Why Small Business Need to Jump On the Cloud Phenomenon

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Cloud Computing for Small Business Sectors
New technology can bring new opportunities or new costs. The best way to go about incorporating the technology is getting the most opportunity for the smallest cost, and Cloud technology is making that much easier for businesses in the "Small Business" demographic. There are a few ways Cloud technology is enabling this, and in this article we will go over them briefly to familiarize you with the reasons why utilizing Cloud services makes sense for small businesses.

Division of Labor

The Cloud enables the transmission and manipulation of data on a scale that makes it much easier to connect different companies or people together who offer specific and unique skill sets. When people specialize in a task, they perform the task better and faster. That was the core principle behind the introduction of division of labor into the manufacturing process, and moving the idea from there to the overall business world is not a huge leap.

By taking advantage of Cloud resources, you can let other companies focus on doing what they do best while your company works on its main goals. Large companies can afford to bring on extra divisions and eventually turn them into an additional source of profit, but for a small business it can be an immense setback to lose company focus.

Reduction in Cost of Necessary Services

When implementing a new technology into your business, there are various secondary costs that are not immediately apparent that can sneakily push you into the red. For example, simply setting up an office network and shared database can require a large amount of equipment, and the personnel list includes a systems administrator, computer hardware repair technicians, firewall technicians, and more. The additional costs begin to pile up and take a massive toll on the budget.

The Cloud offers your company the option of using outside companies to perform various technology services. For example, a firewall maintenance company may be able to provide another company with around the clock firewall monitoring. By virtue of their specialization in the task, the outsourced firewall company can provide the service at a significantly reduced cost compared to forming an IT department in your small business.


Another important thing to consider is that all new projects in your business will take some time to do the tasks they were created to do. There is the time it takes to come up with the project idea, make room for it in the budget, interview and hire the right employees, and then the actual time to implementation. Using an outsourced Cloud option severely reduces the last two steps.

You will still need to pick through the available Cloud companies that offer the service you are looking for, and in most cases there will be a short delay between hiring them and the implementation of the service. A company is much easier to assess than a person, and the Cloud companies are experienced in setting up their services for new clients, which makes them expeditious at the task.

These are not the only reasons the Cloud is advantageous to small businesses, but they are very attractive and should be considered when making your business decisions.

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