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Planning Your Website then Register a Domain Now

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Launching a website is an important part of any business, whether you are a small business or a freelancer trying to establish your name in your industry. If you have never built a website before, it may look like a daunting task. If you simply take it one step at a time, you will be able to establish a professional looking website in no time. 

Choosing Your Name
The domain name is one of the first aspects of your site that you will want to establish. This web address is the key for your potential clients and customers to find your website. The domain name should be simple enough to remember, not hard to spell and should accurately describe your company's name or core purpose. 

Creating Content
Even before you start designing your site, you can plan and create the content that you want to appear on the website. It is important to keep written content short to maintain the attention span of visitors. It can also be vital for many businesses to include multimedia content so that visitors who are not interested in reading articles and blogs can still access the information you provide. 

Designing Your Website
When you get to the designing phase, it is important to understand websites that have designs that work and websites that don't work. If you are designing your own website, it can be easy to go overboard with color schemes and too many elements per page. Keep it simple by using two or three colors, having text easily readable on the screen and provide navigation elements that are easy to use. 

If you are using a designer too complete your website, you will want to make sure that the designer understand your vision for the website so you can get a product that looks like what you imagined. Communication is key for working with a design professional, so don't be afraid to tell them what you want on your site, and they will be able to tell you whether it is possible while maintaining great user experience. 

If you are ready to get started with your website, go ahead and register a domain now so that you can get the best domain that fits your business or hobby site. Once you register, you can build a fantastic site with the help of a designer or with easy-to-use web building tools.
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Zoho Help Desk Software For Customer Support

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Zoho Customer Support Software

Zoho Help Desk Software is one of the best Software for the management solutions of your organizations.It gives you the complete ability for managing the customer support activities, assigning the work, tracking the work, giving the help desk tickets, and you can even set up the custom alerts. It is a web based help desk software which lets you to access the complete data from any corner of the world. As It is a web based software there is no need to install the software on any computer. This can make your organization to cut-down the installation charges and other maintenance costs.

Zoho is full of Features which can be easily accessed due it’s simple user interference.
Here are some features of the Zoho Support software

Here are main features that you can access on Zoho Help Desk Software:
  • Helpdesk Automation
  • Using this feature you can automate any work on your Help Desk Software. Just like time based actions, Sending Alerts, Creating custom tasks, updating the fields, and you can also use the macros for making the automated works.
  • Helpdesk Ticket Management
  • Using this feature you can create the web forms. And you use this feature to assign the requests from your customer service software  to your agents. You also use this feature to handle the mail traffic to your support agents, And you can use this even for Billing purpose.
  • Customer Self-service Portal

This feature plays vital role in improving the support to your customers. This feature lets you login from secure pages into your dashboard to support your customers and this wonderful software is not priced so high so.

This software is offered is three plans
They are

12$/agent per one month
25$/month/ per one month
And FREE ACCOUNT for ever (with some restrictions)
And you can completely customize the Zoho Desk Supporting Software. Like customizing the templates, page layouts, delete and add the tabs.
And still there are some more features in Zoho Help Desk Software which can’t be found on other Desk Supporting Softwares.

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Even if your choice is to break every rule, there has to be a logic behind your choices as a designer. Consistency is not about using similar fonts or layouts throughout the publication; it is all about creating your own personal logic and following it.

In fact, today´s designer´s are creating their own fonts to match the tone, look or topic of a page, so, as long as you have a clue, the magazine´s readers will do as well.

The look of a magazine will make it appealing to a certain audience and unappealing to another. When people often think that it is the content that defines the audience and the design not so much, but people see before they stop to read. If your magazine looks like something that wouldn´t interest them, people will look the other way. It is ALL about first impressions, which brings us to the cover.


The cover is the key element of magazine marketing. This is where most of your designing efforts should go. Your cover design has to be aligned with the magazine´s vision, and it has to use a combination of (short) text and images that is striking, smashing, beautiful, modern, shocking, groundbreaking; in short, it has to be DRAMATIC.

Here is a good example of using a combination of text and images that create great drama. Of course, you don´t need war or danger to create drama. Drama can be in a face and a title, drama can be in a combination of a texture and a font and a certain topic. 

Your goal is to have people not being able to look away from your magazine cover. In terms of photography, you should always go for photos that don´t only look good but also tell a story. If it tells only part of an exciting story, people will be compelled to pick up the magazine, in order to get the rest of that story.

