Computer Programs that are Easy on the Eyes

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How many hours do you spend in front of a computer in a day? If you're like many people in today's tech-focused world, that number is probably higher than you realize. Owning and using a computer has become a near necessity in recent years, and for those who spend significant time in front of a monitor, eye health can be a constant concern. Though modern computer screens aren't as damaging as the high contrast, green-on-black screens of the 1980's, they can still pose problems over time. However, there are many ways you can turn your computer from an eye health liability into an eye health asset.

Online Resources

Many programs, documents, and other resources on eye health are easily accessed on the internet, completely free. You can find simple eye tests like the Amsler grid at the click of a button. This self-assessment might reveal macular degeneration you would otherwise be unaware of. One can also find many informative PDF files like "Finding Your Shades" and "Protecting Your Vision" with a simple Google search. These files are like the computer equivalent to the health pamphlets you might pick up in a doctor’s office, and they're available for almost any health concern you might have. The truth is, the internet is a nearly infinite resource for bettering your eye health, but there are other real world actions you can take as well.

Computer Tips

In addition to knowledge, one can better his or her eye health through many simple changes in computer usage. One key change is upgrading your computer monitor. Many modern LCD screens cause a significantly lower amount of eye strain than older CRT monitors. Also, try to avoid high contrast programs and applications. If looking at the white-on-black screen of a text editor is strenuous, reversing that color scheme can be a much needed relief. Make sure you only use your computer in a well-lit area, and try to take short breaks every once in a while. For many people, these tips will decrease the eye strain that often accompanies computer usage, but those of us with existing eye conditions might still have trouble.

Programs and Products

There are many innovative products and programs designed to make your computer easier on your eyes. Some programs such as F.lux, available free at, dynamically change the way your monitor looks to mimic the natural day and night cycle, decreasing eye strain. Some people may find relief with pinhole glasses, available at, especially those who suffer from other conditions such as astigmatism. Contact users might need to schedule an appointment with their optometrist and look into a different brand or type of contact as constant computer use can cause excessive dryness and irritation. Still, one thing to remember is that no solution for computer related eye strain will be perfect for everyone.


Computer usage is hard on the eyes, and each individual will have to find the solution that works for him or her. Thankfully, the sum of knowledge that the internet provides can be an indispensable resource for finding the answers you need. With a simple search and a few clicks you can find simple tips and tricks to help make your time using a computer more bearable, and you can even order products or download programs that will further add to your comfort. Though it may seem ironic, your computer can be your greatest asset in alleviating computer related eye problems.

Kelly Padmore is a medical coder who works on the computer daily. She is always on the lookout for ways to reduce eye stress. To learn more, visit


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