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An Exciting New Frontier: Cloud Engineering

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers a set of hardware and software computing resources over the Internet or any other network. These configurable resources include networks, servers, applications, services and storage, and are presented to users as a single on-demand service. The systematic application of multiple engineering disciplines to develop, operate and maintain cloud computing systems is called cloud engineering. This originated as a concept in 2007 but it was formally introduced in 2009. The main cloud engineering disciplines are discussed below; each of them takes commercialization, governance and standardization into consideration while designing the cloud system to provide the final business solution.

Software: Software engineering is the most fundamental discipline for cloud services; it gives users remote access to application software and databases while the application platform and complex infrastructure is managed by the cloud provider. The established design, development, integration and deployment processes of software engineering now need be applied to distributed computing.

Information: Data that was stored onsite in traditional business models is now stored on remote cloud servers and potentially distributed across data centers. The cloud system provider has to properly analyze how to take the existing data of an organization and build it into the cloud. This data needs proper integration while interfacing with other systems. The user also needs charting tools and dashboards to monitor and analyze their data.

Performance: Software engineering will take care of functional business requirements, but performance engineering is needed to meet the non-functional requirements. The network, tools and resources of the cloud service must demonstrate an optimized system performance, conform to service level agreements and ensure availability and scalability.

Security: Since cloud-based services, applications and tools are delivered over the Internet, they need to be monitored and tested to meet high security standards with robust password, network and storage policies put in place. The cloud system developed through software engineering principles is thoroughly analyzed and designed for reliability. Security aspects include preventing unauthorized access, and stability and sustainability in case of natural disasters. It also involves the secure process of migration from traditional platforms to the new cloud, in particular, interoperability and portability.

Risk: Many sectors like finance and health have strict regulatory requirements. With externally controlled infrastructure in cloud computing, the user shares accountability with the service provider. The governance, risk and compliance policies need to be updated accordingly. The organization should include the right to regularly audit the cloud provider in the contract and demand a disaster recovery plan from the cloud provider. When developing the cloud solution, they need to analyze the new shared operating business model and identify the new risks that virtualization, widespread storage or data and resource sharing bring, such as service load balancing and data latency. Identity management is necessary to control user access to applications on the cloud. Proper architectural design, thorough testing and automation are some of the risk mitigation strategies.

Web: Cloud computing uses the web or the Internet as its platform. Like any web-based system, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and other web engineering processes needs to be kept in mind while designing and implementing the cloud-based solution.


Cloud engineering is bringing about a huge technology shift in the IT world as mode businesses are moving toward cloud computing. It offers the advantages of automatic software updates through central hosting, operational cost savings and transferred infrastructural risks to the cloud provider. Proper application of the various disciplines in cloud engineering ensures a secure, reliable cloud solution to meet any business need.

Jessie Brannen is a tech researcher that focuses on the latest developments in cloud computing. Her articles mainly appear on tech websites. Visit the link to find out more about ProfitBricks'cloud computing software company and the services they offer.
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Best Android Apps for Bloggers

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Android Apps for Bloggers

I still remember the day when I got Internet connection in my home. The first thing that I searched for, was 'How to Make Money Online'. It's been quite time of mine being an Internet addict, and yes, I feel proud to say that I am making money online by blogging. Do you also join the queue of bloggers with me? If this is so, then you might be familiar that 'Smart Work' is a big demand of blogging world.
Do you know that your Android device can work as a great blogging tool for you. Thumbs down, if you did not know it earlier. Just go to Google Play and you will find tens of thousands of apps, designed to help bloggers. I have picked up the 5 best out of them and sharing the list of same here.

Just tell me, which blogging platform do you use? WordPress, right? If yes is the answer coming from your side, then you must download the official Android WordPress app. Though it can't work as a platform for complete blogging, but still, you can do the basic blogging tasks on your Android device, by using this app. The basic tasks include post editing, title saving, comments approval or rejection etc. Moreover, you need not to pay even a single penny to use this app.