If you get an article of a million words, and you are asked to create a layout, without any chance of reducing the text, chances are, the text will look crammed into the page. Working closely with the editors means negotiating word counts and spaces as you go. Today, the trend is to leave a lot of white space around text; it creates a cleaner look, and it makes articles easier to read.
In order to make the design of the inside pages of your startup magazine flow, you need to master the dynamic between design and content.

Your most fabulous design efforts will be lost, unless the people at there choice knows what they are doing. When you design professionally, every nuance in color shades, every variation in paper counts.

Your safest bet is to advice your employer to hire only the best printing company and then work closely with them during the mockup and proofing phase to ensure optimum quality.


The trend today is to use basic colors from the spectrum of light. Basic colors can make a bold statement. 

I love this grayscale example from CHROMATIC magazine. Simple fonts, simple and perfect composition, text that combines with photo to tell a story, some headlines that create mystery and might excite your curiosity, i.e. Lowercase People; all of this elements combine to make a simple yet powerful cover. 


Thinking outside the box always pays. In the example I am showing you, Hungarian designer Miklos Kiss thought more like “inside the bag.” This totally reminded me of Kramer´s idea about a coffee table book that turned into a coffe table on the TV show Seinfeld. In the case of LACK magazine, the concept was executed beautifully. The magazine becomes both an objet d´art with a sleek modern design, and a practical handbag. As a woman, I can totally appreciate this one.

I´m not saying that you have to create magazines that transform into something else; I am only saying that the more you let your imagination fly, the better.


To finish up,  an examples of using fonts to your best advantage, also from LACK magazine.


This is my last example, also from LACK. The composition, the illustration and the creative use of fonts make for one of the coolest index pages I have ever seen.

As you can see, starting a magazine is no piece of cake, but it can also be one of the most challenging and fulfilling projects a designer can take on. 

Author Bio:
Veronica is a filmmaker and rather eclectic writer living in Montevideo, Uruguay.
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Top 10 WordPress Hosting Services

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If you want to make your own website live on internet and accessible for everyone throughout the world, you might need a web hosting service. There are many webhosting companies over internet which provides space on their server. These web hosting companies also provide the internet connectivity to the website owners.

The web hosting services are actually categorized in four different categories- shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Almost every company providing the web hosting services manage all these categories. In this piece of writing we will discuss about some leading web hosting service. When we are talking about the good webhosting services we cannot forget 

Webhostingclue. It is a detailed directory of the best web hosting services available on internet. It provides the solutions to all your queries related to webhosting.  This web hosting service provides reviews, and popular web hosting coupons. You can also check the complete guide to webhosting.

Webhostingclue incorporates the list of the leading and best web hosting services and complete details about them. The list includes the Price, Band, Width, Disk Space, Free Domain, and genuine reviews about the web hosting companies. It also includes detailed information about the WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Green Hosting, Small Business Hosting, Cheap Web Hosting, Family Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

We will discuss about the Top 10 WordPress Hosting Services in this article. Wordpress is the best blogging tool on internet today. Wordpress has thousands of themes and plug-ins which help you to make your blog unique and beautiful.

However, there are thousands of web hosts providing their services for the Wordress blog, but we will discuss about the best 10 WordPress Hosting Services who have proven themselves in providing the preeminent solutions.

1.BlueHost- It is a web hosting services provider offering the services since 1996. BlueHost has developed goodwill in the market with its excellent services. BlueHost has topped the list of best webhosting services by their award wining customer service system and reliable product. It provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.  

2.WebHostingHub-It is the sister brand of the leading web hosting services InmotionHosting. WebHostingHub provides linux hosting solutions for individual bloggers as well as the small business owners.

3.HostGator- This is a web hosting service offering the services since 2002. It is one of the fastest growing web hosting services in US. It provides both shared and reseller web hosting services. If you are using the services of HostGator, you can access the SiteStudio website designer to design your website.

4.Hostmonster-  It cheaper that HostGator and BlueHost and offers excellent support. 3000Gb of bandwidth and 300Gb of disk space is more than enough to make a good blog. It is the best web hosting services for you if you have a low budget.

5.NetworkSolutions- it is a fully featured web hosting provider, with years of experience and constant support. It is the leading webhosting company providing design services, marketing, e-commerce functionality.

6.iPage- it is the best one for small to medium-sized websites as it is one of the most cost effective web hosting services.

7.JustHost- It is the best choice for the small business websites or individual bloggers. JustHost includes everything you need to begin with your website.

8.PacificHost- This service comes at $2.49/month. It is a full-featured webhost catering both medium sized and small businesses websites.

9.Greengeeks- This is a great Wordpress webhosting service providing the free auto Wordpress scripts and unlimited web space.

