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5 Reasons to Focus on Your SEO Strategy

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If you are serious about growing your business today, you must have an online presence. Notice we said presence because merely have a website is just not enough. What good is a state of the art website if people cannot find you? The power of the Internet is such that you can literally market yourself to the masses without ever leaving your office. You simply need to understand how to harness the power of search engine optimization. If you will make this the focus of your existing digital marketing campaign, you will begin to notice more unique visitors coming to your site each and every month. Let us take a quick look at five main reasons why you need to be focusing on your SEO strategy this coming quarter.

Meet Prospective Consumers Where They Are

You might remember the days when you could just hang a sign up outside a place of business and the people would come. That might have worked for a time, but it is just not how businesses operate today. Not only is that type of marketing extremely limited from an exposure perspective, it simply is not how consumers look for the products and services that they wish to purchase. More and more searches are being conducted online today. In fact, even if a potential customer drives by your place of business today, he or she is likely to first research you online before deciding to pay you a visit. In addition, more businesses today than ever before have expanded their reach to be able to meet the needs of customers hundreds and even thousands of miles away. In order for them to trust you, however, they need to see an established presence on the Internet.

Expand Your Global Reach

A targeted searched engine optimization strategy can really expand the geographical reach of  your business. Depending on the products and services that you specialize in, you might be able to sell around the globe. If so, you will want to develop a website that will appear high enough in the search engine rankings that people will find you no matter where they are located in the world. This is a part of the SEO basics that you will want to focus on. You begin by determining what words people are using when they conduct their searches, and then ensuring that your website answers any questions that they might have.

Localize Your Search Parameters

Just as you begin to think globally, do not forget the importance of localizing your search parameters as well.  If you offer a product or service, you will want to ensure that people close to you you are aware of what you have to offer. People today will often use various search engine functions to locate businesses in their area that they would like to give a try. Hone your SEO strategy into a digital marketing tool that will enable a localized search to turn up results in your favor.

Beat Out the Competition

Finally, you will want to view search engine optimization as a way to beat your competition. We now live in a globally competitive marketplace. It is easier than ever before for people to enter business in the same area that you stake your very livelihood on. In order to shine above the competition, you want to have an online presence that gets noticed. This begins with people being able to find your site when they conduct a search online. Do not under estimate the importance of doing this. Spend some time in the coming months working to get yourself elevated in the search engine rankings so that you can win.

As you focus on your SEO strategy, remember that this is the primary marketing tool that you have at your disposal in the modern era. You can transform virtually any type of business into a powerhouse of an organization if you simply find out how to organically locate customers and draw them in. Focusing on your SEO strategy today will pay off handsomely in the future. Just be patient and keep working at moving up in the search engine rankings. You will get there before you know it.

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How to manage multiple email accounts by a single Gmail Account

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Every Internet user has more than one email accounts and he has to Login respectively each account to read the incoming email which is both tedious and cumbersome process. so In this post I am sharing with you all a simple Tip on how you can managemultiple email accounts in Gmail and other mail services through using a single central account.

Use forwarding address option to manage multiple email accounts
Every mail account has an forwarding address option. You can use this option to connect multiple email accounts to a single  Gmail account. Copy of all the mail sent to your email accounts is also forwarded to your central gmail account. hence you can see all the incoming mail to your multiple email accounts from a single Gmail account.
To activate this service in gmail follow the below steps.

Step 1:
Login to your Google Mail account, click the wheel icon in top right and select Settings from the  menu drop down.

Step 2:
Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option in your Gmail settings

Step 3:
In the first header Forwarding, click on the Add a forwarding address Button then a Text Box will appear.

Step 4:
In this Text Box, Enter the central email address where you want to forward the copy of your mail.

Step 5:
Click on the proceeds button, Now a confirmation mail is sent to your central Gmail account.

Step 6:
Login from your central Gmail account and Click on the confirmation mail to verify the account.
Step 7:
Done,  After that copy of all your mail is sent to your central email account.
This email forwarding service is provide by each mail client service provider and you can add any number of email forwarding address.
Thank you for reading the article on how to manage emails accounts by a single Gmail Account.   

