Top 5 New iPhone Accessories

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Every single iPhone users loves to get amazing and astonishing accessories with their gadget. A large number of manufacturers are also very much aware of this eagerness and they are launching exciting and new iPhone accessories on a continuous basis. In this article, I am going to list down to you the top 5 new iPhone accessories that are exceedingly interesting and cool. I’m pretty sure that you are going to love all of them.

3G WriteSHIELD - Pocket PC Techs
Pocketpctechs has been offering a broad range of iPhone accessories for its users. When it comes to the security of the device, this particular product which is called as the WriteSHEILD is considered to be the best. This is an application that is useful in avoiding all kinds of ultraviolet rays and does it best up to the mark of 99% and that is also without lowering down the brightness of your phone. This app which more likely is an iPhone screen protector is quite simple and easy to make use of and certainly have no other problems such as demo or registering versions. Writeshield by PPCTechs happens to be an exceptional screen protector kit.

iPhone /iPod Dock
Docking stations are extremely interesting and familiar from very past. Moreover, the most recent dual functionality incorporated to the iPhone is just an additional plus point. You definitely will love to play your iTunes right from your gadget simultaneously while you are charging it. Furthermore, you are going to love the exchange of audio files between your iPhone and iPod. The application supports both iPhone and the iPod.

XtremeMac Auto Charger
This application has been developed by XtremeMac which is useful for iPhone users to charge their device anytime and anywhere. It is supported with a 60-inches USB cable, a bullet adapter and a stylish multi-colored accessibility gives an added attractiveness. Charging while you are talking as well as self-resetting fuse are some of its other exclusive features.

Belkin Sports Armband
With this particular application, you will be able to carry your device with you while you are exercising, jogging or even working out in the gym. You will be able to assure your gadget with this Armband. You will even be able to access the main screen of your iPhone and even through it via the headphones.

Boxwave Screen Puffs
One of the most irritating and annoying thing related to iPhone is the wide screen feature which easily gets fingerprints on it while someone is making use of it. With the help of Boxwave Screen Puffs application, you can actually get rid of this problem. This accessory is going to wipe away all the unnecessary marks from your gadget’s screen. It is easily portable, available in multiple colors and no additional power is needed for them.
These are the top 5 new iPhone accessories, and having their in your iPhone is certainly going to help you increase the functionality.
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