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Twitter Research Shows you How to Increase Click-Throughs

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Twitter Expand
It is amazing how much data we generate everyday. One cause of this is simply trying to get our great content in front of an audience. We spend a lot of time with tweets, blogs, vlogs, and promoting the heck out all of them.

If I told you that there was a secret to increasing click-through rates (CTR) on all your content using Twitter...would you believe me? Here is some great research showing you exactly how to do it.

3 Ways to Increase Twitter CTR

What We Are Doing Wrong
Heidi Cohen recently wrote about new research that shows how to maximize the impact of your tweets. One thing you can do right now is to begin putting the URL 25% into your tweet instead of at the end. This increases CTR more than in other area of placement. Simple!

Many of these tips seem straightforward. The reason why they work is because of the way we scan content. The style of Tweets that perform the best present information in a credible way. Another aspect that makes this style so appealing is that it looks different. These effects may not last once everyone adapts to this new information.

Buffer App increases Twitter impact by over 200%! The simplicity of Buffer is what makes it such a powerful tool. By only tweeting at the most optimal times you increase the likelihood that your network will see and act on them. Buffer schedules your tweets and keeps you from overwhelming your audience with information.

It isn’t surprising that most of the important blogs are using Buffer as an option to share. In one short year Buffer has become a major staple of the blogging community. Expect to see more from them in the future. They have already added Facebook updates to their app.

Promote Others
Focus  on more than yourself. Twitter is a social network. You would be wise to never forget that. You can actually increase the chances of people promoting your content by making a habit of promoting others! Build your relationships and people will seek you out and tweet yours. That act of discovery is what makes Twitter so much fun!

Relationship building is the only way to go with social media. It goes beyond Twitter and Facebook to the heart of your business. If you think that your business exists in a vacuum you are wrong. Learn how to share the spotlight with others and you may find yourself taking center stage.

Why Should You Join Twitter

Are you still waiting to join the Twitter train? Many of the people I speak to still don’t see the point. For me it is the number one tool I use to build my professional network. It has allowed me to reach out to my mentors and build relationships. It also allows me to look for help and is a great research tool.

Why have you joined Twitter? Do you use it as a promotional tool? If not, how do you promote your content?

Author Bio :

Susan Silver works as a contract SEO copywriter. She has contributed her knowledge of social media to several blogs.

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4 Best Web Apps to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

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We all know now a days using Multiple Twitter accounts is not so..... easier.We should always login to each twitter id to tweet or navigate through your accounts....But now the problem for these solution is sloved...!! Want to know about it.

Well,I found these web apps a better apps to use for your twitter accounts if you use Multiple accounts.Of course you can use them for a single account.So,they are as followed shown below

TwitIQ :

TwitIQ is a Smarter web app or client.It has Better Features like
- Real Time Updates
- Inline Image and Video Previews
- Multiple Accounts Support And Many More...! 
- Automatic Expansion of Shortened URLs

It is An advanced, Web-based Twitter client that supports grouping, Facebook, stats, multiple accounts,
pretty pictures, trending topics, and all sorts of other cool, awesome, and fantastic stuff :-)

It is an Web App for Easy management for multiple Twitter accounts and brand monitor...!

These is the Web App at present i am using for my twitter accounts..With these you can also attach Facebook account(Fan page) to post itself whenever you update your website or blog.

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5 Cool Micro Blogging sites that are actually better than Twitter

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Microblogging is always referred to as Twitter, it begins with Twitter and ends with Twitter. But that’s not the reality. Although Twitter is the most popular, there are technically better micro blogging sites than Twitter, that are fortunately or unfortunately not as popular. However, here are some of the other Twitter alternatives, for those who dare take the offbeat road !

1. Kontain

Microblogging with rich media 
Easy & Simple to start with 
iPhone app available
Comparison with Twitter
Its more content rich compared to Twitter, and has a fancy interface that’s very easy to use because of its simplicity.


Microblogging much like Twitter but for groups / companies specifically. Lets you share videos and documents among them.
Comparison with Twitter allows individuals to post short, frequent updates that are tracked or "followed" by others. Unlike Twitter, provides a secure and private way to share updates among members of a company, without them being visible to the outside world.

3. Yammer

Another microblogging and social networking tool for companies or groups. Takes microblogging to another level with groups/communities/profiles etc.
Comparison with Twitter
Though it looks like Twitter, its more than Twitter. More functions and features. And a wide range of apps to chose from for integration.

4. Tumblr

Nothing can get simpler than Tumblr when it comes to blogging. The easiest way to start and keep blogging. Its as simple as drag and drop.
Comparison with Twitter
Tumblr is actually a bit different from Twitter, it has a larger canvas when it comes to content. Its actually a cross between blogging and micro blogging.


Microblogging with subscription options. RSS and Atom feeds available to your updates. Much like twitter, but also gives you some additional features like Statistics for every profile.
Comparison with Twitter
Its more like Twitter, but un-popular. Nothing much to compare.

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