Author Bio…
About Tushar
Tushar Singhal is the Author and Administrator of He is Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Also a Red Hat Certified Engineer. You can find him on Google+ and Facebook. Go to About page to know more about me.

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Publish your Google Docs into you WordPress Blog

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Google Docs is an online service provided by the Google.  Using Google Docs you can easily manage your spreadsheet, documents, presentation and forms without paying anything. Using Google Docs you can publish documents into your WordPress blog. You can publish your Google Docs document into the WordPress either by using embed code or by copy pasting them into your blog. Before sharing the document you must check the privacy of your document. If your document is in private mode then you can’t share it. So to share the document change it’s privacy mode into public mode. The Process of sharing your document depends on the document type. Now I will explain you the process of sharing Google Docs document with the WordPress blog.

Sharing Of Google Docs using Embed Code

To publish your spreadsheet into your WordPress blog just open your spreadsheet and click on the “share button “situated on top right corner of your Google Docs page. Then you will get “publish as a web page” option, just click on it. After clicking on “publish as web page” option you will get a window on your screen. You will see drop down list named “sheet to publish”, using this drop down list you can select any number of sheet to be published. If you want to publish the entire sheet then select the “all sheets” option. Just below that drop down list you will get check box if you want that whenever you modify the actual sheet your published sheet reflect those changes then select this checkbox else leave it. Now you will get another drop down list named “get a link to be published data”, just select “html to embed in a page” option if you want the embed code for this Google Docs. After selecting the option in the drop down list you will get a embed code just copy that code and use it in your WordPress blog. I have explained the process of publishing of spread sheet. But to share forms, presentations and other type of document just find the “publish to web option” it will generate an embed code for you, and using this embed code you can use your documents any where in your WordPress blog.

Sharing Of Google Docs using XML-RPC

To share your Google Docs with the WordPress blog just login on your WordPress account then under this site you will get the “writing” option. After clicking on this option you will get setting and in setting just mark the XML-RPC option. Then go and login in your Gmail Docs account and go to the setting option. In the setting option you have to write your display name and then click on “edit info” link. You will get a popup on your screen. Select the “my Own server/custom “option as Existing blog service. Choose “MetaWeblog API “as your API, enter the URL for the WordPress blog on URL option, give your WordPress Blog’s username and password then blog id and at the end select the “check the Include the documentation title when posting” option and click on “test” button. If your all the setting are correct then it will show a popup with ok message else with an error message. Now you can use your Google Docs on your WordPress blogs.

 Sharing of External files 

To share any external file just uploads the file and share it using previous methods.

    Summary: The Google Docs is best service for creating online documents and WordPress is one of the best blogging services. So we can integrate both the services to get high secure and effortless method for our blogs.

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    I am Nadine Myrick from
    Passcertification Looking for Passcertificaion  exam assistance? Let’s take benefit of Passcertification self-paced CCDP Certification  training material and clear your IT certification on first try.

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    Internet Marketing (Viral Marketing): The great Revolution in entertainment Industry

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    A Tamil film song in broken English tanglish has gone viral on the internet. Tamil actor dhanushs pop songs kolaveri di(killer range)has not only become the most viewed video on YouTube but has also entered business school classroom as a case study for one of most successful viral marketing campaigns.

    How it Works??

    Viral marketing comprises techniques that use pre-existing social networks to increase brand awareness, sales or build a positive attitude towards the brand. For kolaveri di, it was YouTube and social networking site like face book.
    Why viral Marketing is so successful??

    Viral marketing is like a viral attack. It’s contagious and can go out of control. It is important for viral marketing to attain critical mass after which it turns into a big wave. A brand needs to advertise where their target audience is and today youth are in the digital world. They do not watch as much television  as they remain online.
                We have youngsters who log on to face book and YouTube minimum once or twice a day. They trust their friend’s recommendations and can spread the word.