Google's blogging platform 'Blogger' is preferred over WordPress by many bloggers, and for such bloggers, Android 'Blogger' app is must. Talking about its features, one can perform almost the same blogging tasks, that he/she can with WordPress Android app. Like WordPress app, this one is also free to download.

In blogging, one comes across other bloggers in blogosphere and makes friendly relations with them. Well, this is also very important, and as a blogger, you must stay active on social networking websites. Though there are separate official apps by every social networking site, but better to get all-in-one. Fliptoast is the solution to it. You can stay connected with happenings in your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, at same instance, by using this app on your Android device. The simple and intuitive user interface of the app enables it to shine at the top in its category.
The popular online dictionary, '' is having its official Android app, and it is must for every blogger as it may happen that you may not be familiar with the meaning of word that you are going to use in your blog post. That 'unknown' word for you can land up as poor quality of your post. So it's better to check the meaning, and the best way to do it is by using this app.

Google Analytics
Keep track of your website/blog's traffic while on the go, by using official Android Google Analytics app on your Android. You get all those features in this app, that you can find in Web version of Google Analytics.

Author Bio
This is a guest post by Harsha from Go Harsh! Tech blog. He is a web enthusiast and blogger. He writes reviews on new mobile phones, iPhones, Androids  and windows mobile phones. This article is written by him to list out the best blogger apps for android phones. He also helps newbies in understanding what is android phone , gadgets, & latest features on phones.
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How to share videos with ease

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Share Videos in an easy way

Sharing videos has become one of the most popular online pastimes. Just about every day, thousands of people use videos to show their family members and friends the things that they have recently done that they are proud of, or simply to keep them up to date on the latest developments in their lives. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs seek to make money by making the video sharing process much easier. Some of their companies will be described below. There are those that work with video sharing in general and others that specialize in sharing by smartphone.

Pantech Impact

The Pantech Impact is a phone on which sharing videos is quite easy. You can record the video even as you are talking on the phone by pressing “Options” and selecting “Live.” Or you can prerecord something and send it while you are talking by choosing it from among your files.


iMemories is one of the easiest video sharing programs to use. There is no need to download or install any special software in order to use it. All you have to do is upload the videos from your digital camera, camcorder or smartphone to your iMemories account, which you can get for free. You can even preserve the contents of an old video cassette—we are entering the tapeless era, and cassettes can be permanently destroyed after a single listening, but once transferred they look as crystal clear as on the day that they were first made!


From Lexar you can buy a full-HD video memory card for $29.99 and insert it into your camcorder or your “point and shoot” camera. The videos can be quickly transferred to your computer, where it can be backed up or put on Facebook or other social networking sites.


Glomera is a site that has been specially designed for sharing educational material on video, advertizing itself as “the easiest way to create your professional TV.” You can customize the style and layout of your site and gather statistics on who views your videos and when they do so, enabling you to adapt your strategy to those who are most likely to watch them. Glomera even allows you to embed your videos in other websites and thus increase the chances of them being seen and looked at.

The Vimeo iPhone app

Vimeo has been one of the most prominent video-sharing sites since its inception in 2004. Recently, they have revamped their iPhone app so as to make viewing and uploading much easier. Hardly anyone used the editor function, so that has been eliminated. Videos are now uploaded in the background while the user fills in their names, where to share them and other details. If the phone connection should go down while a video is being uploaded, that is no problem—the upload is managed automatically and will continue where it left off when the connection is reestablished. The viewing is now tab-based rather than grid-based. It is easy to share the videos via email or social networking.

Go to the websites of any of the above products and buy them or, if possible, download them for free—and you will have yourself a fast, hassle-free way of sending videos of your most precious moments to your loved ones.

Author Bio
Kathleen Martins is a blogger for learn how to downloadtorrent files on the best internet browser and online youtube video downloader,offering many benefits you do not want to be missing out on!
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Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Spoil Your Websites Ranking

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SEO Mistakes to Avoid Doing

As the blogging world is getting hits from all over the globe, the competition is getting tough day by day. To stand out from crowd, you must be good, not only in your articles, but your SEO tactics as well. I have seen many websites getting spoiled because of low rankings in search engine and this happens because of SEO mistakes that the website owners do. If you are also running any website, then go ahead and read this article to know about the top most SEO mistakes that spoil your websites ranking.