10.Dot5Hosting- It is one of the best affordable webhosting services. The hosting package fromDot5Hosting helps individual bloggers and business websites get high powered services. 

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Make yourself familiar with Web Hosting

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When a person is planning to host a website he needs to choose the web hosting services that are affordable. If you want your online business to earn a lot you need to choose the web hosting services that provides quality services. There are a number of web hosting service providers that are available and it’s entirely your choice to select the best from them which provides you with a reliable connection. The good aspect is that there are so many companies in the market thus you are having so many choices such that you can choose the best company which satisfies your needs.
A good package is the one which is having database services like MySQL, MS Access and MS SQL server. These programs are capable of holding large information. A lot of packages are designed for specific websites like ecommerce, blogging, or heavy business uses. Affordable web hosting is the vital aspect if you want to run your online business. Web designing is increasing in demand; we can see a number of advertisements on the internet speaking about style and design of websites which will be made with the help of experts. There are advantages of adding the website design template to be featured in your own website.
Web Hosting is a service that is required by a person for hosting the website, such that the people who are having interest in your products as well as services can only access your website. Web technology is the need of today’s time, so it is obvious that you require the aid of Web hosting. There are numerous types of hosting web services like shared web hosting: in this a number of users are accessing the same server that is the reason why it is called as shared web hosting. It is available at low cost. The service provider is solely responsible for managing the service and monitoring them. Since a large number of peoples are accessing the site at the same time a heavy load is seen on the server therefore it runs slowly.
The other type of web hosting is ecommerce web hosting as this provides a person with the tools to manage the ecommerce website. This is useful if a person is deciding to run his own online business. The clients can trust on this as the data which is stored in this is in secured manner. Therefore the users can rely on this type of hosting service. A person should make proper investigation before choosing the web hosting provider for him, as he should look after its reviews. Thus you should select the one which satisfies your requirements.
Dedicated web hosting is another type of service in this a person should buy the entire server if he wants to create his own website. Thus a person is having a number of services at his disposal thus you can host more than one website by means of dedicated web hosting. The service provider is reliable, as one customer gets the entire server.
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5 Best Drupal Hostings Providers

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Drupal hosting is a strong open source program. Because of its powerful nature many websites come to this website. Drupal is a kind of software which helpsto manage the website in a systematic way. Drupal is very popular allover the world. It is basically used to manage, build or administrate the web pages or blogs. There are lots of companies which help in Drupal hosting services for your blog/website. The business of Drupal is growing at a very fast speed and the services it provide t the customers is also high class

There are thousands of Drupal hosting companies available. While choosing a company, you will have to take care whether the company reliable or not.

The 5 best Drupal hosting providers are:

The company was founded in the year 2006 by ted garner. The company provides excellent hosting solutions to its customers. The main objective of the company is to customer’s satisfaction. The company mainly concentratesin customer’ssatisfaction,with their excellent services they provide. The company is known all over the world and comes in the list 5 best 
Drupal hosting providers.The company is environmental friendly which offers great hosting plans and powerful severs to its customers. Thecompany provides 24X7 services to customers. You will never regret after choosing this company.

2.INmotion hosting
Inmotion hosting company was established in the year 2001. The company is very reliable and provides fast hosting services to its customers.You can get these services at a very low price. The company claims that when it comes to speed and reliability, no other company stand in front of it.The company provides 100% guarantee to its customers. The company mainly concentrates on customer’s satisfaction and you will never face kind of problem.

The company was established in the year 1998. The company provides excellent features and is very easy to use.Thecompany provides hosting solution to the customers and other site owners.  The company becameanenvironmentfriendly company in the year 2008 as it started to use wind energy. The main objective of this eco friendly is customer’s satisfaction so it provides 24X7 services to its customers.  You can get services fromthe company at a very low cost.

4.A2 hosting
The company was established in the year 2001 and is also an award wining company. The company alsocomes among the 5 best Drupal hostingsproviders. The company provides excellent services, technical quality to its customers. The, main objective of the company is customers satisfaction. The company provides east and quick solution to begin with a website.  The company is 100% reliable and you will never have to face any kind problem with the company.

HostGator is one of the best WebHosting service provider in the world over past decade and are well known for their trusted service with 24/7/365 live support. They provide flexible offers for the users. These offers are developed in such a way that they are suggestible from Small Business to Large Business organizations. The reliability and trust of HostGator is certainly at its pinnacle point.

Thus these are the 5 best Drupal Hosting Service providers that which provides quality service for your websites.

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