    The viral marketing campaign should be cute, provocative or interesting. As for this song, it was all above novelty. The concept of Tanglish was never used before and people who were curious to know what goes on behind a song could see it video.
                This type of marketing strategy is driven by emotions, Dhanush’s songs was all about surprise and joy. Through many viral marketing campaigns are outrageous, this was not. Instead, Kolaveri Di was all about fun and enjoyment. There’s an element of amateurship that is seen in these marketing strategies that is visible in the songs as well.
    There are few reasons why people becomes part of campaigns either to be a part of a group
    For personal growth or show some individualistic and altruistic traits. In case of Kolaveri Di, It was the former. People wanted to show they love music and enjoy it.

    Advantages of Viral Marketing:

    Viral Marketing has some advantages over mass media. The constraints (like censorship) are less; it is cost effective and voluntary. Targeting can be effective as it can be sent to the same interest group. It can reach an audience that could not have been otherwise possible.
                However the flipside to it is that it can go out of control. Distortions could happen and the produces could have no control over it. Kolaveri Di has got many new versions now running on YouTube, but they are also positive. It has proved that the campaign has made it interactive and has created some engagement among the audience rather than making it passive.
    The best marketing tool for movie is its music. Music is what gives a movie the momentum and makes people go to the theatres. Movie such a 3idiots has already used the technique of going digital successfully.

    Other Examples of Viral Marketing: 
    Due to viral marketing music or movie can reach directly to the viewer’s. They can share it with their friends.
    That is why promo of movie will be seen at YouTube or social networking sites before it will appears on the television, Recently SRK also done some special promo of RA-ONE on YouTube and Google+. Another example is “Dirty picture” movie of Vidya balan got the maximum hits after uploaded the promo on internet .After some day movie can be release on Internet as well as theatres because internet is growing rapidly and its provider company also provide internet in cheap prize. So internet marketing is the best way of marketing to reach directly into heart of viewers.
                SRK also design game for RA-ONE and DON-2 and promoted it on internet.
    Many Hollywood and bollywood stars are also having their profile at tweeter and Facebook. They tweet about their movie and share some picture of the movie making so that viewer gets involve into that campaign indirectly. This gets benefits while movie is releasing.

    Now a day Television industry also adopts viral marketing strategy. They uploaded their serials episodes on YouTube and Facebook for the viewers so that viewers can watch that episode whenever they get the time and this is begin very popular because viewer can watch the episode wherever  they want and they can pause it also…   

    Author bio:
    We are Parigh Technologies, Proving Creative graphics and Web Designing

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    The new privacy policy of Google - Advantages and Disadvantages

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    Google has been the ultimate leader in search engines for many years. Even when the Yahoo profits had steeply declined, Google maintained a stable market position. Much of their success had to do with the Ad words advertisers Google had. In return Google protected the advertisers agianst any eventualities. They banned adsense publishers for invalid clicks and banned them for life. They used targeted ads for Gmail accounts increasing the profitability of advertisers.

    They acquired the android mobiles and made Google mandatory in them. In fact Google became the other word of Internet in the world. But one area where Google felt deserted was in the case of Google+ when compared to the Facebook. Even though Google tried their level best to promote it, Facebook and twitter still were unbeatable. It was then the Google came up with the idea of “Search Plus Your World”. With this new feature Google introduced the Google + results into the search engine results ahead of other websites. This move marked furious criticisms all over the world, but Google held on to its decisions.
    And further Google introduced the new privacy policy.

    With the new privacy policy of Google, all the Google accounts of one user will be integrated. That means that your Gmail account would be integrated with your Google + and Youtube accounts. So what hapens is information acquired by Google in one account can be used by Google to attain profit in another area. For example suppose you searched for Nokia lumia 900 videos in Youtube. Now Google knows that you are intersted in Nokia lumia 900; so Google will start to display ads about Nokia lumia 900 in Gmail and other Google sites. Hence there is greater chance for the readers to be interested in the ads.
    Google makes this system a compulsory one from 1 March 2012. From this date every Google system will be integrated and will be viewed by Google as one single system. There is no way you can opt out of this regulation. You will have to delete your account.

