Google Intros Refreshed Email App For iPad

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Google has rolled out a new version of its browser-based Gmail product for the Apple iPad.

One of the best applications available for the Apple iPad isn't made by Apple. It's made by Google. I'm talking about the version of Gmail that Google has cooked up for the iPad's Safari browser. It has lots of baked in HTML5 goodness, and is nearly as powerful as the full Web version of the application. Today it got a little bit better.
This isn't the huge leap forward, but the Safari version of Gmail now has an improved email composition screen. Before today, the email composition screen was split between the inbox and compose view. (See the difference here.) It worked, but it was a little bit cramped. Now, a new window appears letting users compose emails in a much bigger screen with more text visible.
Google also says it made some minor bug fixes, including a truly annoying bug that prevented scrolling up and down in longer email messages. They now scroll up and down without a hiccup. Google says the changes are only available for the English version of Gmail in Safari.
These are nice and appreciated changes, but I am waiting for Google to pay attention to the mobile version of Google Docs. Google Docs users are still unable to edit Google Docs from the browser of the iPad. Where's the HTML5 love for Google Docs? This is a serious drawback and one I am hoping Google is able/willing to correct in the short term.
Come to think of it, Google Calendar could use a little help, too. It wants to default to the mobile version when used on the iPad. The mobile version works, but isn't as full-featured as the normal desktop version. The desktop version has obviously not been optimized for touch, and can be flighty. These are three services (Gmail, Calendar, Docs) that Google pitches to the enterprise, so I am little surprised that Google hasn't ramped up efforts to improve them sooner.

How about it, Google?
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