Top 5 Internal Link Building Strategies

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If you are serious blogger you might have known the importance of Internal link bulding.You should build links to internal pages. Building strong internal blog links is very important in terms of SEO. Thus boosting your blog traffic. Internal link building helps to increase pageviews.
1. First of all make sure that your navigation on your web page is spiderable. Use (anchor text ) a text based navigation, or an image based navigation with SEO relevant alt attributes attached to each image link. I recommend you to read about importance of Dofollow blog. 
2. Breadcrumds are a great internal linking tool.Use them for usability and anchor text differentiation.
3. Content links not only tend to have higher click through rate and perceived trust,but are also able to add relevance to a link because of the text.
4. Generate an sitemap for your site. A informative sitemap is useful for your visitors and search engines.
5. Link to the most relevant pages on important pages of your website. Always try to link to important pages on every topic relevant page on your website.Try adding Related post widgets in Blogger |WordPress this help easy navigation to related articles within your site.
I hope this post will be useful to boost your blog pageviews and blog traffic.
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