TGI Manufacturing Software : Providing the Best

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TGI is one of the best software solutions provider for small and mid market manufacturing companies.

TGI Company delivers the it's unique software and services in the ERP Software industry.
TGI Manufacturing Software : Providing the Best

TGI and Enterprise 21's manufacturing softwares are so easy to use as they are build user friendly. It is so easy to use the software by anyone. The TGI Enterprise 21's ERP manufacturing software are used by many various industries in various purpose. TGI and Enterprise 21's ERP Manufacturing software is used for mainly for assemble-to-order, make-to-order and also used to configure-to-order. 

The manufacturing software supports the mainly three manufacturing environments  they are
1) Processes  manufacturing
2) Discrete manufacturing and finally for 
3) Mixed mode manufacturing environments.

Lets us now have a brief look at the Environments supported by he TGI Enterprise 21's manufacturing software individually.

The TGI Enterprise 21's ERP manufacturing Software for the Discrete manufacturers support the attributed inventory, quoting and conversion to orders and online product configuration, Project accounting including multiple billing methods, component substitution, lean manufacturing and out sourced assembly.

TGI Enterprise 21's ERP Manufacturing Software is Process manufacturers to meet their complex business needs. This software offers the complete lot of tracking and traceability and compliance management, Quality Control and Good manufacturing Support,ON-Product management pricing, catch weight processing formulation and this Manufacturing software can used to catch the weight processing and ingredient substitution 

And the last one is for Mixed mode Manufacturing Environments. This software is used fr managing the order management, Inventory management,Procurement, This ERP manufacturing software is featured with RF and bar code, ware house management  and advanced forecasting and planning, In this software all the processes int he manufacturing are directly linked to the all the business department and units through out the enterprise with a single database.


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