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How to Protect Your iPad from Damage

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How to Protect Your iPad from Damage

It is not surprising to know that millions of people around the world are using iPad for both official and personal purposes. Certainly, iPad is a sleek, user-friendly device that almost everybody in the world would love to have it. But just buying an iPad will not suffice if you wish to enjoy the device for a long time. This is because the gadget is susceptible to several damages such as scratching and dropping. While it takes much efforts and money to buy an ideal iPad, it takes only a second for it to get damage when it slips down from the hand. Therefore, it becomes equally important to protect the device from these risks. In order to do so, you need to take the advantage of the valuable accessories for iPad, which not only safeguard the gadget but make it convenient to use. Just hit the Internet and you will find a variety of iPad accessories exclusively designed for different purposes. So, here are some accessories that you can consider to protect your iPad.

iPad Cases

One of the most vital and protective accessories to consider for your iPad is a case. A case acts as a comprehensive safeguard to keep damages from dropping at bay. There are many types of cases available in the market but some of the most recommended ones are Case Mate iPad cases because they are quite durable, sleek, and affordable.

You can even consider a case with the station, which is equally popular and on offer by Case Mate. If you use such a case, you get the flexibility of using your device in several ways. For example, you can use the device handheld or on the station in a right angle position. If you use such a station case or a strap case, it will aid in keeping the risk of dropping at bay while you are using it. A strap is useful when there is no table top to place the device. In short, investing in stand case for iPad can make your device stand safely in an upright position. Well, for fun, this makes it easy for you to watch movies. Apart from a stand style case, you can even consider wallet style cases that come with soft inner panels. Go for this style if you are often traveling because of its high comfort level. Another kind of case for you to consider is a smooth skin-like silicone rubber case. It ensures a non-slippery grip so that the gadget does not slip from your hand and break.

Back Covers

A cover easily glides around the device but leaves the keypads, touch screen, and ports open so that you can operate smoothly without any hassle. You can find several appealing covers with glassy finish that blends with the protective power, usage convenience, and flexibility. However, you will have to ensure one thing that the cover is light in weight and washable so that you can easily maintain it.

Screen Protectors

If you have not brought a case but have purchased a back cover, this defensive accessory becomes essential to have. This is because a screen protector safeguards your device from damages that take place due to scratches and fingerprints. What’s more to it is that it is very easy to fix the protector sheet on the gadget. Its slim finish tends to trigger a soft ergonomic feel. Anybody who is planning to use the iPad everyday must use a screen protector.

No matter which protective accessory you buy for your iPad, you are bound to obtain the powerful protection as well as the aesthetic appeal of both the gadget and accessory.

Guest Post by Adam Wood who is a tech enthusiast and loves to blog about iPhone and iOS on various blogs like this. He works for Case Mate UK , check out iPad Mini cases from Case Mate.
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The Top Five iPhone and iPad Apps for Home Security

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In the Apple App Store there are millions of apps for virtually anything from games to email to social networking and now, home automation. Most people have been out on the town or at work and have wondered if they remembered to turn off the oven or if they left the porch light on. With one of the many available home automation apps, home owners can now turn on the lights in their home or turn off appliances or even control the televisions; even when they are not home. These types of apps are also something that can lower homeowners' insurance premiums. When homeowners get homeowners insurance quotes from homeinsurance, they can see exactly how much they will save with multiple companies. Here is a list of the 5 best iPhone home automation apps that will help to control all of the main features of the home.

1. Indigo Touch App for iPhone and iPad

The indigo touch app for the iPhone and iPad give users a way to not only turn lights and appliances on and off but it can also control sprinkler systems as well as the furnace and air conditioner. This is the perfect app for homeowners who are constantly coming home to a house that is too hot or too cold. With this app, they can turn the necessary systems off or down when they are not home and then turn it back on or up when they are on their way home. This is the best way to come home to a toasty warm home without wasting the heat when the home is unoccupied. This is an app that is available from the iTunes App Store, it is not a free app but there is a free trial available so the homeowner can see if the service is what they are looking for before they buy it. Before the app is installed, the homeowner needs to have the Indigo v4.1 home controlled software.

