Best android applications for learning French

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Languages are tricky. You may wonder where I am leading this discussion to but believe me anyone who had to go through language grammars will acknowledge my statement at least partially. Languages are common to talk but when we go deeper into their complications they are impossible. With the global integration happening so rapidly need for learning new languages is more pressing avoiding the tricky and treacherous pitfalls of grammer. Internet as always has been a very good source of learning good working languages but surprisingly the most used and in demand language teachers are now the mobile apps specially designed for this.

Android, the most populous apps platform today has many good apps for teaching French and we discuss some of them. Tres Bien French is one of the most known and widely used apps for French learning. The stress of the apps is on improving French speaking and understanding of the user. The app has native speakers pronouncing the words with phrases for stress and light use highlighted. There are also questionnaire and tests for apprising the user of the standard of learning their current French is in. There are progress trackers which will immediately tell a user what is their current standard of the language and how much they need to improve it. Once downloaded, this is free download software; there is no need to continuously remain connected to internet to get the teaching. The app though has some understanding issues for the beginners as the pronunciations are confusing and not clearly understandable.

Another app that is useful for regular communication is Tourist: language learn & speak. This is an app that is more focused on the talking part of the language and so is useful for a person trying to communicate while travelling through the country and has no pressing requirement to learn it completely. The app is available for many of the European languages and so can be helpful for many. There are though some difficulties with it. As language communicates this app also gives some wrong tone of words and also rude in certain circumstances. French being so sensitive to their language may not acknowledge such mistakes.

Learn French phrasebook is an app which helps with certain phrases and words to communicate and understand. The app asks for the words or phrases you want translated and once you have given them you get them spoken out, this is the only part which beginners are finding a bit difficult for the rapid words and pronunciations which are hard to understand in one go.

French verbs are difficult to gather and expertise and so this app of the same name does help to understand and use French verbs properly. This also helps in complete sentence construction and use them in situations. The negatives? We are trying to find.   
French is a month free is an app which goes beyond the immediate purpose of an app so it is not only for a trip to rural France but this is also about teaching children this beautiful language. There are better planned courses with tests at certain intervals to judge the standard and so this can be quite effective for toddlers also who are into their second language. The only catch is one of the parents should know the language to properly guide the children.

There are some more apps which are into teaching most of the European languages. They can be for proper conversation with manners and phrases which are the necessities of that language. Be careful with most of them as they are to be downloaded from the net and chances of malware are not ruled out.

This guest post has been authored by Prashant Sharma, who runs What is Android blog and also happens to write occasionally on Price India blog.


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