Irrelevant Backlinks

All of you know that to get success with your website, you need to have good PR. Backlinks decide about your website's page rank, But only with the relevant ones. Means there is not any benefit of getting a back link from a health related website while you are running tech or any other niche. This is called irrelevant linking and instead of showing any positive results, it always results in negative ones and thus spoils your website completely.

Keyword Stuffing

This is what the big G, Google and other search engines hate the most. Many of the website owners try to be over smart by using the wrong keywords just with the hunger to shine on the top of search results. Keyword Stuffing is the worst SEO mistake that any website owner do. There are many owners who perform that and then end up with the frustration over getting their sites banned from search engine listings. Come on, it's matter of common senses as well. Suppose you are writing an article about 'Web Designing' and there you are talking about the entertainment stuff, then to how much extent, this is good to do? Of course to zero. Not only the search engine will penalize you for this, but the readers will also not stay longer.

Poor Website Design

Some people don't care about their website's design and it's another big mistake. The theme is not for the appearance purposes only, but for the SEO as well. There are many websites which have got penalized by search engines, because of using a poor design. Come on, the website templates are available for free, choose one SEO friendly from them, rather than going for a poor random design.

Duplicate Content

Some people don't want to work hard and want to earn a huge success. The perfect examples are copy cats who just copy the articles from other websites and use on their own. The search engines detect them and spoil the website's ranking. The SEO starts from content and what one can do, if you have copied it from somewhere else.

No Internal Linking

Many people just write articles in their websites without doing any internal linking. Internal linking is must for the SEO point of view. And if you are not doing that, you will soon find your website in the Spoiled websites' list. Do you want it to happen?

About The Author: Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada Company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.
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How to use images for creating high quality content

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Images with quality content

If you want to carve a niche for yourself amidst the endless crowd on the World Wide Web, you need to provide highly sophisticated content for your esteemed site. It should be highly credible, relevant as well as search-engine optimized. Similarly, you need to update yourself with the changing times. According to a saying, “Pictures speak thousand words”. Hence, the importance of images is indeed manifolds as well. What better way to celebrate the festival as well as boosting the content of your site, than to get totally engrossed in Christmas mood by taking the assistance of Christmas borders, Christmas background as well as Deposit photos.

Christmas backgrounds further boost the festive spirit

The craze has gained momentum especially at this time of the year as Christmas is round the corner. Now, thanks to Christmasbackgrounds, you will make the occasion quite coveted than ever before. Every one waits with bated breath for such an enriching festival, and the zeal and enthusiasm can best be seen among children.  After all, “Santa” is going to reward them with various delicacies.

Christmas borders make the festival even more coveted than ever before

The world is gearing up to celebrate such an exciting and cheerful festival and by taking the assistance of Christmas borders, you will actually do your bit towards livening up the spirit of such a wonderful festival which is celebrated world over with great gusto. Hence, besides attracting increasing number of users, you will equally do your bit towards creating a miniature world on your esteemed screen. You will not only give yourself a coveted reason to celebrate such a wonderful and ecstatic festival with great pomp and show, but equally make your esteemed users feel the festive spirit in true sense. Hence, it is not wrong to say that besides giving a refreshing and rejuvenating look, it equally brings smiles on the faces of everybody and hence the feeling of joy, excitement and happiness cannot become better than this for sure.

Importance of Depositphotos

There are various enriching Depositphotos pertaining to twinkling Christmas trees animated birds and rabbits and you can choose the one which you deem fit. It is a welcome change from the monotonous images and hence acts as the best source of attraction for the users who love to celebrate the spirit of Christmas like never before. Christmas is synonymous with heavy snow falls and shivering winters. Hence, there are Christmas backgrounds which relate to the aforesaid theme.  Therefore, have animated desktop Wallpaper related with Christmas borders and enjoy like never before. These themes give a new reason for you to enjoy to the full throttle. As they boost the content, thereby ensuring increasing traffic like never before as well.