2. iHome touch App

The iHome touch app is an app that costs $7.99 from the App Store. This is an app that can control virtually anything in a home that has X10 enabled devices. Through this app, the homeowner can set rooms and devices throughout the home by pictures in the app, allowing them to simply touch the picture to control the device.

3. CF Control FX App for iPhone and iPad

The CF Control App is a free app that does not require any subscription costs or upfront fees. It is a 100% free application that allows homeowners to control virtually anything in their home through their iPhone or iPad. The only catch is that in order to get all that this app has to offer, some technological knowledge should be present. IR and TCP/IP knowledge is necessary for the user to be able to unleash the full potential of this app.

4. Touchpad App for iPad

The Touchpad app is a full feature app that works with an installed Homeseer HS2 device. Through this app, the user can control just about everything in the home including lighting, security, irrigation, netcams, window coverings and even the entertainment systems. This is a full function app that is totally free of charge for anyone who has a Homeseer device installed already.

5. Haiku Home Automation App

The Haiku home automation app has a one-time charge of $49.99 for the app but there are no subscription charges; the only fee the owner pays is the initial fee. This app works on virtually anything in the home from the security to the HVAC controls. Not only does it control the devices, it also provides real time status' for all of the devices as well; for example, if the homeowner forgets if they turned on the security system, they can check from the app and turn it on if they need to. On the other hand, if they want to see the temperature in the house, they can check the temp from the app and adjust it accordingly. This is the only app that allows users to view and change the status of virtually everything in the home.

Adam Vaught has worked in home security for almost 10years, he is also a lover of technology and enjoys combining the two. His articles appear on a number of security and home-owner blogs at
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Tower Defense Games: From Atari to the iPad

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Tower Defense Games From Atari to the iPad
Tower defense has been a popular game genre for decades. In this article, we'll present a fascinating rundown on the history of the tower defense game, from Atari's Rampart, to the ever-popular Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds. We'll also discuss the new games coming out soon for tower defense game enthusiasts.

Rampart - First Tower Defense Game

TD games are one of the earliest strategy-based games dating back to 1983. A familiar classic that pioneered the tower defense genre is Rampart by Atari. Rampart is an arcade game that merges the puzzle and shoot 'em up genres. As it's widely ported, it has versions for most modern systems. In this game, you as the player have to defend a set of castles by alternately shooting and attacking enemies, and repairing damages to the castle within a time limit. To survive and gain victory, you have to protect and maintain your territory throughout the game. Involving strategic actions of attacking and repairing, the game quickly gained popularity worldwide.

As the game became a phenomenal success, it became ported into a number of gaming platforms such as Super NES, Game Boy, Gamecube, Xbox, PlayStation 2, and most recently PlayStation Network which offers multiplayer action.

It was originally released in 1990, and it was the first ever popular tower defense game. Atari is considered by many gaming enthusiasts as one of the key ideas behind the creation of Final Fantasy and Fort Condor. The first wave of hit tower defense games include Star Craft, Final Fantasy, War Craft and Age of Empire. By the new millenium, TD games started to appear in user-created maps for games like Starcraft, Warcraft III and Age of Empires II.

Introduction of Adoble Flash to Games

The advent of Adobe Flash has brought forth significant changes to the tower defense gaming experience. Independent game developers used Adobe Flash to enrich graphics and speed. They created stand-alone TD browser games leading to the influential launch of Desktop Tower Defense in 2007. Over the last few years, there have been hundreds of new themes and gameplay variations including medieval and space settings. There have also been child-friendly game versions such as those games where players protect a picnic from ants or pop balloons. In late 2007, Protector was released, and it was ranked as one of the best TD games that offered classes and specialization upgrades.

In 2008, mobile phone versions of various games were also introduced online. Some of the most outstanding games which have taken the gaming world by storm are Plants vs Zombies, Gem Craft, Protector, Immortal Defense and most recently, Angry Birds.

