Ensuring Safe Cloud Computing

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Ensuring Safe Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has excellent benefits and is becoming popular the world over for its ease of access, but is it safe? One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that it is distributed and accessible anywhere--but this can also create security hazards. To ensure safe cloud computing, you need to use reliable identity verification, such as 2 factor authentication (2fa). Without consistent identity authentication, there's no way of knowing whether the person accessing your secured documents is you, or a hacker trying to get data for their own purposes.

There are many online verification solutions for safe cloud computing, and 2 factor authentication is one of the best methods. With this type of online identity authentication, you prove that you are who you say you are with more than one type of authentication. The two factors are "something you know," and "something you have." The something you know is an item of information, like a password or the answer to a preset security question. The something you have is either a one-time pass code or a physical item such as a USB drive or a smart card.

This type of authentication is so safe because it means that you need both keys -- the thing you have, and the thing you know -- to access your data. The identity verification software will not let anyone pass that doesn't have one or the other. Using a USB drive or smart card for the physical item makes things even safer because it means that a hacker would have to physically steal this item from you.

For ease of use, the "thing you have" can also be a one-time only pass code. This means physical items do not have to be exchanged, but it also means the data can only be accessed once with each code. This makes it trivial to identify if someone else has used your code and accessed your data. It also means that you do not have to worry about someone discovering your pass code, because your pass code will only be usable on one occasion regardless.

As cloud computing becomes more and more prevalent, it becomes even more important to practice safe security measures. By using the correct authentication and identity software you can ensure your data stays safe.


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