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Now Install Android Apps on Windows

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Android OS has now become a popular OS all over the World. Especially Tech geeks like me are very fond of it. There are millions of apps available in the Play store where you can download them and have fun.

Suppose, you have taken your friend’s Android Smart phone and used some apps. You loved them. But you don’t have an Android phone. Then? Want to play Angry Birds? Fruit Ninja?

Blue Stacks is a software/app player for people who miss Android. The Beta version of this software can be used to install Android apps in your Windows OS / Mac OS of your PC.

Presently there are two versions of this App Player.
One version can be installed to play Android apps in your Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. The other can be used for Mac OS.
Over 5 million people around the world use top apps like Angry Birds Space, Kik Messenger, Where’s My Water and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took 10 engineers two years to build the complex “LayerCake” technology that enable this to happen – but you get to experience it free while in beta. 

You can download App Player now at

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3 Best Windows Phone 7 Apps for Managing Social Media Accounts

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Nowadays, laptops and desktops are just being ignored as the new technology has progressed so many that people are doing their basic Internet work through their mobile phones, and Best tablet PCs.Most of the people now use mobile phones for checking emails, social networking, paying utility bills, and lots more, thanks to the present technology for offering the users an endless list of features.

 Do you feel very comfortable with your brand new Windows Phone 7? In case you’ve never bothered to take a look at a Windows 7 Phone, and the features that they offer, you must take a glance through the various apps that are currently rocking the markets. It hardly matters which Windows 7 phone you really choose, so long as it has all the basic features of a smartphone such as FB integration, and Internet connectivity.

This is so because just by merely installing some amazing apps you can add a world of charm to your phone and its capabilities. And, nowadays just about everyone is crazy about social media, and social networking platforms. So, let us take a look at the 3 best Windows 7 apps for managing social media accounts. 

#1. LiveShare by Cooliris: 
In the present World Wide Web, Facebook has a major role when it comes to social networking. And, just about everyone in this world spends at least a few minutes on Facebook. This cool app for your Windows Phone 7 helps you in sharing your photos with the rest of the world. In this app, the major disadvantage is the very fact that this app needs the user to be fully involved; they should be logged in through their Facebook account in order to look at the pictures on Facebook account. There is one great disadvantage for the privacy lovers, as once you have streamed and shared the photo you can no longer delete the photos or media as it will be become a live document.

#2. Twitter 
The new twitter app installed by the original source offers their users a real time search, trendy topics, top tweets, and much more. This cool app enhances and offers full control for Windows Phone 7 users. The biggest disadvantage is that this app won’t run on the background. Yes it’s true, if you want any update you are required to shoot up the application.

#3. Seesmic: 
Windows 7 Phones have some of the best social networking integration possibilities, which are seen in mobile OS, but few times, it helps you to have everything in one place. This cool application has a feature and allows you to add multiple twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can send messages simultaneously.

Guest Post by Siddartha. He's currently working as Designer and Promoter for AP Eamcet website which gives details about Eamcet Mock Counselling and many other details.
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