Plants vs Zombies is a thrilling and addictive zombie-themed tower defense game. It was originally developed by PopCap Games for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The gameplay involves a homeowner placing different kinds of plants and fungi to stop the zombies from eating the resident's brain. It was first released on 2009, and upon massive success, it became available on iOS, Android, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation. The game received much critical acclaim from players and critics.

Another well-liked TD game is Angry Birds. The original version of the game was released on iOS in 2009. The game has been widely popular because of its unique combination of addictive gameplay, comical design and affordable price. It's now available on gaming consoles as well as PCs. With a staggering total of one billion downloads among all platforms, the game has been considered as the largest mobile app success today.

Different Versions of Tower Defense Games

After 2008, a lot of game consoles started to make their own versions of various tower defense games. Xbox 360 made a version of Defense Grid; PlayStation did versions on two games named Pixel Junk Monster and Savage Moon; Nintendo DS released a hand-held version of games called Lock's Quest and Ninja Town. Today, there are numerous mobile phone tower defense games available in the market.

Upcoming Tower Defense Games to be Released in 2013

The popular zombie-themed TD game Plants vs Zombies has an upcoming sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2, which will be released in late spring of 2013. Other games that you should watch out for next year are Sentinel 4: Dark Star which is currently being developed by Origin8 for Android and iOS devices, Nightmare Guardians which is set to arrive on tablets, and Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime which is going to be introduced in both PC and Mac.

Ryan Thomsen has been extensively involved in game development. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on various games blogs. Visit for more games.
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How to go about Building an iPhone App

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Developing an iPhone app can be an excellent way to generate some extra resources -- but how do you start? While it's not exactly an simple endeavor, it isn't as confusing as you might think.There are a lot of app designers out there who have released a profitable app and created money...without even understanding a bit ofcode!If you have a amazing concept for an app but don't knowledge to get it out there, study on.

Before you get began, you need to be certainyour concept is excellent. Getting it down on newspaper allows you comprehend particularly how you want everything to look, and how you want elements to function. A circulation data is useful for seeing how your keys and displays all hyperlink to one another. When you have your style on newspaper, provide to loved ones and ask them their viewpoint. Would they pay money for this app? Does it seem worthwhile? Enjoyable? Is the way it is installed out and attached together sensible? Does it seem straightforward to use?

Before you begin off building your app, you need to utilize to the Creator Plan so that you can have it proven in the App Keep. It can take several several weeks to get recognized, so doing this now will spend less you time later. If you're going to create the value yourself, you also need to obtain the iPhone SDK 3.0 and drop in! But what if you can't create, or even comprehend code? Don't worry! You've got several alternatives.

If building an iPhone app is something you really want to master, there are lots of courses published for newbies that can help you comprehend how to use Objective-C, Cocoa-Touch and other selection dialects to create your app.

If you don't even want to think about value and you want to get on monitor right away, you may discover firms on the internet who are dedicated to developing iPhone applications. A lot have on the internet progression resources and layouts you can use to create your app, and others will actually develop your app for you. Price varies from one-time or premiums to revenue discussing. On the other hand, you can publish a job on or and take offers from self employed. Regardless of how you go about it, have a look at sources and look at examples of their previously function before you deliver out any money.

When your app is prepared to go, run it through a variety of assessments. Before you publish it to the The apple company store, you need to be absolutely sure that it features perfectly. Once it's App Keep beneficial, publish it to The apple company and also to iPhone app evaluation websites. Developing an iPhone app is merely the starting...if you want it to provide, you've got to get the term out and promote it!

