TeleSign: Protect your Properties and Identity Authentication against fraud

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This is a generation of the technology. People are so addicted to the advanced mobile technology. People in this Generation are enjoying the every bit of advanced mobile technology on their hands. And they are using the technology to store their personal information and even sensitive data related to bank accounts and passwords on the mobile phones. But people of this generation are least bothered about their data. This became so easy for the hackers to steals one’s data make the data for the frauds. And there are so many incidents of data theft even after taking the lot of preventive steps. In order to stop the online frauds and data theft here comes some best products from TeleSign. Your data also the companies’ sensitive data. These products from Telesign will defiantly help you and your company from online frauds.

TeleSign is one the world’s best company protecting the sensitive data from frauds which also include the online frauds. Telesign uses the advanced technology method “Intelligent Authentication” protects the world's largest Internet and Cloud properties against fraud. Implementing this new powerful advanced technology on a user’s phone is so easy.

Here are some the best products from the Telesign which can keep you away from the online frauds.

TeleSign 2FA
TeleSign 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) it is so simple to use this product due it’s simple user interference this product provides an extra layer to your security from TeleSign. By leveraging the mobile phone as the authentication device.

Tele Verify

Tele verify is the best and powerful tool to stop the online frauds. This tool helps to protect the online identity authentication and brand. This tool helps in preventing the spam bulk registrations by using the technology to verify the users of the company by telephone. Using this service is so easy and it is also so simple to deploy this tool.


PhoneID lets you to identify your customers phone type, service provider with accurate data with city,state,country,and also exact location. So this help you find the details of your customers. And this can also help you to determining that who can receive a sms.
And there are some more products from Telesign which helps your company from online frauds.


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