Google To launch Chrome OS By Year's End

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Google may launch Chrome OS, its second consumer operating system, by the end of the year according to a senior executive who is managing the project.
Sundar Pichai, Google's head of Chrome, told reporters at Computex 2010 (as reported by Reuters) that the operating system would be available by "late fall".
Google Chrome OS will be based on the eponymous open source browser and may actually be a combination of both entities, something that brought a shedload of trouble for Microsoft back in 1998 with the whole Windows & Internet Explorer saga.
Pichai says that the OS will initially target laptops and is likely to integrate seamlessly with Google's expanding array of cloud-based services, ranging from email to photo-editing services.
The announcement come only 24 hours after the Financial Times reported that the search giant had started a company ban on Windows operating system and encouraged its staff to move to Linux, Google's own OSes or Mac.

It also throws out the question of where will Android OS fit in. The mobile platform has been used in the past to power tablets and netbooks and the recent Froyo version gave us a glimpse of what was possible.


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