    Advantages for you
    As per the claims of Google, the search engine results would get better. They say that whenever you type Apple in Google home page, with this new system Google will be able to understand whether you meant apple for eating or apple for gadgets.
    Another advantage is that you will have an all in one network in your hands. You need not log in separately to every Google network.

    Disadvantages for you
    Many Privacy groups have condemned this collection of information by Google as a security hazard. The question they ask is what happens when this information gets into the hands of a third party? Also such a database of information will be on the minds of various Government agencies as the perfect platform for their various operations.
    But Google repeatedly claims that the information collected will not be shared with any other third party.
    In fact there is not much option for you. If ever you want to use Google, you will have to accept this new privacy policy of Google. Considering the advantages of browsing with Google, it would be a foolish approach to delete your Google account.
    But you need to decide if you want to lead a safe and peaceful life or lead a successful and risky life?
    Google has opened their new privacy policy for discussions.

    Author Bio
    Sandipan Mukherjee is a 23 year old blogger from Durgapur(India). He is a Computer Engineer and currently pursuing MBA in Marketing. He is the owner of Crystal Articles.

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    SEO – The happening word in business

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    Understanding SEO

    If one does not know, what SEO is then SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the techno savvy world of today this is the most important and favorite word one can ever think of. The web solution depends on this very word and is the success factor in making a company popular and famous in all the possible aspects. There are many search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are many more search engines, one can do any sort of search, and the information is available to a person. There are few tips which one should follow and then see that one will see increase in business at all levels.

    Elements of SEO

    Title tag is the important thing and should not be ignored at any cost. One can divide the entire web page into tags, title tags, Meta tags, heading tags and links. If one has links in the website this will only increase in the popularity of website. Link building is also important factor and should be given prime importance. There are lot of things like content of the website and the webpage. If the website has good and fresh content then it is sure that the success is sure. There so many web companies looking for and are in search of good and experienced writers. These companies also give chance to fresher that are good in writing and wish to become something in this profession.

    Importance of web designing

    Web designing is an art and one need to have interest in order to learn and master it. The SEO is very important and everyone who is into any sort of business should have some knowledge about it as it would be helpful in any case. Do not worry to spend money for designing the web site as one will definitely pay at the end. If the website is good more people will visit and ultimately it will increase the sales of the product for which the website is designed. The important aspect in designing website is the use of proper keywords and if one masters this skill of using it half of the work is done. The color combination is also useful and important.

    Increase the sales of a business

    SEO is an art of creating a website and most of the people are using it in order to do good business. One can only know after one sees that the ranking has increased and the sales of the product have increased. The demand for these professions will only increase as the time passes and the pay scale will increase. This is a must if you wish to increase the sales and the business will prosper. If one is good in writing and has new ideas in writing this is just the right line and one will prosper. One can get a decent job in any reputed company and slowly the grade of the person increases. These professionals are very important and play a very important role in making a website popular.
    About the Author
    Vikas is a blogger working at the free betting guide site. He also loves writing about Android on his AndroidBlog.

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    How to Make your website Qualified for Google Adsense

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    So, the bug of blogging has bitten you and like every other bloggers available out there, you want to turn your blogging passion into a money making machine. And the shortest route to success is certainly getting your blog qualified for Google Adsense. But this is not as easy s it may sound. Just submitting your blog into Google Adsense is certainly not going to the end of the job. It takes some doing. Some guidelines have to be maintained throughout otherwise the application may run the risk of being rejected. So, lets have a quick look:

    Content Guidelines: Before submitting application for Google Adsense, you need to make sure that the content of your website is not violating any guidelines. For say, you blog should not harbor content that is intolerant to some section of the society or overtly violent in nature or adult. Moreover, your blog should not promote illicit drugs, tobacco, prescription drugs, firearm components etc and make sure that you are not making any infringement on others’ intellectual rights. Violation of any of the terms and conditions may lead to rejection of your blog.