There cannot be a better way to welcome “Merry Christmas” than doing every bit to welcome it in a highly effective and professionalized way. It will not only give an impetus to your business but you will be the happiest person in the world as well.
Finally, we wish you a merry Christmas and a “Happy New Year”. 
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SEO Trends: Out with Anchor Text, in with Co-Citation

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In recent weeks, search engine optimization media outlets and experts have been touting a trend, which may leave many dissatisfied, while others amazed with their newfound high search rankings – for keywords they hadn’t even tried optimizing and ranking for. This, some industry analysts, explain, is all part of Google’s new strategy for encouraging quality content on websites, as opposed to mere keyword stuffing. It’s a concept many may be unfamiliar with, which is why a cursory explanation follows—of the term co-citation.

What Is Co-Citation?
Co-citation of a key phrase and keyword together with a brand name has been touted as the next thing set to replace anchor texts in SEO strategies. The increased usage of this strategy becomes immediately apparent if you search for a key phrase that’s likely to generate some serious competition (such as ‘laptop ratings’ or similar phrases). You are bound to get some top results, which, when clicked through, will reveal neither one of the two words that make up the phrase. In most cases, the key phrase is not on the page, not in the title of the page either – yet many websites are high rankers, in the detriment of those that are using the keyword with a fair amount of density and employing it as title. While the actual mechanism behind this is not entirely clear, many are surmising that it has a lot to do with co-citation.

How Does Co-Citation Work?
In brief, when an article on, say ‘laptop ratings’ mentions a highly popular product comparison website for laptops, or a review website with trusted content on the same topic, Google probably notices the association between the key phrase ‘laptop ratings’ and the domain name of the afore-mentioned website. It doesn’t have to be a live link, pointing back to that site – often enough, it isn’t. Google, however, will keep indexing such co-occurrences, and rank that site highly, if a sufficient number of people mention it in association with the keyword or key phrase at hand.

How Will Co-Citation Change the Future of SEO Strategies?
For one thing, such practices will definitely entail a high infusion of public relations into the world of SEO. In order to feature on as many websites as possible, as a good source of *insert keyword you’re looking to rank for here*, you’re going to need lots of people out there, associating the name of you brand with that particular keyword. It’s a type of SEO that not many companies are applying, as they choose to focus on actual website architecture, root domain tags, and such. They’re still building on their anchor text density, while overlooking the fact that anchors have been grossly abused of late, and, as such, are turning obsolete. As the Google search algorithm gets increasingly intuitive and community-focused, capable of understanding context and semantics, things and attitudes are bound to change.
Author Bio
Ryan Franks works in SEO content creation and is lucky enough to be very passionate about his job. He likes staying updated on the latest news in the field and can recommend some proficient digital agencies, with all-new strategies, to anyone seeking to improve their search engine page rankings.

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Choosing an IT Support Company for Your Business

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Support for your Business

Choosing a reliable IT Support company is important, as it can make a huge difference in a business's bottom-line. While IT support teams are generally hired to maintain a company's internal network, the work performed effects every facet of the business in one way or another.

IT support companies work to assist businesses with various components such as security, upgrading, installation, management, backup, and overall maintenance. Without a professional IT company on your side, a simple storm could cause you to lose every single bit of data stored on your network, even worse- a virus attack could lead to not only stored information being loss, but your entire network could be taken out of commission. Without the use of your company's network, your business could suffer tremendously. This is why it is important to hire professional IT Support Company you can trust- efficient business depends on it. The IT Support Company you choose to handle your company's day to day operations will need to be a reputable one.

You will trust your company's information to this company, therefore it is important that they are honest and reliable.

Before hiring an IT support company, you will need to consider 4 things: 
  1. Price 
  2. History
  3. Necessity
  4. Experience Is

The Price Affordable?

