5 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Commuter

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5 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Commuter

Daily commutes can be brutal, which is why car accessories designed to help commuters can make such great gifts. If you have someone in your life who makes long commutes on a daily basis, there are many car accessories out there designed to relieve the stress of being stuck behind the wheel for hours at a time.

Here are five great gift ideas for the commuters in your life:


Having Bluetooth in the car lets commuters have wireless connection to a range of electronic devices while keeping their hands on the steering wheel. Using Bluetooth, commuters stuck for long hours on the highways can make phone calls without using their hands, synchronize contact information, send text messages, play music from a number of sources including both phones and Internet radio, and gain limited access to the Internet. Not only does Bluetooth enable commuters to keep in touch with the people around them during their drive, but it also makes them safer because it reduces the drain on their attention.


Most people use their personal vehicles to store a range of miscellaneous and almost random items and documents, whether intentionally or simply by organizational inertia. However, having these items and documents strewn about the car not only makes an enormous mess but it also makes it difficult to find the right item or document when it is needed. Organizers can be purchased to help commuters put the contents of their vehicles in good order, so that desired items and documents are always either kept in sight or easily accessed.

Power Inverters

Although most models of power inverters designed for use in personal vehicles are unable to provide much power, they are more than capable of powering the electronic devices that most individuals have become reliant upon. Common examples of electronic devices that can be charged during commutes include cell phones, laptop computers, music players, and even game consoles. Power inverters may not be the most glamorous car accessories available, but there is no disputing their genuine usefulness to commuters.


Given the length of commutes on the busier highways, having access to both food and beverages in convenient reach can do much to both relieve the stress and satisfy the body's need for sustenance. There are a number of portable refrigerators designed to fit inside the confines of personal vehicles and made to be simple to install. Most models even come with additional conveniences such as cup-holders and food warmers, which can be particularly useful if the commuter often misses breakfast in the morning and has to make up for it during commutes.

Seat Warmers

Sitting still in a car seat for long hours at a time is not a comforting prospect even at the best of times. During the winter, it can be freezing and outright unpleasant depending on the local climate and weather conditions. Fortunately for commuters, there is a simple, convenient solution in the form of heated seats. Not only are most seat warmers padded for additional comfort during long commutes, but their heating technology also helps to fight the cold of winter.


Of course, these are not the only accessories out there that can help with commutes. Other potential gift ideas include music players, phone holders, and even trash cans for commuters mindful of preventing messes.

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