    Copyrighted Material: Google is very much critical about intellectual rights and copyrighted materials and therefore, you need to be very particular that images, graphics or any other materials like video or audio files you have uploaded onto your website are not taken from any other resource without necessary permission. You can use files or images for the same purpose, as this will not get you into trouble. 

    Webmaster Guidelines: Google has set certain quality guidelines for webmasters as well and failing to meet them may lead to rejection of your application. Stuffing of keywords in the codes of the websites or in the content goes against quality guideline. Sites wit little or no original content is certainly not to help your website qualified for Google Adsense account. And above anything else, you should indulge in adding content that is specifically crafted for search engines rather than for general users.   

    Fill Up The form correctly: Do not try to play trick with Google while submitting application form. Use your real name, address, phone no etc since the verification is done by real person and not by bots and that means; there are greater chance of being caught. I have had the same problem when I opened my paypal account with an alias and now I have to open a new account with real details. While filling application,, you need to make sure that there is spelling errors as it could lead to rejection.

    Easy Navigation: Make sure that your website is easily navigable. Some try to trick the visitors by showing ads as a mean of navigation. This could trigger adsense ban. You should not do anything sneaky with Adsense as they are smart people and have got eyes to hound out anything that seems unnatural.

    Be Patience: You should wait at least 5 or 6 months before applying for the adsense. Because you just cannot get qualified with a few posts. You need to have at least 50 posts in your blog otherwise, you application will not have its sheen. And try to grow the fan base of your blog. You blog should have at least 200 to 250 Unique Visits per day, if wish to see blog gets clearance by Google Adsense team.

    Author Bio:
    James Arnold is a passionate blogger.

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    How To Appear Top In Google Search Results

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    Search Engine Ranking
    Once you produce an internet site for your business, you quickly discover that individuals aren't flocking to it. after you assess the various ways that of driving traffic, your choices embrace advertising your website address and promoting your website address through Public Relations and gaining media coverage, encouraging different sites to link to you and obtaining placed in on-line directories.

    However, these selling activities can deliver little and sporadic volumes of traffic. the only biggest factor you'll do to drive traffic is search engine selling. Here is why: it's estimated that eightieth of traffic to most websites comes from search engines. There are roughly five hundred million searches performed everyday and half a mile of that traffic comes from the highest 4-5 search engines, Google, Yahoo, raise and MSN. Of these, Google is by way the most important. Approximately ninetieth of individuals looking don't go past the third page of results and few transcend the primary page.

    Therefore, if you would like to drive traffic to your website it's imperative that you simply get onto the primary 3 pages of Google and also the different prime search engines. Surprisingly, the bulk of little businesses haven't figured this out nevertheless and for those that have, the bulk are asking the question, How am i able to get my website to look on the primary page of Google search results?

    Different choices
    There are 2 main strategies of showing on the primary page of search results.

    Paid for results or Pay Per click (PPC)

    Pay Per Click (PPC)
    This is where you pay to look within the sponsored links section of the results page. In Google, this is often at the highest of the page and therefore the right hand aspect. you choose that search keywords e.g. London restaurant, you'd prefer to seem in. You seem within the search results and you pay money for each user who clicks through to your web site. the price can vary by keyword and may vary from 10p to many pounds or bucks per click, looking on what number different firms are bidding for that keyword.

    Natural results achieved through SEO
    Natural results are once you seem within the main list of results. you are doing not pay to look or when a user clicks on your link. However, to look on the primary 3 pages of results, you would like to implement variety of style and content changes to your web site, that are termed Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

    Which is best?
    Both have their deserves, however natural results are by so much the foremost preferable as a result of once you have got invested in SEO, you are doing not need to pay money for the traffic that's generated.

    PPC could be a nice resolution if you:
    Have simply launched your web site} and you wish immediate presence on the primary page of result or if you have got not nevertheless successfully optimised your site to look on the primary page. Remember, there are thousands of internet sites all trying to look on the primary page of search results for sure keywords.