When choosing an IT Support company, it is imperative to make sure their services are affordable when compared to others in the area. Most major cities have an abundance of IT Support companies these days, so be sure you don't get stiffed.
The price offered should be near average- if not below; there's also many freelance IT professionals who will service your company's network as needed. Many businesses which do not have large networks often use freelancers, however it is important to do a bit of research before letting just anyone handle your company's data.
Prices should not include any hidden fees- if the company is not transparent about their costs, you should probably move on to the next one. This is not to say that "extra costs" do not arise, but they should be rare, and prices should remain in the neighborhood of your original quote. Lastly, remember- one of the oldest rules of any business is- "you have to spend money to make money." Don't skimp on your IT services, it very necessary, in order to keep your company's files safe, and your business up and running. Without this, you could lose money, prospective customers, and a load of documents and files which are needed.
Your ROI, or return on investment will be well worth it regardless of what it costs to hire a IT Support company.

Are They Reputable?

IT professionals work to assist businesses with their internal network, keeping watch on security and other components which have to do with the company's system. They are usually hired in teams, and for large companies their hours coincide with business hours. This is to keep the network running smoothly, as one little glitch could cause an entire system to crash.
The IT Support team which is chosen is so very important that it could make the difference in a business's success or failure.
Losing files or getting your system hacked could easily spell disaster- but a good team of IT professionals would nip this in the bud before it ever happens.
Make sure the company you hire has a good record, which includes maintaining the safety and integrity of any previous networks which they may have worked on. There are a few ways of checking the past record of a business; going to The Better Business Bureau's website, doing research for reviews, and calling their references. Background checks are good as well.

Remember, you can never be too careful, because you will be trusting sensitive information with whomever you decide to hire.

What Kind of Experience Do They Have?

Visiting the website of prospective businesses who you are looking to hire is a great way to get a bit of history. Finding out how long they have been in business will tell you how much experience they have working in the field, and provide a ration of how many years they've worked versus the ratio of complaints they've received. You will want to know whether they have experience in computer backup and security- which includes keeping close watch on email and all other facets of an employee's work account. Hiring an IT Support Company No matter what kind of business you have, it is important to hire an IT Support team of some kind. While they may not seem of value on a day to day basis, should your computer system crash or catch a virus, you will definitely regret not having their assistance.

Adam wood is a tech enthusiast, loves to keep himself updated to latest technology space. He works as Senior Product Manager at Concise UK, one of the leading managed Business IT Support company.

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Halloween Giveaway: Apple iPad Mini 32GB by designrshub

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Its so glad to have a wonderful giveaway from the Designrshub. Well do you wanna join in it ? You still have the chance to get into this awesome giveaway and win a Apple iPad Mini 32 GB. I also wish you keep updated with there site because they not only provide giveaways like this they have a very high potential writers who always tend to write more tips and tricks on various niche.

This giveaway is brought to you by Designrshub, Web and Graphic Design Resources, Home Budget Tips, Online Tech Magazine.

You can you here to join in the giveaway Halloween Giveaway: Apple iPad Mini 32GB
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Top 13 Tips from expert SEO bloggers

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Top SEO Tips from Experts
The most vital thing for a business is to drive a promotional campaign of awareness among the targeted audiences. The online business also works along the same traditional lines; it needs promotions and the awareness among the related clients.  To effectively create awareness among the users about your products and services on the webpage, search engine optimizers experts are the best people for generating required awareness and bringing clients to your webpage. Here are a few SEO blogger tips for the success of your blog:

