3 Things You Must Do If You Need To Increase The Traffic Of Your Blog

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3 Things You Must Do If You Need To Increase The Traffic Of Your Blog

A lot of people believe in publishing and publishing on their site alone which is not the only thing you have to do for the growth of your site. If you want to increase the traffic of your website you don’t have to write on you site alone and do some other things that would be listed below.
I would be listing three tips that would help you to increase the stat (traffic) of your website. If you are desperate to be getting lot of visitors on your website you have to work for that.

Tip #1

Guest Posting: guest posting helps a lot in getting traffic’s for a blog, most a time people do guest posting for fun, but it helps a lot. Also for you to see the true help of guest posting you have to guest post on a site that get a better traffic, It is not when you guest post on a site that doesn’t get traffic like yours then you start expecting people to visit your site, that won’t work.
Guest posting on a site that doesn’t get traffic will only waist your articles and your time, and as well do nothing useful for your site.
It might sound funny to a lot of people, that what is the meaning of this guest posting of a thing. Guest posting is a way in which you would write an article for another site and add your url to the article so the readers of the other site would be linking back to your site with a dofollow link.

Tip # 2

Always write cool articles on your site: Articles also attract visitors from visiting your site when it is index on Google. Guest posting would also let people to read your article by linking back to your site when they find your article interesting they would like to get your next update.
If your articles are not good enough they would not like to visit your site again after the first time, that is why you need to write cool articles on your site even if it is one per day it would still help you to get visitor from different places.

Tip #3

Create Social Media Accounts For Your Site: For anyone who is good with social media the first thing you would think of is how to invite your friend from your facebook account by creating a facebook page, tweet your site on twitter and share your site on many other social media accounts. This would make your friends visit your site frequently if they see articles that are attractive and interesting.

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