if one masters this skill of using it half of the work is done. The color combination is also useful and important.

Increase the sales of a business

SEO is an art of creating a website and most of the people are using it in order to do good business. One can only know after one sees that the ranking has increased and the sales of the product have increased. The demand for these professions will only increase as the time passes and the pay scale will increase. This is a must if you wish to increase the sales and the business will prosper. If one is good in writing and has new ideas in writing this is just the right line and one will prosper. One can get a decent job in any reputed company and slowly the grade of the person increases. These professionals are very important and play a very important role in making a website popular.
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Even if your choice is to break every rule, there has to be a logic behind your choices as a designer. Consistency is not about using similar fonts or layouts throughout the publication; it is all about creating your own personal logic and following it.

In fact, today´s designer´s are creating their own fonts to match the tone, look or topic of a page, so, as long as you have a clue, the magazine´s readers will do as well.

The look of a magazine will make it appealing to a certain audience and unappealing to another. When people often think that it is the content that defines the audience and the design not so much, but people see before they stop to read. If your magazine looks like something that wouldn´t interest them, people will look the other way. It is ALL about first impressions, which brings us to the cover.


The cover is the key element of magazine marketing. This is where most of your designing efforts should go. Your cover design has to be aligned with the magazine´s vision, and it has to use a combination of (short) text and images that is striking, smashing, beautiful, modern, shocking, groundbreaking; in short, it has to be DRAMATIC.

Here is a good example of using a combination of text and images that create great drama. Of course, you don´t need war or danger to create drama. Drama can be in a face and a title, drama can be in a combination of a texture and a font and a certain topic. 

Your goal is to have people not being able to look away from your magazine cover. In terms of photography, you should always go for photos that don´t only look good but also tell a story. If it tells only part of an exciting story, people will be compelled to pick up the magazine, in order to get the rest of that story.

If you get an article of a million words, and you are asked to create a layout, without any chance of reducing the text, chances are, the text will look crammed into the page. Working closely with the editors means negotiating word counts and spaces as you go. Today, the trend is to leave a lot of white space around text; it creates a cleaner look, and it makes articles easier to read.
In order to make the design of the inside pages of your startup magazine flow, you need to master the dynamic between design and content.

Your most fabulous design efforts will be lost, unless the people at there choice knows what they are doing. When you design professionally, every nuance in color shades, every variation in paper counts.

Your safest bet is to advice your employer to hire only the best printing company and then work closely with them during the mockup and proofing phase to ensure optimum quality.


The trend today is to use basic colors from the spectrum of light. Basic colors can make a bold statement. 

I love this grayscale example from CHROMATIC magazine. Simple fonts, simple and perfect composition, text that combines with photo to tell a story, some headlines that create mystery and might excite your curiosity, i.e. Lowercase People; all of this elements combine to make a simple yet powerful cover. 


Thinking outside the box always pays. In the example I am showing you, Hungarian designer Miklos Kiss thought more like “inside the bag.” This totally reminded me of Kramer´s idea about a coffee table book that turned into a coffe table on the TV show Seinfeld. In the case of LACK magazine, the concept was executed beautifully. The magazine becomes both an objet d´art with a sleek modern design, and a practical handbag. As a woman, I can totally appreciate this one.

I´m not saying that you have to create magazines that transform into something else; I am only saying that the more you let your imagination fly, the better.


To finish up,  an examples of using fonts to your best advantage, also from LACK magazine.


This is my last example, also from LACK. The composition, the illustration and the creative use of fonts make for one of the coolest index pages I have ever seen.

As you can see, starting a magazine is no piece of cake, but it can also be one of the most challenging and fulfilling projects a designer can take on. 

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Veronica is a filmmaker and rather eclectic writer living in Montevideo, Uruguay.
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