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Best Character Facebook Cover Collage Maker

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Hunting around the internet for the perfect way in which to make a collage using a Facebook cover maker is like going into a rain forest in search of wildlife – there are hundreds to choose from with many permutations of the same thing.

Facebook Cover Maker Paintbrush Apps

Best Character Facebook Cover Collage Maker
It is incredibly common for Facebook cover websites to offer a simple flash based Facebook cover tool that doesn't even reach the toolkit that Microsoft Paint offers, and so, it’s not exactly fit for purpose.

These cover maker applications do undeniably help to make a cover, but they don’t exactly make it easy for you.

Other Facebook Cover Maker Options 

Best Character Facebook Cover Collage Maker

Some of the best Facebook cover creation tools out there are specifically designed to work with your photos and integrate a template that a graphic designer has created with your photo art work.

Some of the templates provided do actually look and work very well, however, for the most part the cover maker templates look cheesy and the web app designed to integrate the photos into the template isn’t robust enough.

Making a Facebook Cover Based On Your Personality

Tipped by the developer Athena IT as the best way in which to make a Facebook cover, Make a Cover for Facebook offers you the opportunity to create a cover based on your personality.

Whether this Facebook collage cover maker is indeed the best way to improve the header graphic that sits on top of your Facebook wall is arguable, but since this utility does integrate a character based on your personality this tool is at least interesting.

Daniel Offer, the owner of the company that made up this tool described it as a “Simple, yet clever app designed to make you a custom Facebook cover quickly and with ease.”

The developers of this Facebook cover maker have taken the approach that people would like to dress up their Facebook cover in a similar way in which they buy clothes and get dressed for a night out.

In this manner you are guided through the collage selection process to put together your cover with a wardrobe like tool. Your changes and selections are then shown in a preview window that takes up most of the screen space within the online maker app.

Once you are done with creating your character based collage you are then able to freely – and without watermark – apply your design as your Facebook cover either by downloading the cover or by using a Facebook application provided.

You’re Choices

Although your choices are slightly limited within this Facebook cover making tool you do have choices. These choices influence how your end Facebook cover will look.

The first choice that you have is as to which character you wish to use – you have the choice of a devil, penguin, manga character as well as gender based characters. Once the initial choice has been made, you then are able to customize the character that you have been given.

At the time of writing, Make a Cover for Facebook is the best character based Facebook collage tool available. 
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How to Control Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

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How to Control Your Privacy Settings on Facebook
Privacy (default): Facebook provides privacy on three basic levels. Firstly, public, here everyone can see the posts made by a person. Secondly, friends setting, here the page can be accessed only by the friends of the user. Thirdly, custom setting, here the user is provided a granular approach when it comes to privacy settings of the user. The custom setting can be experimented with by the user. The custom setting helps you to divide the contacts into various groups depending on work, school and college. This is a very useful feature as it helps the user to know the contacts he has.

The setting helps the user to control the people who can check the account. The setting also ensures the people who can contact you and otherwise. This setting much like the previous is divided into friend, public and custom. It is up to the discretion of the user as to how they want to use the setting. The feature helps the user to make his account less permissive. The setting is to help the user understand the benefits and advantages of having a facebook account. The setting checks unwanted people from accessing the account of the user.

Tagging and timeline:
Timeline has been recently introduced on facebook.The feature assures and confirms the people who can put up posts on the timeline of the user. It Also helps the user to understand whose post they want to be tagged in or remove the post altogether. The user can in away detag him in case of any embarrassing post. In case the user chooses the option of no one then the friends of the user have to tag themselves manually. The setting makes working easier for the people when it comes to being tagged or otherwise.

Websites apps and ads:
By using the application where the user gets to choose his apps, the user can select each of the apps and delete each of the apps separately. The ads setting helps the person the select the ads he would like to publish on his wall. This setting also helps the person to personalize his account. This is almost instant and on spot. The setting also helps in going into the details of one’s own account. The setting helps a person to remove and confirm the thing that he wants to at his own will. The apps are well adjusted to the taste of the user using the account.

