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How to Make your website Qualified for Google Adsense

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So, the bug of blogging has bitten you and like every other bloggers available out there, you want to turn your blogging passion into a money making machine. And the shortest route to success is certainly getting your blog qualified for Google Adsense. But this is not as easy s it may sound. Just submitting your blog into Google Adsense is certainly not going to the end of the job. It takes some doing. Some guidelines have to be maintained throughout otherwise the application may run the risk of being rejected. So, lets have a quick look:

Content Guidelines: Before submitting application for Google Adsense, you need to make sure that the content of your website is not violating any guidelines. For say, you blog should not harbor content that is intolerant to some section of the society or overtly violent in nature or adult. Moreover, your blog should not promote illicit drugs, tobacco, prescription drugs, firearm components etc and make sure that you are not making any infringement on others’ intellectual rights. Violation of any of the terms and conditions may lead to rejection of your blog.

Copyrighted Material: Google is very much critical about intellectual rights and copyrighted materials and therefore, you need to be very particular that images, graphics or any other materials like video or audio files you have uploaded onto your website are not taken from any other resource without necessary permission. You can use files or images for the same purpose, as this will not get you into trouble. 

Webmaster Guidelines: Google has set certain quality guidelines for webmasters as well and failing to meet them may lead to rejection of your application. Stuffing of keywords in the codes of the websites or in the content goes against quality guideline. Sites wit little or no original content is certainly not to help your website qualified for Google Adsense account. And above anything else, you should indulge in adding content that is specifically crafted for search engines rather than for general users.   

Fill Up The form correctly: Do not try to play trick with Google while submitting application form. Use your real name, address, phone no etc since the verification is done by real person and not by bots and that means; there are greater chance of being caught. I have had the same problem when I opened my paypal account with an alias and now I have to open a new account with real details. While filling application,, you need to make sure that there is spelling errors as it could lead to rejection.

Easy Navigation: Make sure that your website is easily navigable. Some try to trick the visitors by showing ads as a mean of navigation. This could trigger adsense ban. You should not do anything sneaky with Adsense as they are smart people and have got eyes to hound out anything that seems unnatural.

Be Patience: You should wait at least 5 or 6 months before applying for the adsense. Because you just cannot get qualified with a few posts. You need to have at least 50 posts in your blog otherwise, you application will not have its sheen. And try to grow the fan base of your blog. You blog should have at least 200 to 250 Unique Visits per day, if wish to see blog gets clearance by Google Adsense team.

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James Arnold is a passionate blogger.

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How To Earn Money From Your Images, Earn Photo Blogging

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ISM (Image Space Media) Referral BannerI know Google would not love your site if you just published images, without any text article to crawl in. Anyways, I find another great advertising firm that loves your images, its their main platform for their in-image advertisements. Good thing too, they serve payments via PayPal or US Mail. 

Image Space Media is the leading provider of in-image advertising for the Internet and reaches more than 40 million unique users worldwide each month with its ad overlay solution. You can find these Site to see quick implementation of ISM ads on images.

The image space is an untapped source of advertising real estate and we can help you generate additional revenue for your site without competing with revenue sources that you already have in place. Learn more about Image Space Media at Image Space Media.

ISM match relevant ads to more than 8 million images across the Internet and serve hundreds of millions of impressions per month. 

To begin taking advantage of Image Space Media's unique advertising solution register here:

Getting started is simple! Here are a few easy steps to get you underway.

Step 1: Create.

Start your domain setup process by clicking on the Create Tab.

  • Submit the domain you want to place in-image ads
  • Customize your ad display options
  • Note: If you want to add multiple domains, you will need to submit each domain you want to add individually.

Step 2: Our code.

We provide you with a snippet of JavaScript. Insert it into your site's code.

Step 3: Ads.

Once you add our code, you should start seeing our Public Service ads immediately. That means it works! These ads will continue to run until we have had a chance to analyze your site for more targeted ads. This usually happens in less than 24 hours.

Step 4: Get Paid.

When are publishers paid?
Unlike other ad networks that distribute payments every 90 days, Image Space Media will pay you seven days after the end of each month via US Mail or PayPal once a $25 minimum payout is reached.

Again, to begin taking advantage of Image Space Media's unique advertising solution register here:

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14 PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Networks

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I think and believe PPC is the best way to make money from your blogs because only it works for me. Google adsense is world leader in PPC ads and it is running on my site. Google adsense is content based ads so it does not let you run other content based PPC ad networks otherwise your account will be suspended. However it now let you show ads from some of other networks that are approved by Google. However you can run PPC ads from other networks without Google approval if that are not content based as infolinks let you run inline ads and you can run Chitika also with Google adsense.
(1) Google Adsense
More than 90% sites that run ads are running adsense. You get paid monthly, Minimum payout is $100. Payments are paid via Cheque.
(2) Chitika Ads
Chitika ads are easy to setup once your domain is approved. Minimum payout is $10. You can get paid via PayPal. You can run it with Google adsense. Chitika is useful for US and Canada visitors.
(3) Adbrite
Adbrite is the real adsense alternative, it is similar to adsense, payment is paid via check. Minimum payout is $100 but you can lower it up to $20. Adbrite pays net 60 days basis. Mostly publishers go for adbrite after suspension from Google adsense.
(4) Bidvertiser
Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal. Ads are available for feeds and standard ads for contents. You can show banners, buttons and inline ads.
(5) Kontera
kontera is inline ppc ad network.Inline text ads will be shown o selected keywords of our blog post. Kontera shares 70% of revenue with publishers.
(6) Infolinks
Infolinks is for intext advertising or inline text advertising. Payment is paid via PayPal and minimum payout is $50.
(8) Clicksor
clicksor is also inline text advertising network like infolinks and kontera. But you should needs minimum 5000 page impressions daily. Payment is made in 15 days, minimum payout is $50.
(9) Adclickmedia
It pays you up to 60% of revenue for PPC ads. Three types of ad formats you can use are photo text ads, Interstitial Ads, banner ads. Interstitial ads are full page ads between pages.
(10) Adtoll
It pays you 15th of every month. Payment methods are check, PayPal, and wire transfer. Minimum payout is $40. It pays you 75% of commission form revenue.
(11) Ppclinking
You can show text and banner advertisings. Payment can be withdrawn from PayPal. Minimum payout is %25.
(12) Freekii
You get 76% of all revenue. Minimum payout is $10 via PayPal.
(13) Adside
You can show ads using unique ad formats like Adside Anchor that wilbe serve from corner of the browser window. Adside 2layer banner, these are banner but have two layers. Adside video and adside floating pannel ad formats also you use to show ads on your site.
(14) Adwooz
Up to 75% revenue share you get paid, you can withdraw payments via PayPal or check. You can show text and banner ads in various formats.
(15) Clicksrank
You can shoe relevant text and banner advertisings. You can show ads in content pages and in search engines. Payments can be withdrawn via PayPal.
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