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4 Best Xbox 360 Games that you must play

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It is every geeks dream to have Xbox 360 gaming console with them. It is having thousands of exciting games with amazing graphical aspects that which force us to get addicted towards these games. It is really hard to pick only few games among thousands of games that are existing in the market. But, in this article I'm listing out some of my favorite games that you must not miss playing.
Generally Xbox 360 games are bit costly and you can't just buy every game that is existing, so we have to make sure that we buy some of the best games in the current market, else we might end up with bankrupt. 
I think you might be aware of Angry Birds Game, which has created history in Mobile gaming world and you can also see many exciting concepts that have taken place, and my article Games Similar to Angry Birds might help you out. The reason for releasing the games that are similar to Angry Birds is because of the fame that this game received. So, most of the developers will be obviously focusing on the enhanced concepts of this game or have to tried to add features that Angry Birds game is missing.

In this post we are going to check out some of the Best Xbox 360 games that you shouldn't miss playing.

#1. The Amazing Spider Man
  • I have nothing to give any introduction about this game. 
  • The Amazing Spider man is one of the most buzzing names across the globe. 
  • It is one of the best games that you have to play. 
  • The Major concept of this game is you can free-roam in the New York city, swing across the streets, battling with villains and many exciting action packed game.
  • You need to master an assortment in order to defeat your enemies who'll be doing web-based attacks.
#2. Assassin's Creed II
  • It is one of the Top Rated games of all time. You need to practice the art of your assasins with the weapons that are created by the Leonardo da vinci. 
  • You can roam freely and in order to complete the mission you need to do whatever possible and it is all-new open world.
  • The story of revenge and emotions is one of the key for the game and one must not miss playing it. Though it is bit old game aging around 2 years old, but still it holds the place in one of the greatest games of all time.
#3. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Most of the people never expected the Batman game to be such an awful experience. The concept, the graphics, the weapons, the story, everything rocked the band.
  • The game includes some of the biggest names like Paul Dini, Arleen Sorkin, etc., which made it one of the must play Xbox 360 games.
  • Some of the best things like experience of gliding over the rooftopps, pouncing onto criminalls from on high nails and crimefighter superfighter.
#4. Halo 3: Reach
  • Merging up the best features of the predecessor, the developers have released the Halo Reach with some of the best enhancemets possible whtat which will keep you stay on the console.
  • Its a fictional game, which sold over millions of copied worldwide. 
These are some of the best games that you shouldn't miss playing and these games will make you addicted for their concepts, graphics and many more.
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