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After watching the game of Poker for the first time in the movie Casino Royale I gained interest in it. Read a lot about it on the internet, talked to my boss who had worked with an online gambling company. I always wanted to play this game and I got a chance when I found a great site to play  . Poker is a big business today as there are many websites offering tips and advices to those who want to play the game. Also it is convenient as poker is now available online and one does not need to go to a casino. I was looking for a website that should teach you first and then you can play at the same place. I used to find many websites where there were many rooms to play and these rooms were rated on a scale of 1 to 10 and none of the rooms were rated less than 8. However the website that teaches you first and then wants to earn money is good enough.

There are many things that you will have to keep in mind when you start playing. While you start just keep in mind that you are playing forfun and in order to gain experience. At first play for lower limits and even if you know how to play the game do not just sit at a table and expect yourself to win. Playing lower limit games can gain you experience and let you build your skills. You can even search online common mistakes made by the players and learn from them. The games where there is no limit are much trickier as compared to the games where there is a limit to the pot. You will even need to understand your opponents hand and what the opponent has. A player who is not experienced will place bets as strong as their hand and if you think your opponent does not have a strong hand in that situation make sure your call is not huge as you would want your opponent to call.

Paying attention to the game is the most important thing to concentrate on. It is not only a mistake made by beginners but also a common mistake made by experienced players. Even if an experienced player wins the game without paying attention they might make a mistake while value move. Multitasking is something that one should not entertain while playing this game. One might win even if they are not paying attention but they may not win what they could have, if they would have paid attention.

Patience is something that can help you learn and then play to win. The first thing one should do is read a lot about the game and then… Go for it.


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