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3 SEO Ideas You Should Forget Now

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Seeing as SEO has been around since the late 90s, it stands to reason that quite a few things have changed since webmasters first began optimizing their websites for search. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of outmoded SEO tips and techniques floating around in cyberspace that refuse to die. If you still subscribe to these outdated SEO ideas, it's time to get up to speed.

Ranking by back links alone: Search marketers have debunked this approach many times over. No matter what you were told, garnering a large number of back links alone won't boost your place in the search engine rankings. Other factors go into your ranking like social data, query relevance, and the frequency with which you update your content.
Do this instead: Backlinking is important, but you should also focus on an online marketing strategy that will get people to follow those back links and ultimately become your fans.

Copying your competitors: Websites succeed and fail due to a number of factors. Every company website is unique, as is every company behind the website. So what works for, say, Yahoo or Amazon may or may not work for your website. 

Do this instead: Set your own benchmarks and do your own research. Take an individualized approach to finding out what will work for your website's SEO.

Using article submissions: Submitting articles to sites like eZinearticles became a way for websites to get quick back links. However, this technique has only ever had limited success when it comes to SEO, especially when people started publishing low-quality articles for the sake of earning links.

Do this instead: If you're going to publish content for SEO purposes, it's best to use your content to build relationships. Get in touch with bloggers who would be happy to have you as a guest blogger. You'll be adding valuable content to their website, and also building relationships with their audience.

SEO changes all the time, so it's important for website owners to stay current on SEO trends. If you choose to purchase SEO services, make sure your provider has ways of staying up to speed on SEO news and changes. That way, you can guard against you and your website falling behind in the search rankings.
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Responsibility of SMO Facilities in Search Engine Ranking

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SMO Facilities in Search Engine Ranking

Those engaged in the web business understand splendidly about all the advantages that come with Social Media Optimization and the additional benefits that one gets when Social Media Optimization promotions are executed on websites. The campaigns are extremely precise and content affluent and work on numerous facets of the website for instance it presence, visibility and certain other stuff that become obvious when the website begins drawing business and begins making an impact. This consequently leads it to being sleeted as a money making mechanism and as well being labeled like a scrupulously professional brand that knows how to magnetize traffic.

Social Media is unswervingly a progressive online technology that appears going to overtake the SEO facilities. In the current scenario, therefore, most individuals use Social Media Optimization to share their perspectives, experiences, journal and other stuff with each other. Overall, SMO plays an essential role aiding people in submitting their most contents in any shape whether it is text, image, or video in the favorite social media websites and then split it with other people.

Though, generally, these SEO and SMO methods and technologies can be found being benefited by people in the form of chat debates, message boards, wikis, podcasts, blogs etc. Thus if you posses few content and covet to publicize or get it noticed internationally, you do find a need of a reasonable SMO services, and see what occurs. Literally, you will get plenty of Social Media services suppliers who as well stick out viably in catering to the relevant requirements. There are certain things that SMO does to the Search Engine Ranking ultimately:

·         Make your website link driving: If your website holds adequate number of links, it will be simpler for Social media or other sites to connect to your content. This is extremely trouble-free and can be done by starting blogs in your website. On the other hand, you can as well introduce abundant articles, free white papers and resource paper hosting helpful connections at a particular location.

·         Make social bookmarking simplistic: Place a bookmarking label or button so adding a text link under will robustly help you in getting your content observed. Lots of users execute this and have got the best benefit.

·         Join an online forum immediately: If you are blogging, don't drop behind and connect to an online group conversation or forum section which aims your special audiences. As well, generously participate in the held discussions. You might support other customers by giving them feasible answers and vice-versa.

·         Giving reward to supportive users: Those abusers who have been cooperating to you by persistently contributing to your website's content require being distinguished and rewarded rightfully. This will assist you to achieve incessant help from those and others too.

·         Offering reward to internet web links: The more internal web links you insert to your blog content, the more you will achieve an advanced and higher search engine rating or web visibility.

Scrutinizing these points makes a truth obvious that it would be a joke if one leans to overlook the significance of social media in the ultimate search rankings that the website goes onto attain.

