3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Broadband Provider for Your Home Office

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There are a number of things you should consider when you are setting up your small home office, and one of those things is your broadband Internet connection. You need one that is reliable, fast and reasonably priced. Here are the things you should consider when picking a broadband provider.


When it comes to a home office broadband service, the most important concern is reliability -- does it work? A small home office is unlikely to have the budget to compensate for the lost sales that occur during online absences. Few small businesses can afford to lose money thanks to an unreliable broadband service, especially if technical assistance is un-comprehensive or absent. Ideally the broadband provider should have technicians available 24 hours a day. If your connection should fail, and if technical assistance is not available, you would start to experience considerable problems. If you need urgent restoration of your broadband connection, a poor provider may make you wait 3-4 days.


There are offers and promotions that the small home office should take into account. These offers are the ones aimed at businesses, which means they cost more, but in general, they offer more assistance on dedicated channels. They attend to your needs more thoroughly and endeavour to solve your problems more quickly.

They will often offer more technical features too. Whether you have selected a provider or if you simply have a list of candidates, you should know if you will need to download more often than you upload -- or the other way around. If you are planning to send out bulk emails, or multiple emails with large files attached, then you are going to upload more than you download. If you have several computers in your home office, and they are being used every day by your staff -- then you are probably going to download more than you will upload. Once you are aware of whether you are going to be a big uploader or a big downloader, you will be able to pick an appropriate broadband provider. It will also enable you to pick a price plan that is going to suit your needs and your business.


The great thing about broadband speed for a small home office is that the Internet usage is only going to be split between a few computers (usually only one). This means that you will not have to purchase a router to ensure that all the PCs feel the same benefit. It also means that you will not need to invest in a very high bandwidth. The Internet usage of one (or a small few) PC is going to be too intermittent to genuinely feel the benefit of a bulkier bandwidth.


You should check out the offers and promotions that broadband providers offer businesses, because you are more likely to find a service package that suits you. Forget about bandwidth (speed) in your home office and simply go with an average speed. You can always upgrade to a faster speed of broadband at a later date if you find you have trouble. Finally, you should ensure that your broadband provider is reliable and has 24-hour technical support.

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  1. Good article. I find the biggest question is what is available where.


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