How To Show HTML/CSS Codes In Blog Posts

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Today i am going to teach you how to add Html codes in blog posts.By default web browsers read the code as a program rather than showing the code which you like to show up to your visitors or any other.So,its makes much difficult to make that way of showing the Html/Css Code and it is the most common problem for Blogger beginner's and Intermediate users.So,Now when we come back to the topic.I am going to teach you how to show up the Html/Css Code in a Box with good looking background.

Let Us Start The Topic:

  • First go to Blogger and then Sign-in
  • Go to your Dashboard--Layout(Design)--Edit Html

  • Now just copy the following code which is shown below and paste it before  ]]></b:skin>
--Note: Download your existing template Before you save changes in the template

.csscode {
margin : 15px 35px 15px 15px;
padding : 10px;
clear : both;
list-style-type : none;
background : #EEEEEE;;
border-top : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
border-right : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
border-bottom : 2px solid #AAAAAA;
border-left : 2px solid #AAAAAA;

For More Info you Can See How To Add The Code In The Below Image:

  • Now save you template to make the changes apply

From Now whenever you like to add a code in your post just add the code between 
<div class=”csscode”> and </div> like these as Shown below:

<div class="csscode">
HTML Code Here

That's it....!
Now you can show any of your code in a separate box easier to use
Please let us know if you any problem via comments
Have A Nice Day...!


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