Why to have an attractive Facebook profile picture?

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Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites in the world. About 845 million people are users of Facebook all over the world. While all of them might not be active users, about 85-90% of them are. Infact, it has been seen and reported in a survey that people are addicted to Facebook severely and login several times a day to check updates and also to provide updates. Created as a social networking website, Facebook is extensively used for various other purposes that include online marketing and online promotional events. The various features in the website help in carrying out various kinds of work while interacting with friends.

Profile picture in Facebook
After you sign up to Facebook, you can do various kinds of activities. The first activity that is important is to put a valid profile picture. It is very obvious that any person, be it your relative or a friend or a person who wants to share your friendship will be interested in the way you look. Therefore it is very important to have a nice profile picture for you Facebook account. Different kinds of people have different tastes for the profile pictures. While some like it simple and smart, some prefer it to be funky and fun-filled. It will also depend on the factor for which you have opened a Facebook account. If it is just for keeping in touch with your friends and interacting with them, then any kind of picture will do. But if it is intended for business purposes, the picture should reflect your personality.

The need for an attractive Facebook profile picture
It is common human psychology that you will be fascinated to anything that looks beautiful, attractive and charming. This is also applicable for the Facebook profile picture. You might put the picture of your pet or beautiful scenery or a beautiful flower as your profile picture. But that will not be attractive enough to draw attention of people. People definitely want to know as how you look. An attractive Facebook profile picture would be you holding your pet or you at a nice scenic spot and so on. This will also give a slight hint on your nature and on your likes and preferences. Also make sure that your face is clearly visible in the picture. If these things are kept in mind, you can have a great Facebook profile picture.

Facebook profile pictures for business purposes
As mentioned above, Facebook is used quite commonly for marketing purposes. Many people use Facebook and services like mixbook and snapfish as online marketing tools. With the help of these social networking websites, it is very easy to spread the word to the world in a short span of time. If you are using Facebook for your business needs, then the profile picture for that will be a little different. It need not be grim and serious, but it has to have some weight and personality reflecting through it. With your office background or a picture with your team would make a nice profile picture for Facebook for business purpose.

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