    Spiders and Links: 
    The fundamentals of How Search Engines Work
    SEO Spiders
    Without obtaining caught up within the technical details of how search engines work, here are a couple of basics that you just ought to remember of.
    Search engines need to confirm that the foremost relevant sites are presented customers who are finding out keywords e.g. London restaurants.
    Each page is ranked by the search engine on totally different criteria.

    Each search engine uses totally different criteria when calculating the ranking of the positioning, however there are some commonalities such as:
    Automated Spiders are sent by the search engine to index every page on your web site. These spiders log the content of your web site. this enables the search engine to grasp whether or not the key words that a user is finding out seem inside your web site and on specific sites. However, additionally, the search engines have set that it's not sufficient to easily have the keywords seem within the web site. They believe that the foremost helpful and relevant sites for the one who is looking are those that have lots of different relevant sites linking to it.

    The small print you must cast off are:
    You want to form it as straightforward as potential for the spiders to go to and index your web site.
    You need to possess relevant keywords on your web site that are simply found by the spiders.
    You need to possess several different web sites linking to your site.

    Four elements of SEO
    Four Elements Of SEO
    In order to optimise your web site to seem in natural search results, there are four elements that you just can ought to address.

    I. Design: What to try and do when planning your web site
    Many little businesses create the error of planning their web site and then begin brooding about driving traffic to it. the matter is that the means you style your {site|website|web web site} may end up in your site being ignored by the search engine spiders, which implies you'll receive little traffic. When planning your web site, make sure you avoid the subsequent pitfalls and raise your promoting agency to substantiate that they need been avoided.

    Avoid flash sites
    Sites are designed in HTML or flash codes so the spiders which are sent to your website by the search engines cannot browse flash.

    No frames
    Some agencies style sites inside the frames. as a example, the menu located on the left may well be inside a frame and therefore the main body of the page inside the another frame. It makes planning that the positioning is easier because the solely factor that changes from page to page is that the content inside the frame. However, spiders cannot browse what's within a frame therefore you'll not get indexed and noticed by search engines.

    No dynamic pages
    Dynamic Pages
    Some sites are developed with a database that generates dynamic pages. you'll tell if there are dynamic pages on your web site if there's a ? inside the page URL. Again, most however not all of the search engines will browse dynamic pages.

    Text inside graphics
    To ensure text is browse uniformly by completely different browsers, style agencies usually place text inside a graphic. it's nice, however, a spider cannot browse what text is during a graphic and easily moves on.

    At style stage, have confidence the keywords you wish to be found by on search engines and incorporate that into your style. as an example, if you were to style your web site in order that a page was allotted to the foremost common keywords, it'd be easier to incorporate additional keywords on the page which might be found by the spiders.

    II. Content:
    Content is the key
    What to try to do when developing your content
    Choosing the keywords that you just need to look in search results for is one in all the foremost vital stuff you will do. think about it as coming up with the placement for a physical look. selecting keywords that folks look for lots (i.e. generates lots of potential traffic) and then making certain that those keyword are peppered around your web site (i.e. additional likelihood that the spiders can index them supplying you with a decent likelihood of showing high in search results) might lead to your being positioned on Oxford street as hostile a back alley.

    Invest time in selecting the keywords. admit how you'd look for your product or service. If you're running a restaurant, you ought to immediately assume beyond the generic search keyword of restaurant and take into account descriptive keywords like seafood restaurant or family restaurant. you furthermore may have to be compelled to think about target keywords, therefore take into account London restaurant or London seafood restaurant.
    Once you've got selected your keywords, you wish to put them throughout your web site. the most areas are:
    Web page title 
    This is what you see written within the title bar of the browser. it's conjointly what you see after you bookmark a page. this could justify what the aim of your web site or your page is and embrace keywords, however forever in such the way that creates sense to a user who reads it.