Authors bio :
This post has been written by Arsh Kapoor who is a technology lover and loves to write about technology into his technical blog and also writes on SEO blog. If you also want free guest posts from him then check out his blog for more details.
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Aakash Ubislate 7 Tablet- A Revolutionary Tablet Launched by Indian Govt. for 35$

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A Tablet for every individual, a revolution in the world of tablets has just recently released in India known as Aakash Tablet (Previously its prototype named as Sakshat Tablet). Aakash (which means sky in Hindi) Tablet is made by the UK-based company DataWind in collaboration with IIT Rajasthan (DataWind is a leading developer of wireless web access products and service providers owned by a Suneet Singh Tuli, a Canadian of Indian descent), but it will be assembled at DataWind India, its new production plant in Hyderabad, India. It will be totally an Indian tablet, there is not at all Chinese relations.

What is a Tablet?

Everyone is talking about the tablets; actually we’re in the world of tablets now, the world of big and heavy computers has gone now. Do you known what exactly a tablet is? I am not talking about medicines; it is related to the world of gadgets. A Tablet is basically a small personal computer(PC), equipped with a rotatable touchscreen as input device, and it runs on Operating Systems like Windows, Mac OS or Android. It has nearly all the key features of a standard PC, the main difference between a tablet and a PC is that you can keep a tablet in your pocket, while you can’t keep a PC.
The Indian government has managed well to keep up its promise to Indians students about pricing the Aakash tablet as less as possible. As we have seen a lot of ups and down in its price because of its manufacturing, design cost, but now its basic version Aakash tablet will be available at $35 for students across India and commercial version Ubislate 7 tablet will be priced at $60 for everyone at retails store.
The $35 Aakash tablet is the most anticipated tablet of the world; it is the world cheapest and most affordable tablet. It is the best example of India’s innovative and creative minds.

Aakash Tablet Specifications and Features

Aakash Ubislate 7 Android tablet is powered with a 366 MHz Connexant Processor, runs on Android 2.2 Froyo OS. Below are the full list of Aakash Hardware and Software. It weighs only 350 grams and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Aakash Tablet Hardware

  • Display and Screen Resolution- 7-inch Multi-touch Resistive Touchscreen with screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixel
  • CPU- 366 MHz, HD video, Connexant Processor, and Graphics Accelerator
  • RAM- 256MB
  • Wi-Fi enabled (802.11 a/b/g) and GPRS (3G support via Dongle)
  • Mini and Full USB
  • SIM card slot and miniSD card slot
  • 3.5 mm Headset jack
  • Storage- 2 GB of onboard memory with expandable up to 32 GB microSD memory card
  • Battery- Rechargeable non-removable lithium-polymer battery with Solar charging option.
  • Stand By Time- 2 or 3 hours at one stretch.

Aakash Tablet Software

  • OS- Android 2.2 operating system
  • Web browsing, video conferencing, PDF viewer, Text editor
  • Documents formats- DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP
  • Image formats- PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF
  • Audio formats- MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA
  • Video formats- MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV
  • Web browser – Standards Compliance: xHTML 1.1 compliant, JavaScript 1.8 compliant
  • Separate application for online YouTube video
  • Over 1.5 lakh applications

Aakash Tablet Launch

Aakash tablet has been developed as part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology which aims to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities on the subcontinent in an e-learning program.
Basic Version of the Aakash tablet for students will come in partnership with Aircel which would provide SIM cards which can then be used for accessing the internet through the 3G network and it also features telephony to make and receive calls over GSM band.
Aakash Tablet Price and Availability
The Aakash Tablet has been manufactured and designed completely in India. The Indian government is buying 100,000 tablets from DataWind for INR 2,250 (USD$45) per unit and will be available to students across India. The Indian Government hopes to deliver 10 million tablets at a target price of INR 1,750 (USD$35) per unit.
Commercial version of Aakash tablet named as Aakash Ubislate 7 tablet will be available from November for INR 3000 (USD$60) recently announced by Datawind. It will come with added features like an In-built cellular modem and SIM to access internet. You will be able to buy Ubsilate 7 tablet online or in retail stores from November.

Aakash Tablet Video Reviews By News Channel

You can now book a brand new tablet on there official page at Aakash Ubislet Tablet.Please pass your valuable feedback through comments.Happy Blogging... :)
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