Author Bio :
This Post is written by Daniel. He also writes for cyanogenmod apps 

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Sell Your Mobile Phone Online In UK

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Life is hard to imagine without a mobile phone these days.  Initially used only as a medium to make and receive phone calls, mobile phones have evolved rapidly through the years, and today’s phones are so advanced that they contain as much power as a regular computer. Mobile technology still continues to evolve, and each new phone in the market promises something new. If you wish to upgrade to a newer phone, then you might want to sell your old phone first.  Selling a phone over the internet has become a very common thing these days, but the big question is where to sell the phone.

One of the top destinations for selling your old phone in the U.K. is This is not just any other ordinary website. The people behind this site have a lot of experience in handling old phones. Their policy of dealing with old phones is praiseworthy too. They recycle the phones and sell them to developing countries. This is a very good effort since it reduces e-waste. Compared to most other websites, offers a very good deal always. What it does is compare the prices from all possible sources, so that the mobile phone owner can get the best price for the phone.

The process of dealing with the website is very intriguing. The friendly interface lets you choose your mobile from the list of available models, and then you can view the best price available. After that you can send them your phone through free post, which the website will sponsor. Once the phone is reviewed at their end, you get paid.  The payment is hassle-free and is much better compared to other websites. This is one of the key features of, which makes it the top seller in the U.K.

Other interesting facts about are that it was featured in all major newspapers and on the BBC as well. It has built up a good reputation among mobile phone users, to be transparent and dependable. So you need not worry about any fraud taking place on this website. Many users have certified that they trust completely, and that they have received the best prices for their old mobile phones. This speaks a lot for the website, because in the end, the testimonials do matter a lot. So if you are looking for a good place to sell  iPhone or your old mobile phone, would be a great place to start. 

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Sell Used Mobile Phones Online In United States

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We are surprised to share a new service that which found interesting and worthy to show you off. How it could be if we get money from our used mobiles, Its really interesting right.  Well that's a useful service we taught to share with everyone instead of hiding with us. Many people doesn't know how to sell used cell phones, here comes this SellCell service into handy which makes an user to sell the used mobile easily without having any hassle.

What makes you feel better in using
  1. Its the best service where users can use it to sell old mobile phones online in USA.
  2. Instead of throwing off your old mobile phone, you can sell it for best price.
  3. Money paid will be around of about 45-90% the cost price of the mobile your selling.
  4. For more information, read the full article below.

Basically who is this SellCell ?

They are the number one service in the USA in the field of cell phone price variations website. Its a leading company as its providing and in market from many long years.

Why do we choose them ?

This SellCell is rated and used by many people in selling there old phones. They provide the best cost comparison for the users to choose the best from many.

Here comes a doubt..! With used mobiles(old mobiles) what do they do actually ?

All this mobiles were sent to the renewable process and shipped to other countries for further use.

Best Features Of SellCell :
  • Its most famous on Newspaper and TV's having positive feedback from its users.
  • stills remains the No.1 in the areas of Mobile recycling cost comparison.
  • They maintain the best and high quality products.
  • Offers best feedback in terms of queries and questions with instant replies.
  • Coming to the price its the best from which we make the most from our old mobile.
Want to know how to sell a phone :

Here are the four simple tips to follow
Click on the image to view in Full Screen
Overview :
Making the price comparison using many other services is really a time taking process but when coming to
SellCell it gives you the best price comparison from all the top companies and put you the list with best options.
Its better to utilize the service since we just throw the old mobile phones rather it would be great if we earn something from nothing
It automatically makes a difference between the low and high prices of the mobiles so its easy to choose that which suits the best.

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Benefits of Using A Video Teleconference System

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Using a video teleconference system can benefit you, and a business, in many ways. Since money and convenience are main concerns in the modern world, communication has evolved to meet the desires of the public and of corporations and businesses. If you are currently engaged in phone conferences, you may want to consider video teleconference service providers. A teleconference via video can be a huge benefit in your personal or professional life, allowing you to not only converse with friends or professionals; they allow you to see them in real time, to view any demonstration you may need to see. Teleconferences have become very popular in the last decade, and video teleconferences are now reaching their peak of popularity.

Affordability of Video Teleconferencing Services

Video teleconference providers can be extremely affordable, and even free. There are many providers that are competing for the attention of potential consumers, so you will have no problem finding a provider that suits your desires. One example of a convenient and free teleconferencing provider is Skype. This provider will allow you to hold a video chat with other Skype users for free. If you are looking for a service to hold a video conference with several people, you may want to seek a professional teleconferencing service. They will most likely have some initial fee, but many are very affordable. If you are seeking advanced capabilities and service options, along with high quality customer support, you may have to shell out a little more money.