SEO Tips from Experts

  1. Always bold your keywords and place tags around the keywords on every page. But, do not put the tags everywhere with the keyword. A rare tag on the page will attract the crawler to look in your page carefully.
  2. Create deep linking for the all the WebPages on your website to bring in the required traffic from all around the internet. The more keywords you have, the more clients you can attract, but make sure the keywords are related to your products and services.
  3. Become a foreigner for the blog owner with the address from UK or Canada. It will help your cause a lot and most of the clients will be visiting your blog for appropriate guidance and getting information.
  4. Social bookmarking is also very important for the blog. Link the blog and the webpage with the social media websites to help navigate the users to your webpage for the products and services that they may be interested in. There are so many social bookmarks that can help generate lot of traffic for your business.
  5. Writing newsletters and ezine articles provide you with the opportunity to create awareness and allure the targeted clients. The ezine links stay alive for longer times and gives more awareness to the customers.
  6. Develop the text links and image links all together but try to put your text link ahead of every link to navigate the user to your website. People glance late to the image button and catch the text in first look, therefore, put your text navigational buttons ahead in the source code. The search engine robots also follow the first link they find on a page.
  7. Multiple domains will also serve your cause by linking them all to one back source. If you are tackling many topics which could support its own website independently, it will be beneficial to have multiple domains because search engine list the domains once per page on the result pages. On the other hand, if you have more domains with one main link it will be listed multiple times, resulting in more traffic generation.
  8. Exchange your articles with others to display and create more awareness with back linking and vice versa.
  9. Put your links with the title as well, because it will bring in the impaired users.
  10. Do not overburden your webpage with anchor text, because it will not help your cause it will just allow a chance to search engines to go away and put you down in the bottom of the rankings.
  11. An easy site map to navigate directly to the desired page will also keep the interest of the user and keep them on your webpage.
  12. Use the best webpage design with colorful firework to lure fancy clients.
  13. Use less complex web architecture for easy loading and to avoid the wastage of user’s time.

Author bio:
This is a Guest post by Rajkumar blogger from India and blogs at

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5 Tips to Get Quality Contents for Your Blog

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Now that you've made your way to this post, it means that you are already having a blog or two of your own and are just looking for adding on some great quality content to your blog. You might also be well aware of the saying “Content is King”, ever since the frequent Google updates, the only factor which saves ones blog from its negative effects is the quality content. 
Tips to get good content
If you happen to have some quality content, then you are quite surely not going to be affected by any of the effects but in case, you lack the quality, your blog might just be penalized.

So, we at <your site> bring this post to your solution, this post will guide you through the “5 Tips to get quality content for your blog”, without any further delay; let’s just dive in…

Part/Full Time Writers
Depending on the requirements of your blog, you should hire a copywriter who can easily ensure the timely delivery whilst not compromising with the quality of the article. You should make a deal which benefits both of you and doesn't require you to worry about the quality and publishing of the post on the blog.

Tip: A personal tip from my experience is to go for 2 part time writers which can usually cover for the late or untimely delivery of the other on certain occasions when he/she is unavailable.

Guest Writers to the rescue
Whenever I am having problem with some quality content on my blog, I simply call for guest posts. What are they? They are posts from other fellow bloggers on you blog which in turn get them a few back links and some author bio. Whenever, it’s time for my exams to show up and require me to study, I choose to call for Guest writers who are the perfect solution in such a case. Guest posts are ensured of quality because the other fellow blogger would not want to publish a low quality post on your blog which in turn would decrease his preference.

Syndication Feeds
More than 75% of the blogs serve RSS feeds that publishers can integrate into their websites and thus make their newly published content count on their site too. But, the problem they carry along with them is that they are not unique.

Visitor contribution
Once your blog has successfully made a brand name, all they need is some contribution from the regular visitors. This is sure to bring some quality content to their blog whilst also having a chance to hold some polls which can let them know of the people’s view on topics.

Article Database
Article Databases are free articles that you get from a quality post for submission on your blog. But alike the Syndication feeds, they also are not unique and require you to have the author’s website mentioned along with a couple of links to the source which does not look very appreciable to me.

Author bio:
This is a Guest Post by Raj kumar on behalf of
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10 Characteristics of an Effective Blogger

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Whether you are blogging for leisure or with business motives, blogging is not a simple task. Successful blogging require immense dedication and devotion from your part. In order to succeed in this endeavor, you would have to chalk out some effective methods that would make your blogging regular and pave a way for you to produce quality work. Rather than looking at these attempts as a ready made solution, look at them like strong foundations that you are laying for your blog to build up on.  Here are 10 effective characteristics that you might want to inculcate to be a great blogger and run a successful blogger.
Effective Blogger
Being regular is not just good for your blog but it’s also good for you in terms of becoming a great blogger. This doesn't mean you have to blog every day. This simply means that you cannot neglect your blog all together for days or weeks.

Search for Fresh Content
Constantly being on a lookout for fresh content also means that you would be sharpening your mind with new ideas from time to time. Apart from helping the blog grow, this would also help in increasing your intellectual instincts.

