UF Online: Distance Education for Social Media Degrees

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The Internet boom in the last decade has led to the creation of new industries. The demand for new jobs in the IT world has contributed to the establishment of degrees that have never been offered in colleges before. Modern higher education institutions now offer entire certifications in specific Internet-related studies such as search engine optimization and social media. In essence, these two topics are closely related to marketing and communications. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter play such important roles that entire degrees are now available in this specific field.

A bachelor's or master's in social media studies teaches students an array of concepts about the world's most popular virtual networks. Businesses, organizations and individuals often take advantage of social media in order to capture a widespread global audience. Specialists holding degrees in this field can offer valuable services to just about anyone who'd like to capitalize on the power of the Internet.

Students studying social media will learn about different technical aspects such as data collection and analysis. For example, it is possible to analyze official reports on the activity of certain profiles on social networks. It may be important to track the daily traffic that comes in. User feedback is also vital to the powerful communication capabilities of social media profiles. 

Social media studies can also help students in their future careers. Young professionals may take advantage of the Internet's communication tools to find new employment opportunities and advance through corporate or organizational ranks. In fact, there are sites dedicated to creating professional networking connections between workers in various industries. Social media is not just used to stay connected with family and friends. 

Digital marketing firms are seeking talented individuals to add to the roster. There is a demand for professionals with a deep understanding of the online world. Marketing departments dedicate a large amount of resources to launching successful campaigns on search engines and social media sites. Similarly, busy celebrities and other major public figures often have assistants who are in charge of managing various social media profiles followed by thousands of people worldwide. 

A program like one offered by UF Online and other institutes provides distance education options for those seeking social media degrees. Modern business degrees often incorporate the possibility for students to minor in social media studies and other relevant topics like SEO and Web development.


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