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Article: Are You Looking For Free, Legal Blog Content?

It happens to the best of us. In order to provide our readers with quality content, we may want to supplement our original content with free, legal blog content.
Surprisingly, I found a lot of options in the area of free, legal blog content from images, to articles, to multimedia. You would also be taken back at the size and scope of these massive, online libraries.
Note: Please pay close notice to some of the licensing requirements to use this concept, but in all, look to find many people eager have their work become apart of your blog.

Let me provide you a short list of some of the better sites I discovered:

And again, there will be no copyright conflicts down the road:
newsroom logo Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
YouTube gets most of the glory when it comes to embedding video, but Voxant Newsroom has been steadily building a huge library of professional-quality videos, images and articles for easy embedding into other sites. You can find material from the Associated Press,Reuters, CBS, the BBC and many more. They also have content from dozens of local TV news programs making it a great choice for local bloggers.
flickr logo Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
Though almost every blogger is aware of Flickr and its powerful photo management tools and wealth of Creative Commons-licensed images on the site, fewer are aware of the WordPress plugin PhotoDropper, which allows users to search for and embed Flickr images all from the post editing page. Best of all, PhotoDropper formats the photo and the attribution correctly, ensuring that the use meets the terms of both Flickr’s terms of use and the Creative Commons License.
open source audio logo Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
The Web Archive, in addition to being a great resource to see what Google looked like in 1998, has one of the largest libraries of audio available for reuse. Its Open Source Audio section has over 150,000 tracks of all varieties licensed under different Creative Commons Licenses.
hulutm 130 Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
If you want to embed video from some of your favorite television shows, Hulu provides one of the easiest ways to do it. With over fifty content partners including NBC, Fox and MGM, you can find and embed clips from favorite shows, both current and past. You can even trim the clips to focus in on just the part that you want, ideal for making a point about a particular point or event.
articlesbase logo Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
For text content, Articlesbase is usually the site to search first. In addition to having some 400,000 articles available for republishing, the site makes it very easy to search for and embed the content, even providing HTML versions of the text. As with most free article sites, the quality of the content varies wildly, but the site does have a reputation system to help you find good authors. Please be careful to obey the publisher terms of use when re-posting articles and, as always, double check to make sure that the content is original before posting it.
sxc logo Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
If you need excellent quality and high-resolution stock photography quickly, the stock.xchnge is easily one of the leaders. With over 350,000 images, many available for commercial use without attribution, the site itself is easily searched but one has to be careful both to obey the licenses for each image, which can vary from work to work, and to ensure that any work with a recognizable person has an appropriate model release before using it commercially.
wikimedia logo Where To Find Free Legal Content For Your Blog
With over 2 million media files, including images, videos, audio and e-Books, all available under Creative Commons, open source or public domain licensing, Wikimedia commons is a great resource for anyone looking for media to use. Though commonly thought of as just another part of Wikipedia, files placed into the Wikimedia Commons are available for use by anyone and the site is easily searchable.


If you’re looking for free, legal content for your site, there are many sources available to you. Whether you are seeking to embed the content or host your own, there are resources available to help you get the content you need without worrying about either copyright or payment.
Use of these sites, hopefully will encourage legitimate and fair reuse of content so that fewer people will be tempted to plagiarize and outright rip off artists and authors.
Do not be concerned over exposing your readers to outside content that is not an original work of your own. You know your readers and you know what type of material appeals to them – and they will appreciate it regardless.

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