Zoho Help Desk Software For Customer Support

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Zoho Customer Support Software

Zoho Help Desk Software is one of the best Software for the management solutions of your organizations.It gives you the complete ability for managing the customer support activities, assigning the work, tracking the work, giving the help desk tickets, and you can even set up the custom alerts. It is a web based help desk software which lets you to access the complete data from any corner of the world. As It is a web based software there is no need to install the software on any computer. This can make your organization to cut-down the installation charges and other maintenance costs.

Zoho is full of Features which can be easily accessed due it’s simple user interference.
Here are some features of the Zoho Support software

Here are main features that you can access on Zoho Help Desk Software:
  • Helpdesk Automation
  • Using this feature you can automate any work on your Help Desk Software. Just like time based actions, Sending Alerts, Creating custom tasks, updating the fields, and you can also use the macros for making the automated works.
  • Helpdesk Ticket Management
  • Using this feature you can create the web forms. And you use this feature to assign the requests from your customer service software  to your agents. You also use this feature to handle the mail traffic to your support agents, And you can use this even for Billing purpose.
  • Customer Self-service Portal

This feature plays vital role in improving the support to your customers. This feature lets you login from secure pages into your dashboard to support your customers and this wonderful software is not priced so high so.

This software is offered is three plans
They are

12$/agent per one month
25$/month/ per one month
And FREE ACCOUNT for ever (with some restrictions)
And you can completely customize the Zoho Desk Supporting Software. Like customizing the templates, page layouts, delete and add the tabs.
And still there are some more features in Zoho Help Desk Software which can’t be found on other Desk Supporting Softwares.


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