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Gmail Vs Yahoo Which is The Best to Choose

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There are hundreds of free email service providers but most of them are incompetent at fighting spam and have less inbuilt email functionaliy than the two giants: Google and Yahoo! The Gmail and Yahoo Mail clients are undoubtedly the two most popular free email clients.  These two well-known rivals have been competing with each other for a long time and providing a free & advanced email service to the world.  When we talk about these two popular services, we often ask ourselves the highly controversial question: which one is better, Gmail or Yahoo Mail?  So if you are looking for answers to this question then you are in the right place, as that’s what we’re going to cover over the course of this article.

Instant Messaging

Gmail seems to be pretty strong when we talk about the inbuilt integration of Instant Messaging services with email service.  Gmail allows you to quickly send Instant Messages (IM) to online contacts from the sidebar of your inbox, while the instant messaging service provided by Yahoo is not as easily accessible, as Yahoo instant messenger is separate from the Yahoo email service.  In Gmail, you can instantly send chat messages in the form of email to your contacts in the same environment, while in Yahoo, you have to open a new chat bar to chat with your online friends; which some people will find annoying.


When talking about attachments, again, Gmail seems to have a stronger offering.  In Gmail, you can quickly attach a document without switching to a new window, while in Yahoo, you’re forced to go to a separate screen for uploading attachments; which again is undoubtedly annoying for many users. Apart from this, you’re only allowed to attach a maximum of 5 attachments in Yahoo, but Gmail is again a hassle-free option in this situation as you can include as many attachments as you need.

Folder Organization

One way in which Yahoo stands out from Gmail is Yahoo’s ability to organize and manage folders intelligently. With Yahoo mail, you can label and organise folders effectively; no matter how many folders and labels you are using they are always made easily accessible. Although Gmail also allows you to add labels to your folders, its folder organisation is not up to mark and you can often get confused while playing with folders.

Maximum Attachment size

Gmail again comes up trumps against Yahoo when we talk about the maximum attachment size permitted. While in Gmail you can attach a document of up to 20MB, Yahoo email services only allow for a maximum of 10 MB per attachment.

Impact of Brand

The impact of the brand name is probably one of the most appealing reasons for the success and popularity of Gmail. Everyone is following Google’s web products like Google+, YouTube, Google Play, etc. and therefore choosing a separate service for email seems uneasy to various users. So, we believe that Gmail is undoubtedly a winner in professional credibility.


Overall, Gmail seems to be a much more promising email service than Yahoo Mail. It’s professional reputation, flexibility and integration with other Google services makes it a clear winner.  Either way, whichever email service you prefer, do let us know your comments.

Author Bio:
Bill Nixon is a tech enthusiast who keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology and passes security tips onto others. He works for mimecast, visit their web site if you are wondering about email archiving.
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How to manage multiple email accounts by a single Gmail Account

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Every Internet user has more than one email accounts and he has to Login respectively each account to read the incoming email which is both tedious and cumbersome process. so In this post I am sharing with you all a simple Tip on how you can managemultiple email accounts in Gmail and other mail services through using a single central account.

Use forwarding address option to manage multiple email accounts
Every mail account has an forwarding address option. You can use this option to connect multiple email accounts to a single  Gmail account. Copy of all the mail sent to your email accounts is also forwarded to your central gmail account. hence you can see all the incoming mail to your multiple email accounts from a single Gmail account.
To activate this service in gmail follow the below steps.

Step 1:
Login to your Google Mail account, click the wheel icon in top right and select Settings from the  menu drop down.

Step 2:
Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option in your Gmail settings

Step 3:
In the first header Forwarding, click on the Add a forwarding address Button then a Text Box will appear.

Step 4:
In this Text Box, Enter the central email address where you want to forward the copy of your mail.

Step 5:
Click on the proceeds button, Now a confirmation mail is sent to your central Gmail account.

