Gmail Vs Yahoo Which is The Best to Choose

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There are hundreds of free email service providers but most of them are incompetent at fighting spam and have less inbuilt email functionaliy than the two giants: Google and Yahoo! The Gmail and Yahoo Mail clients are undoubtedly the two most popular free email clients.  These two well-known rivals have been competing with each other for a long time and providing a free & advanced email service to the world.  When we talk about these two popular services, we often ask ourselves the highly controversial question: which one is better, Gmail or Yahoo Mail?  So if you are looking for answers to this question then you are in the right place, as that’s what we’re going to cover over the course of this article.

Instant Messaging

Gmail seems to be pretty strong when we talk about the inbuilt integration of Instant Messaging services with email service.  Gmail allows you to quickly send Instant Messages (IM) to online contacts from the sidebar of your inbox, while the instant messaging service provided by Yahoo is not as easily accessible, as Yahoo instant messenger is separate from the Yahoo email service.  In Gmail, you can instantly send chat messages in the form of email to your contacts in the same environment, while in Yahoo, you have to open a new chat bar to chat with your online friends; which some people will find annoying.


When talking about attachments, again, Gmail seems to have a stronger offering.  In Gmail, you can quickly attach a document without switching to a new window, while in Yahoo, you’re forced to go to a separate screen for uploading attachments; which again is undoubtedly annoying for many users. Apart from this, you’re only allowed to attach a maximum of 5 attachments in Yahoo, but Gmail is again a hassle-free option in this situation as you can include as many attachments as you need.

Folder Organization

One way in which Yahoo stands out from Gmail is Yahoo’s ability to organize and manage folders intelligently. With Yahoo mail, you can label and organise folders effectively; no matter how many folders and labels you are using they are always made easily accessible. Although Gmail also allows you to add labels to your folders, its folder organisation is not up to mark and you can often get confused while playing with folders.

Maximum Attachment size

Gmail again comes up trumps against Yahoo when we talk about the maximum attachment size permitted. While in Gmail you can attach a document of up to 20MB, Yahoo email services only allow for a maximum of 10 MB per attachment.

Impact of Brand

The impact of the brand name is probably one of the most appealing reasons for the success and popularity of Gmail. Everyone is following Google’s web products like Google+, YouTube, Google Play, etc. and therefore choosing a separate service for email seems uneasy to various users. So, we believe that Gmail is undoubtedly a winner in professional credibility.


Overall, Gmail seems to be a much more promising email service than Yahoo Mail. It’s professional reputation, flexibility and integration with other Google services makes it a clear winner.  Either way, whichever email service you prefer, do let us know your comments.

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