    Meta tags
    Meta Tags
    The tags don't seem to be visible to the users however they can justify what the content of the page is and Keywords ought to be placed in here as they're simply searchable by spiders.

    Homepage content
    Your homepage is searched by the spiders and you ought to make sure that your keywords seem close to the highest header. they ought to even be sprinkled throughout the homepage. See keyword density for steering on this.

    Keyword density
    A question typically asked is what percentage times your keywords ought to seem on a page. The steering for SEO is that every page ought to have a minimum of 250 words; your keywords ought to account for two - 8 May 1945 of the word on the page. meaning they ought to seem between four and sixteen times.

    Two details in grips in mind are:
    •  You wish to balance the necessity to put in writing your copy for your users, so as to sell your product, and therefore you have to be compelled to write your copy for search engines, so as it can be visible in search engines.
    •  To assist you achieve each objectives you ought to target a few of keywords for every page instead of an oversized range.
    III. Links

    Inbound links are the key
    To combat plenty of websites achieving high page ranking by merely stuffing their sites with keywords, the search engines have placed a better weighting on the worth of the amount web sites|of web sites|of websites} that link into a site. The rationale is that if a web site is linked to by scores of different sites, then it should offer standard and relevant content.
    Therefore, your web site can be designed in a very manner that's simply searchable by spiders and your content can be sprinkled with keywords, however you would like to own different sites linking to you so as to attain success.

    Audit your links
    Ensure you shrewdness several different websites are linking into your web site and set a goal for increasing that figure. you must have a minimum of a hundred quality links.

    How to get links
    There are several inventive ways that to get links to your site:
    Ask friends and customers or the suppliers to link to your web site.
    Post the comments on forums or discussion groups with a link back to our web site.
    Register your website with sites like stumbleupon and if users like your site, they're going to bookmark it, making a link to your web site.
    Issue an internet press unharness that ought to end in online media coverage and links back to your web site.
    Register your website with many multiple directories.

    IV. Maintenance:
    Maintaining Your Site Ranking
    Once you achieve a high ranking within the search engines, it's necessary to grasp that you just ought to maintain your ranking. the factors the search engines use within the algorithms constantly modification and what works nowadays might not work next week. Your website can ought to be tweaked to bring you copy the rankings

    Let me know your feedback & suggestions through comments..!
    Keep updated with us...
    Happy Blogging To Everyone :)

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    UCOZ - A Free Website Builder

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    Owning a website is a dream for most people who would like to put up their thoughts and ideas on the internet. In the past it was very hard for ordinary people to get their own websites because the domain registration and hosting costs were too high for a lot of people. Nowadays domain registration fees have come down drastically, but the high hosting fees still make some people nervous. But luckily, there are some good solutions out there which provide free website hosting to the public. I know most of you might have heard of such “free” services, and you might be skeptical about them, and for good reason. Most free website hosting services aren’t actually very useful other than for running a few test websites. But there are a few good services out there which you can trust. I have recently found one such service where you can not only get free website hosting, but you also get a free website maker! Now that’s a good news for people who do not know much about website designing! One look at the services offered by this site will be enough to tell you that this is not like those other trashy website creation/hosting services. Using this service you can create your own website within minutes, and it’s really easy to use as managing a website is as easy as managing BLOCKS. I hope you do like it! 

    By the way some of its main features are…! 
    A free website builder as said above which allow users to create E-mail forms, Forum, Photo Album and many more in-built. 
    A collection of unlimited templates to use for your site, By default it provides 250 Templates . 
    Integration with Popular Web-Services Google Maps, PayPal, YouTube, Deposit Files, Pixlr and more….! 
    Gives the users to add 21 modules, thousands of widgets and gadgets 
    Having the option to make a backup of your valuable data 
    Supports Modern CMS 
    Gives the Domain name like 

    Site Advantages: 
    The best thing is there is no space limit. Its Unlimited Disk Space 
    You can have the total control on your site. 
    Simple Interface which can be accessed easily without hesitation. 
    Support can be given in a unique way..By providing Textbooks, manuals, technical support 
    A Friendly Community 