Step 6:
Login from your central Gmail account and Click on the confirmation mail to verify the account.
Step 7:
Done,  After that copy of all your mail is sent to your central email account.
This email forwarding service is provide by each mail client service provider and you can add any number of email forwarding address.
Thank you for reading the article on how to manage emails accounts by a single Gmail Account.   

Author Bio…
About Tushar
Tushar Singhal is the Author and Administrator of He is Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Also a Red Hat Certified Engineer. You can find him on Google+ and Facebook. Go to About page to know more about me.

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Top 5 Gmail Labs Features You Must Enable Right Away

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We all know Gmail is one of the most famous email based service in the world.It is one of the simple and easy way to use and which has most powerful features within and also under the hood it has more features where you can enable more advanced functionality which we call it as "Labs".

Actually what is meant by Gmail Labs:
Gmail itself says that:

Gmail Labs allows you to try out experimental new features in Gmail. If you're going to brave the Labs world, it's important to keep the following things in mind about these features:

  • They may break at any time.
  • Similarly, they may disappear temporarily or permanently.
  • They may work so well that they graduate and become regular features.
So,Try at your own risk of course none of these features will not harm you in any kind or gobble your email but they are just not polished at Google would want them to be.

To enable the Labs in your Gmail,Just login to your Gmail account and click on the settings link and then select the Labs tab.Now select Add-ons you like from the list by 'Enable/Disable' radio button and save the changes you done by clicking the Save Changes button

I found Some of these Add-on Features to have a worth useful...check out right now:

Inbox Preview :

This Add-on shows you the latest mails you had in your inbox as a preview before you enter into inbox.It will be very important if your waiting for any important mail.Well if it loads slow for slow connections,I prefer you to use Basic Html.

Mouse Gestures : 

These Add-on helps to surf Next or Previous mails by holding right-click and move your mouse Left or Right to go for a previous or next messages.And if you move up you will be back into inbox.These is one of the best alternate way of browsing your mails,Of course you require a little practice.

Undo Send : 

These is the one of the Best Add-on because we can Undo the mail we sent.It is a most helpful Add-on for many of them since all of us make a minor mistakes while we send mails to others.It adds a Undo option feature to allow the mail revert which we sent.Of course i think these feature will be available for 5-10 Seconds after you sent the mail.But these Add-on is worth for most of them and also useful.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts :

It lets you add custom keyboard shortcuts you define and it also add a new settings tab to re-define keys.

Inserting Images :

Allows you to add Images into your mail(message body).You can upload the images and insert from your computer or you can also insert by image Url
Note :These Add-on Feature will not work if you have offline enabled.

If i found any more new Add-ons useful...These Post Will Be updated with new Add-ons and Also Let Us Know If You find any add-ons useful.So,that we i update the post with more Add-ons here 
So,Don't Go Away...! Stay Updated With Us
And Also Please Drop Your Valuable Feedback Through Comments
Have A Nice Day :)
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Gmail Gets New Contact Manager and New Look

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Gmail has finally got a new contact manager, which is 100 times better than the earlier one. The new contact manager is fast and easier to use, and is definitely a welcome change to one of the best email services available online today.

I have been a Gmail user for a while now and to be frank, managing contacts was definitely a pain. The older contacts interface was mediocre at its best when compared to how powerful Gmail in itself was. However, that is now a thing of the past as Google is rolling out a new contact manager for all Gmail users starting today.

The new contacts manager has a more prominent link as seen in the first screenshot above and will also work pretty much like Gmail works, fast. The new contacts manager now supports Keyboard shortcuts, sorting by name, custom labels for contact fields, ability to undo changes you made and automatic saving just like Gmail compose among other things.
In addition to the contact manager changes, Gmail also sports links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks in the top left and displays a Compose mail button instead of a text. There is also some screen estate recovery thanks to the reduction in the header area. However, Google has also made it a bit painful to select messages by removing the links and putting it into a dropdown.
Overall these changes are pretty good and make Gmail the best free email service out there. The new changes to the Gmail contact manager and overall email layout will be rolled out to all users in a phased manner.
(Official Gmail Blog)

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