5 Things to do when you have nothing to Blog

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You might be spending a lot of time daily in Blogging so that you can drive traffic to your Blog as much as you can. But sometimesit may happen that youdid all your Blogging work, but still have free time & nothing to Blog. This happens with me as well when I have nothing to Blog. So at that time I do some work that are very beneficial for a blogger.So you too should follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Check Comments
If you have nothing to Blog, then the most beneficial step can be checking your previous comments of the blog because the previous comments can gain you knowledge and new ideas for your posts. Most of the Bloggers dont read the comments properly because of the busy schedule, but in the free time you can very well go through it.

2. Check Mail
Make use of free time by checking your email. Some readers have the habit to Leave Mail to the Blog owners for Suggestions, Feedbacks or any type of Questions. So take their feedbacks seriously and reply back to them by saying thanks for the Feedback. This will help you to build a good relation with your Readers which is very useful and needed.

3. Chat with Other Bloggers
You as a blogger should remain in contact with other bloggers and maintain good Relation with them. You can share your thoughts and knowledge with each other and this will really help you to improve your work and gain more visitors to your blog. Facebook is the best platform or getting in touch & sharing knowledge with other bloggers.

4. Search Youtube Videos
You can spend your free time by Searcing Vides in Youtube(The Best & Largest Video Sharing Site). You can search for the videos related to your Niche. If you have a Blog Niche Related to Blogging, then search for "Blogging" in Youtube and you will get 1000's of videos related to it. Just watch some of the Videos with some cool and Catchy Titles. Then take note of some points mentioned in a Video as this can teach you important things and can build your knowledge.

5. Preparing for Killer Post
If you have successfully done all the work mentioned above and still have a free time, then try to think of writing a killer post.
Tip:You should always write 1 killer post in every 10-15 days.

Writing Killer Post will Increase your Blog Traffic and will attract new Readers. So spend atleast 15-30 minutes daily preparing for Killer Post and after all done, publish it and see the Traffic Coming. Dont write on a topic that every blog has, just step far away and write a Killer & Viral post.
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