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Better Commenting System And Form For Blogger, IntenseDebate.

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The most common question i hear from blogger users is ( can i have a better comments form ? )
alot of blogger users just want that simple form for the comments area that looks elegant and have a name ,e-mail and website boxs only,
Today we’ll learn how to convert our blogger regular comments form to another professional widget, this widget is presented by
Widget Features.
  • Ease of use:, your visitors just have to type, name and mail only.
  • Threading: Reply directly to a specific comment with nested replies.
  • Email Notifications: Receive alerts for replies and new comments.
  • Reply-By-Email: Respond to and moderate comments via email.
  • Comment Voting: Multiple Admins illustration Bring the best comments to the front.
  • Moderation: Auto-filter comments by keyword, email and IP addresses.
  • Spam Filters: Akismet keeps the spam at bay.
  • And really more great features…
How To Add It To Your Blog.
we’ll look through the steps in simple points then we’ll read full instructions on how to add it for blogger.
here is the steps in a simple points.
  • sign up an account in, and confirm your email.

  • go to your blogger account and download your current blogger template.

  • go back to and login, then type your blog url there.

  • upload your blogger template in your account,

  • will automatically modify your blogger template and give it ready for use to you.

  • you’ll go to your blogger account and replace your current template with the one that you just got it from

  • and you are done.

  • now lets read how to do it in a detailed instructions.
    Step 1.
    go to and click sign up, fill the form with a true mail, username, and password, then click signup.
    you’ll need to verify your e-mail, so please go to the email account that you used to register, you’ll find a message from, please check it, you’ll find an activation link, click on it, and you are done.
    Step 2.
    now go to your blogger account, and navigate to >> layout >> edit html >> and click Download Full Template, and save your template in a convenient place on your hard drive.
    Step 3.
    now go back to and on the top right area click login, and log on to your account, after you are loged in your account, on the right side bar
    you’ll see this title, Manage blogs/sitesbelow it please click Install IntenseDebate. 
    then you’ll be taken for a page asking you to type your blog url,
    enter your blog url and click next step.
    Step 4.
    After clicking next step. in step 3, you’ll go to page separated for 2 parts. on the left hand, there is a sidebar contain 2 questions,
    • - How would you like to install IntenseDebate?
      - Widget
      - Template
      please choose Template( check the box next to it )
    • - Which blog posts should have IntenseDebate comments enabled?
      - Only on new posts
      - On all blog posts
      please choose On all blog posts ( check the box next to it )
    and then scroll down till you see a button titled ” Browse ” click on it, and choose your blogger template that you downloaded in step 2, then click Upload file.
    Step 5. will modify and generate your new template automatically , and on the next page, you’ll see your new template code, please see the next image.

    as you see in the above image, please click on the box, then copy the new generated template code.
    then go to your blogger account and once more again, navigate to >> layout >> edit html >>
    but this time select all the current template code ( ctrl + A ), delete it, then paste ( replace ) your new template code, and click, Save Template now go to check any of your blog posts.
    demo and final words.
    please visit this blog to see this widget At The Comment Section and try it.
    please note that some custom blogger templates won’t be compatible with this widget.
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    How To Stop Visitors From Stealing Your Blog Content

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    Below is a little trick that will stop your visitors from copying and pasting your blog information. Anyone with experience may know a way around this trick. However it will make it hard enough to discourage them and get them moving on to easier targets.

    What to do?
    Log in blogger / Dashboard --> Layout --> Add Gadget - scroll down --> HTML/JavaScript --> copy the next code and past in in HTML/JavaScript text box area

    When someone will try to do right click a message will appear “Function disabled” , you can change this message too if you wish.

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