Providing Naval Supplies with Immediate Support with Ease

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When our US naval men and women put their lives on the line, it is vital that they have reliable equipment for every aspect of the job. From transport to weapons and ammunition, the military needs something that will stand up to the test with endurance. The same holds true for ground support equipment. A variety of types of equipment come into play in every operation on naval ships and aircraft carriers. Companies such as ITW Military GSE are dedicated to delivering exactly what the US navy requires, providing the peace of mind that comes with ground support that is build to last, assisting naval members during vital operations.

A broad range of support equipment is necessary on ship and on land in order to take care of business in the Navy. Frequency converters are an essential component, acting as a power supply that suits a particular purpose. Models include a 270 VDC/400 Hz dual output converter, a 400 Hz Solid-State converter, 45 to 90 kVA or 120 to 180 kVA, a 270 VDC power supply, a 270 VDC power coil, and a 400 Hz power coil. Frequency converters are lightweight and durable. They can be mounted on the floor, the wall, on castors, and on trailers. They must be at the ready on an as-needed basis.

Battery chargers and shipboard power supplies are standard when thinking of ground support, ensuring all systems will always be running on optimal levels. Preconditioned air(PCA)/combination carts are also vital. Flexibility is key, allowing service members to get the power and cooling outputs they need. Power modules can be used on the carts or by themselves thanks to mobility. The cart can be adapted to suit the purposes by exchanging modules for different aircraft platforms. A cart that was used to supply power to a F-35 can always be adapted if an F-16 is next in line. Rather than have a different cart for every function, the cart is versatile. It can be upgraded or new modules can be installed as needed. Other carts serve a different purpose, such as assisting the Environmental Control system and the mechanisms involved in starting the jet engine. As requisitions are completed, naval members can rest assured that they will have the ground support that is necessary and that it will endure daily wear and tear, as well as extreme situations when action is involved. 


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