Learning SEO is like drinking Wine & Searching for Rare Coupon Product-Part I

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SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimization is a word that doesn’t require much introduction in the Internet Entrepreneur’s world. Well, SEO is nothing but optimizing your blog/website’s content as Search Engine friendly and practicing few other basic elements in order to rank for few keywords and driving various visitors to land on your blog.

The SEO is one such a task that not only requires knowledge. In order be a successful SEO expert, you need to learn few marketing strategies, time management, building relationship and trust among your friend’s circle, quality control, assurance, professional approach, and many other aspects makes you the best SEO expert in fact it makes you one of the Top Reputed SEO experts in the world.

The initial phases of learning SEO will be really interesting and it attracts people to learn it with ease while when it comes to practical experience, people fail to work in this. The main reason for their failure will be because of lack of Communication and relationships with the web-masters. The main motto of SEO is to build a strategized relationship with many other Web-Masters around the world. Unless you build a relationship, you may not manage the SEO tasks at cheaper rates. Since, if you manage to have few good friends in fact I’d like to say good deal of friends in your networks you can make use of their websites without many efforts and provide scope for your friends as well to earn which increases your reputation as well.

Like, I’d share one of my experiences over here. I used to work as a Marketing Head in one of the Top Marketing Based firm in UK and one of my friends who is an SEO expert used to work a lot with many blogs. Using his network, I’ve managed to market few of the coupon sites on various products like Laithwaites wine or Zagat Wines or Vodafone as well as some other Top rated products across the world. So, building relationship with your co-webmasters is one of the major aspect of SEO.

Time Management is yet another important aspect of SEO. Though, we are not sure about the fact that when Google or any other Search Engines are going to crawl our sites, we still need to provide our clients a sort of trust. We’ll find many other SEO experts who promise you to reach Google Front Page, I’d suggest you strictly never go with them. Because the fact is, they are not working in Google nor do they have contacts with Google Engineers.

The fact, why they assure you the front page of Google is nothing but just they follow the Black-Hat practices in which they might have succeeded in 2 – 3 cases, but I don’t hesitate to say that more than 97% of sites which used these Front-Page guaranteed services accepted the fact that these are fraudulent services. Of course, these so called front-page guaranteed SEO Experts might be successful in pushing your blog on to Google’s front page, but that is going to be only short term fruit, later you may find that same guy who was successful in pushing your page onto front page fails to make it happen again. Reason – Google Engineers will manually kick your page backward because of using the black hat SEO practices.

We will come up with more facts and tips to learn SEO in our second series of post. Stay Tuned.

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