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10 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Salespeople

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Why on earth should a blogger learn anything from a salesperson? A sales person is someone who rings the doorbell in the dead of the afternoon and bothers people right?
For the most part, yes, the average sales person does get branded as an annoying gnat. However, there are sales people from whom buying something can be entertaining and memorable. These sales people not only make a sale, but create a fantastic impression. Here are 10 things you can learn from such great sales people!

1. They Really Listen
Do you just pitch a product or service without really listening to your potential customer’s needs? A good sales person is not someone who just wants to sell you stuff and make his or her sales average for the day. A good sales person is someone who really listens to you and wants to know about your needs and problems. A good sales person wants to help better your life.

2. They Provide A Great Sale Experience
You must have bought a great many things in your life from salespeople. Some of those transactions must have caused a mute rage in you to pound the salesperson’s head. However, we’re sure you do remember some great, pleasant and even motivating sales experiences. Great sales people know how to create a great experience for you by making you feel at home, taking the time to talk to you, joking with you and cheering up your day.

3. They Establish Great Rapport
Do you go out of your way to make your potential customers feel in synch with you? Do you establish grounds for the same wavelength, creating the notion that you and your customer are alike? This is another great salesperson move. A really great salesperson creates a great rapport with their customers, establishing a common understanding of each other.

4. They Establish Long Term Relationships
A great salesperson does not just make one sale and then ignore their customer. They go out of their way to strive to establish long-term relationships with their prospective customers. They make sure that they ensure their clients’ well being during the long haul. Great salespeople know that their business can flourish only with repeat customers, and therefore they focus on building relationships rather than just achieving numbers.

5. They Don’t Give Up Easily
Great salespeople are tenacious and resilient; they don’t care how many doors are closed on them, they don’t get affected by people who reschedule appointments. They just keep at it, day after day, trying to win over people with newer and better tactics every day. When you hear someone say ‘no’, that’s your cue to keep trying till you make the sale.

6. They Know It Takes Time To Close A Deal
Patience is a skill that great salespeople hone to a battle-hardened edge. All great sales people know it takes time to close a deal; they don’t allow minor refusals to stand in their way or disillusion them. They have the confidence and the patience to wait it out and succeed.

7. They Are Always Closing Deals
Just like successful athletes who absolutely need to win games, successful salespeople absolutely need to close deals. Closing deals is a salesperson’s winning game, something we all understand at a gut level. We all try to win at what we do – whether it is about getting that special date, or that promotion, or get noticed by the boss.

8. They Always Follow Up
Great salespeople don’t just deliver a pitch and sit back on their haunches waiting for you to contact them. They have a finely honed instinct that tells them exactly when and how to follow up. Sales people are always under pressure to deliver and hit the right numbers but they cannot afford to neglect to follow up with their prospects.

9. They Don’t Transfer Their Tension To Prospects
A seasoned and great salesperson is respectful of their prospect. Only really stupid salespeople come across as pushy, aggressive, or disrespectful, showing all their tensions and pressures on the prospect. All salespeople live under pressure but the prospect is not responsible for those. The prospect should only see the suave side of the salesperson and this is what differentiates the mediocre sales people from the really great ones.

10. They Don’t Mind Explaining Product Features Many Times
Not everyone gets it immediately, especially if the product or service needs some level of understanding. An average salesperson will just provide brochures and tutorials and leave it at that, expecting people to use their native intelligence to understand. A great salesperson knows that some people need that additional personal touch and gives it to them. They know how to differentiate between those who need more personal guidance and those who can manage on their own. They make themselves available accordingly.
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