Staying Motivated
Even if it’s tough initially, make sure that you force yourself to sit down and blog regularly. If you have decided that you would blog on a weekly basis, no matter what happens, make yourself stick to that routine.

Goal Setting Mindset
It’s important to set milestones and work towards them. This could be in terms of attracting enough traffic for your website or in terms of achieving a specific number of posts or covering a range of topics. No matter what your milestones are about, make sure you regard them with importance.

Communicating with the Audience
By communicating with the audience through forums or commenting, it would be far easier to know their opinions as well as their needs. This would make it easier for you to focus on areas that need improvement.

Making Technology your Friend
It’s important to use various innovations that have been made in the blogging arena. By using these tools, you could enhance your blogging experience as well as make sure that your readers get complete satisfaction.

Staying Current on your Subject
Whether you are blogging about photography or cooking, it’s important to stay aware of the trends prevailing in the industry. Although you do not have to stick to these trends all the time, being aware of them would help you blog better.

Be Open to Changes
If you have been blogging for a long while, think about the changes you could bring about to your blog. This could be in design, content or just structure. This would give you a sense of novelty.

Taking a Break when Its Time
Over working yourself would get you nowhere. Treat yourself with breaks from time to time to escape monotony and constantly stay motivated.

Believe in Your Endeavor
Believe in your work and you most certainly will succeed someday. Without this belief, any attempts to blogging would be futile.

Author Bio:
This is a guest post by Ravan Part-time blogger from India who blogs at
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How to optimize your Wordpress Blog for SEO

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I love WordPress, and maybe you too. WordPress makes me easy to optimize my blog to appear at the top of the search results. If I say about optimization of this post then this process may take much time on any other blog platform but in case I prefer WordPress, then it will take much less time because I can customize many elements of SEO on page optimization easily. Thus saving my blogging time.
WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO#1: Initial Settings

1. Title Tag:
You can access it by going to the dashboard, click on settings and then select General. There you can write the title of your blog. Be sure to include your keywords there.

2. Description:
Still in the same menu. You can enter a description of your site. Short course, do not forget to use keywords. 
(Note: in addition to these things, you can also include a Meta Tag Description etc..)

3. Permalinks Settings:
Setting your permalinks to SEO Friendly. By default WordPress permalinks are
http://blogname/?p=123. You can change it by accessing the Settings and click on permalinks. Choosing the type of permalinks that lets you enter keywords. I like to choose [postname].

4. Choosing a Theme:
Another thing I like about WordPress is choosing theme from a large number of options. You can choose as per your choice either free of paid as many themes are getting uploaded daily. I like the theme of simple and fast loading time like Swift. OR in other words theme which comes with built-in SEO settings and which is SEO friendly.

WordPress SEO # 2: Optimizing Performance

1. SEO Plugin

Now, to optimize the functions of WordPress, you will need a few plugins. There are many SEO plugins available for Wordpress and you may get confused. Do not worry, you can refer to my another post
5 SEO Plugins for Wordpress ( also I am writing some essential plugins you may choose from: 

a. All in One SEO 
b. Broken Link Checker 
c. SEO Smart Links 
d. W3 Total Cache 
e. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARP)

2. Use Post Excerpts

By using post excerpt you can avoid duplicate content. Duplicate content not only be assessed from outside the site, on the site as well. In addition to the show post excerpts you also cut anchor text (internal linking) to text Read More. Few themes offers Post Excerpts by default.

3. Create Google only index

By using SEO plugins such as All in SEO Pack or WordPress SEO, you can make the google spiders to index your posts focus. I do not like to involve much less post category tags, as risky because of the duplicate content problem internal blog. And I do not download copy and paste the writing of others.

Ok, actually WordPress is very good for SEO, a lot of advantages. However, it will all be useless if you do not understand basic SEO techniques. That means you need to optimize it further, such as entering a keyword and off page optimization. 

Hopefully it was helpful for you.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Yogesh Vashist who writes about technology updates, blogging tips, SEO etc on

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