How to share videos with ease

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Share Videos in an easy way

Sharing videos has become one of the most popular online pastimes. Just about every day, thousands of people use videos to show their family members and friends the things that they have recently done that they are proud of, or simply to keep them up to date on the latest developments in their lives. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs seek to make money by making the video sharing process much easier. Some of their companies will be described below. There are those that work with video sharing in general and others that specialize in sharing by smartphone.

Pantech Impact

The Pantech Impact is a phone on which sharing videos is quite easy. You can record the video even as you are talking on the phone by pressing “Options” and selecting “Live.” Or you can prerecord something and send it while you are talking by choosing it from among your files.


iMemories is one of the easiest video sharing programs to use. There is no need to download or install any special software in order to use it. All you have to do is upload the videos from your digital camera, camcorder or smartphone to your iMemories account, which you can get for free. You can even preserve the contents of an old video cassette—we are entering the tapeless era, and cassettes can be permanently destroyed after a single listening, but once transferred they look as crystal clear as on the day that they were first made!


From Lexar you can buy a full-HD video memory card for $29.99 and insert it into your camcorder or your “point and shoot” camera. The videos can be quickly transferred to your computer, where it can be backed up or put on Facebook or other social networking sites.


Glomera is a site that has been specially designed for sharing educational material on video, advertizing itself as “the easiest way to create your professional TV.” You can customize the style and layout of your site and gather statistics on who views your videos and when they do so, enabling you to adapt your strategy to those who are most likely to watch them. Glomera even allows you to embed your videos in other websites and thus increase the chances of them being seen and looked at.

The Vimeo iPhone app

Vimeo has been one of the most prominent video-sharing sites since its inception in 2004. Recently, they have revamped their iPhone app so as to make viewing and uploading much easier. Hardly anyone used the editor function, so that has been eliminated. Videos are now uploaded in the background while the user fills in their names, where to share them and other details. If the phone connection should go down while a video is being uploaded, that is no problem—the upload is managed automatically and will continue where it left off when the connection is reestablished. The viewing is now tab-based rather than grid-based. It is easy to share the videos via email or social networking.

Go to the websites of any of the above products and buy them or, if possible, download them for free—and you will have yourself a fast, hassle-free way of sending videos of your most precious moments to your loved ones.

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