    Some of the Quick Facts about the site…! 
    Supports 13 Language Localizations 
    Provides 99% UpTime. 
    Every site almost 1,000,000 active websites with no Downtime 
    Site gets 100 million user Hits daily

    Please let me know your feedback and suggestions through comments JJ

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    Movavi-An Ultimate Video Converter

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    Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of videos. It’s fun - thanks to Youtube and a bunch of video hosting websites, I’ve been finding lots of funny and useful videos as well. When I download them, however, I find that they’re always in different formats.Sometimes a video is in FLV format, while some other times it is in MP4 format. But my mobile only supports 3GPP format, the same format that most ordinary mobile phones support! That is why I started looking for a good way to convert videos into 3GPP or any other format that I wanted. That’s when I got overwhelmed by too many different video converters. Some were too complex and I couldn’t use them at all, while some were simple to use but didn’t have many options. Then I stumbled onto a really neat video converter that actually gave me what I wanted - quick conversion into the formats that I was looking for! The best thing about this converter is that it supports a whole range of formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3GPP, MKV, MP3, MOV, QT, VOB, IFO, MOD, DAT, M2T, MTS, VRO, FLV and more! So you can convert videos to any format of your choice, depending on the kind of device that you own.iPhone users convert videos and sync them to their iPhones very fast.Try it; you won’t be disappointed! 

    Features of Movavi Video Converter
    • On the same Timeline convert & Unlink audio,video into two parts
    • Extract the Audio directly from the CD or DVD. 
    • By its high performance it converting we can save time and usage of unnecessary memory. 
    • Supports more than 170+ File Formats Audio,Video,Images 
    • A Best feature is “Frame Capture” which can be used to save the movie into images.
    • Secondary manual editing feature is choosing different Bit rate,Aspect ratio and some other parameters 
    • Automatic Bitrate Selection
    • Gives the most important feature Called High Definition Video Support 

    A Converter which as almost everything we need. The Interface can easily managed and understandable even by kids .So,what for your waiting here still just start getting. Am lucky to have this converter in handy times,Thanks to Movavi Video Converter Cheers…! :)

    Please Pass Your Feedback And Suggestions Through Comments...
    Have A Nice Day...!

    They also recently Released: Movavi Screen Capture – Record your screen,make screencasts!
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    New Dynamic View Feature For Blogger/Blogspot

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    Hi my dear loyal readers and friends,Blogger has got one of the new feature which is called as "Dynamic View".It launched five new Dynamic Templates in blogger,which can be easily able to customize and use for your blog.These Dynamic templates consists the use of latest in web technology,Which includes the AJAX,HTML5 and CSS3 each delivers a host of benefits to you and your loyal readers.

    Some of the features are:
    • Infinite scrolling: read more posts without having to reload or click to a second page
    • New layouts: different views suited to different types of blogs
    • Speed: download images as you view them, not all at once in advance
    • Interactivity: there are now more ways to experience and engage with blog content

    Blogger's Official Video:
    Have a preview to know how it work.Click on any of these links to take the new dynamic views for a spin on a few of our favorite blogs: FlipcardMosaicSidebarSnapshot and Timeslide Some of the Views:
    My dear readers if you want to try on your own Blog/Blogspot sites just simply add  "/view" to the end of the blog url-- For example  these can viewable for every Blogspot blog with feeds fully enabled.
    This templates are not yet fully released.So,it can be just viewed by adding "/view" without quotes to your link.After the fully launch of the template we can use it for the blog.
    Official Blogger Message:
    We’re previewing these templates early on so we can incorporate your feedback for a wider launch soon. At that time you’ll be able to customize these templates and select one for your blog. Please let us know what you think! Antin Harasymiv, Software Engineer, Blogger
    Official Blogger Buzz:
    Blogger Buzz: Fresh new perspectives for your blog
    Please drop your valuable feedback through comments Have a nice day :) Comments Are Do-Follow :) SEO Friendly :)
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