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3 Tech Tools Helping Drivers Lower Their Insurance Costs

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Insurance Costs

Car insurance can be costly, even for good drivers. However, new technology can help you lower your car insurance. Having the following 3 tech tools installed in your car can help you lower your overall car insurance bill.

1. Electronic Stability Control

This handy new technology will not only help lower your car insurance bill, but keep you safe as well. Electronic Stability Control, also known as ESC, will take over the steering of your car if it senses that you have lost control. The reason why having ESC installed on your car will help lower your car insurance is because it has been proven in numerous tests that it will actually reduce the number of crashes and injuries. This can save car insurance companies a lot of money in claims as well as saving you significantly in your car insurance rates. This device is so effective that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stated that the ESC is now required to be placed in every new vehicle made from 2012 and beyond.

2. Data Tracking Devices

If you are a relatively good driver then a data tracking device may be the perfect way for you to lower your car insurance premiums. These devices record your driving habits including how quickly the driver speeds up and slows down as well as how many miles they drive each day. Very safe drivers can earn a savings of up to 30% on their car insurance premium. This device can also help the driver determine if they really are as safe as a driver as they think. If they aren't, they can use the information that is attained to improve their driving skills and hopefully lower their car insurance rates in the future.

3. Anti-Theft Devices

Anti-theft devices aren't new to the insurance world. There are many different types including anything from standard car alarms to a device that is placed on the steering wheel to keep the wheel locked into place. However, new anti-theft devices cut off fuel or electricity to the car if they detect that someone is tampering with it. Some of these vehicles also have a built-in GPS tracking system so that if the other anti-theft devices fail, the vehicle can be tracked and recovered. Insurers who have this tech tool in their vehicle will generally receive a hefty insurance discount. This is because the harder a vehicle is to steal, the lower the likelihood is of the car insurance company having to replace the vehicle if it is stolen. Many new cars come equipped with these types of anti-theft devices.

In conclusion, you don't have to live with high insurance premiums. You can use the above tech tools to help you receive a sometimes hefty discount on your insurance. To receive these discounts you should:

1. Consider getting a vehicle with Electronic Stability Control. Not only will you receive a car insurance discount, but it can help you avoid injury if you lose control of your car.

2. Let your insurance company install a data tracking device in your car to determine if your driving habits are worthy of a car insurance discount.

3. Have an anti-theft device installed to not only save money on your car insurance, but to keep your vehicle from being stolen.

Andrew Macneil has worked in the auto insurance industry for many years. His articles which offer tips and advice feature on a variety of blogs online. Visit for more information.

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10 Best Online Meeting and Conferencing Tools for Businesses

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When you want to hold an online meeting or a web conference, you need business tools that will let aid you in your task rather than frustrate you.  These 10 will help you get the job done without a hitch. You can run any of these using internet dongles.

1 - Infinite Conferencing
Infinite Conferencing is an incredible tool that allows you to host a web conference instantly. You can also log into the meeting room early and prepare for the meeting beforehand. This ensures that everything goes according to plan and that there are no hiccups when the meeting takes place.

Using Infinite Conferencing, you can invite up to 1000 attendants with a simple email. One great feature in Infinite Conferencing is the record tool. You can easily record your conference, allowing those who missed the meeting to watch it.

2 – InterCall
In all honesty, InterCall is quite an impressive program with a plethora of features. You can set up demos, quickly configure the software, use instant messaging, invite people on the fly and create an instant conference. Best of all, the program is mobile, allowing up to 124 attendants to join in from their smartphones.

3 – ClickMeeting
ClickMeeting is a powerful program that allows you to host a web conference with up to 1000 people. Not only can you set up a conference with your employees, you can have a web conference with those not employed by your company. The interface is exceptionally easy to use and well laid out. Best of all, the program can be bought for $8.

4 – Adobe Connect Pro
Adobe Connect Pro is a great program that allows for fluid web conferencing and online meetings. Security is one problem that many online meeting and web conferencing tools face. However, one of the best things about Adobe Connect Pro is that the program is exceptionally secure. You can share the contents of your screen and even files without worrying about intrusions.
5 – MegaMeeting
MegaMeeting takes online meetings to new levels. The best feature this program offers is that it is a browser-based program. No user has to download the program and spend time configuring it just to have a meeting. This lets the host of the meeting or conference to quickly create and host the meeting with virtually anyone.

6 – WebConCentral
WebConCentral is one of the most secure web conferencing tools available in the market today. This program is even used by government due to its effective security. Furthermore, the program can handle up to 35 people (including video streams) without a problem.
The built-in messenger program allows attendants to chat (when allowed). Your chat can even be made private, allowing you to talk to another attendant without worrying about other people viewing the message.

7 – GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting is a simple web conferencing and online meeting program that allows you to create meetings in literally the blink of an eye. The program is straightforward and simple to use. This is a huge advantage if you need to set up an emergency meeting. Joining the conference is even easier.

8 – Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft is a name that practically everyone knows about. Microsoft has now expanded its reach into web conferencing. Although Microsoft Office 365 lacks a few features, it is very powerful. Above all, the program is very simple to use, offering an interface that is one of the simplest ever.

9 – WebEx
WebEx is an online meeting and web conferencing program designed by Cisco. To put it simply, the features are rich and intuitive, the interface is well designed and the features are ever increasing. Best of all, the meetings can be recorded and sent to employees who missed the meeting. Additionally, you can even send documents to your attendants in real-time.

10 – FUZE Meeting
FUZE Meeting is a very simple web conferencing tool that allows you to host and join a web conference from practically any device. This is because the program is browser based. All you and your attendants have to do is go to the site and start conferencing.
These tools allow you to have online meetings and web conferences easily. All you need is an internet connection. You can even use an internet dongle. You can get all the info you need about broadband dongles

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The above article is researched and written exclusively by Roxanne Peterson

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