Geographic Convenience of a Video Teleconference

Have you ever had to travel for an in-person conference? Sometimes, it can be quite a hassle. A video teleconference can almost always replace a physical conference, because you can communicate visually and verbally. Teleconferences allow you to attend a conference no matter what your location may be; as long as you have an internet connection. It allows all conference attendees to attend a conference from home or work, without the need to travel. It can save hours, or even days, in an individual’s personal schedule. Video conferences can even include document sharing, so you can share documents or important notes with other attendees; just as you would with a physical conference.

Monetary Convenience Associated With Teleconferences

As stated, money is a major concern in our world; especially when it comes to saving money where available. When you attend a conference in person, there are many costs to take into consideration. They may be as simple as general travel costs: such as train tickets or gasoline, along with meal costs. If you are traveling a great distance, you must then consider the cost of airfare or your preferred travel method, hotel rental, vehicle rental, extended meal costs, and required travel supplies. These costs can range with different individuals, but they can all be avoided when replacing an in-person conference with a video teleconference. A video teleconference can save time, money, and stress; all while providing the same benefits of an in-person conference. It is easy to see why video conferences have become incredibly popular with the rise of high speed internet, especially with the money that can be saved by utilizing them.

Author Bio :                
This article has been penned by our guest author. He is  an ardent Apple lover and a part time article writer. He writes for that is primarily a conference call review site. You can check out ratings and reviews of various providers here. 

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Top 10 WordPress Hosting Services

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If you want to make your own website live on internet and accessible for everyone throughout the world, you might need a web hosting service. There are many webhosting companies over internet which provides space on their server. These web hosting companies also provide the internet connectivity to the website owners.

The web hosting services are actually categorized in four different categories- shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Almost every company providing the web hosting services manage all these categories. In this piece of writing we will discuss about some leading web hosting service. When we are talking about the good webhosting services we cannot forget 

Webhostingclue. It is a detailed directory of the best web hosting services available on internet. It provides the solutions to all your queries related to webhosting.  This web hosting service provides reviews, and popular web hosting coupons. You can also check the complete guide to webhosting.

Webhostingclue incorporates the list of the leading and best web hosting services and complete details about them. The list includes the Price, Band, Width, Disk Space, Free Domain, and genuine reviews about the web hosting companies. It also includes detailed information about the WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Green Hosting, Small Business Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting, Family Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

We will discuss about the Top 10 WordPress Hosting Services in this article. Wordpress is the best blogging tool on internet today. Wordpress has thousands of themes and plug-ins which help you to make your blog unique and beautiful.

However, there are thousands of web hosts providing their services for the Wordress blog, but we will discuss about the best 10 WordPress Hosting Services who have proven themselves in providing the preeminent solutions.

1.BlueHost- It is a web hosting services provider offering the services since 1996. BlueHost has developed goodwill in the market with its excellent services. BlueHost has topped the list of best webhosting services by their award wining customer service system and reliable product. It provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.  

2.WebHostingHub-It is the sister brand of the leading web hosting services InmotionHosting. WebHostingHub provides linux hosting solutions for individual bloggers as well as the small business owners.

3.HostGator- This is a web hosting service offering the services since 2002. It is one of the fastest growing web hosting services in US. It provides both shared and reseller web hosting services. If you are using the services of HostGator, you can access the SiteStudio website designer to design your website.

4.Hostmonster-  It cheaper that HostGator and BlueHost and offers excellent support. 3000Gb of bandwidth and 300Gb of disk space is more than enough to make a good blog. It is the best web hosting services for you if you have a low budget.

5.NetworkSolutions- it is a fully featured web hosting provider, with years of experience and constant support. It is the leading webhosting company providing design services, marketing, e-commerce functionality.

6.iPage- it is the best one for small to medium-sized websites as it is one of the most cost effective web hosting services.

7.JustHost- It is the best choice for the small business websites or individual bloggers. JustHost includes everything you need to begin with your website.

8.PacificHost- This service comes at $2.49/month. It is a full-featured webhost catering both medium sized and small businesses websites.

9.Greengeeks- This is a great Wordpress webhosting service providing the free auto Wordpress scripts and unlimited web space.

10.Dot5Hosting- It is one of the best affordable webhosting services. The hosting package fromDot5Hosting helps individual bloggers and business websites get high powered services. 

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