Limiting the audience and blocking:
The setting helps the user to limit the viewership of his page or account. Activating this setting would make using facebook less time consuming. The block option helps the user to remove unwanted friends from their account easily. It also makes it impossible for the blocked person to enter the account of the user. The block is a universal block that helps prevent abusive comments from unwanted people. The people in the blocked list cannot be added to the user’s friend list unless they are removed from the blocked list.

About the Author - PrIyAnGsHu is a blogger, internet marketer and a web entrepreneur from India. He generally writes about gadgets and software on his technology blog .
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Why to have an attractive Facebook profile picture?

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Facebook is one of the most used social networking sites in the world. About 845 million people are users of Facebook all over the world. While all of them might not be active users, about 85-90% of them are. Infact, it has been seen and reported in a survey that people are addicted to Facebook severely and login several times a day to check updates and also to provide updates. Created as a social networking website, Facebook is extensively used for various other purposes that include online marketing and online promotional events. The various features in the website help in carrying out various kinds of work while interacting with friends.

Profile picture in Facebook
After you sign up to Facebook, you can do various kinds of activities. The first activity that is important is to put a valid profile picture. It is very obvious that any person, be it your relative or a friend or a person who wants to share your friendship will be interested in the way you look. Therefore it is very important to have a nice profile picture for you Facebook account. Different kinds of people have different tastes for the profile pictures. While some like it simple and smart, some prefer it to be funky and fun-filled. It will also depend on the factor for which you have opened a Facebook account. If it is just for keeping in touch with your friends and interacting with them, then any kind of picture will do. But if it is intended for business purposes, the picture should reflect your personality.

The need for an attractive Facebook profile picture
It is common human psychology that you will be fascinated to anything that looks beautiful, attractive and charming. This is also applicable for the Facebook profile picture. You might put the picture of your pet or beautiful scenery or a beautiful flower as your profile picture. But that will not be attractive enough to draw attention of people. People definitely want to know as how you look. An attractive Facebook profile picture would be you holding your pet or you at a nice scenic spot and so on. This will also give a slight hint on your nature and on your likes and preferences. Also make sure that your face is clearly visible in the picture. If these things are kept in mind, you can have a great Facebook profile picture.

Facebook profile pictures for business purposes
As mentioned above, Facebook is used quite commonly for marketing purposes. Many people use Facebook and services like mixbook and snapfish as online marketing tools. With the help of these social networking websites, it is very easy to spread the word to the world in a short span of time. If you are using Facebook for your business needs, then the profile picture for that will be a little different. It need not be grim and serious, but it has to have some weight and personality reflecting through it. With your office background or a picture with your team would make a nice profile picture for Facebook for business purpose.

Author Bio:
This guest contribution was submitted by Linda

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing FAIL

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Everyone is aware of the fact that it is a hard job to run a business successfully in this competitive world. Businesses are always looking for new ways to promote themselves to the people and generate more revenue and get new clients. There are many ways through which people can promote their business, such as newspapers and television commercials, but sometimes the reach of these measures is not wide enough to generate the desired wave. The introduction of the internet allowed people with the opportunity to connect with millions of people easily, regardless of where they lived in the world. This opportunity to connect with millions of people provided businesses to use this medium to promote themselves. Due to promotion through the internet, social media came into being. The social media tools made communicating with other people more interactive. Business who are hoping to promote themselves to other people and attain success also use social media tools or marketing strategy, but things don’t go as they had planned.

Failing to Properly Understand

One of the reasons that social media marketing will fail for a business is because the people who own the business don’t fully understand what social media marketing is all about. Yes, they develop a website for their business but then they sit and hope that they will get visitors. This is not the case at all. Communication is a two way street and making a website is not enough. A business needs to write interesting and relevant content and give news updates that will attract the attention of the people and urge them to visit the said website. Along with that, answering the questions that customers might have in an appropriate manner is also important to build a good reputation and making the social media marketing strategy a success. The ability to listen to criticism and responding appropriately is also important.

Using too Many Tools
The second reason is that businesses use a lot of social media tools to promote themselves and thus, their whole strategy becomes a failure. Businesses should start small and use only one or two of the available social media tools and work on improving them, rather than using every single tool and undermining their quality. There are examples of businesses that made it big through using the social media tools, but that is not always the case with everyone and one should set realistic goals when it comes to building and implementing a social media marketing strategy.

Thinking that it Guarantees sales
The third reason that social media marketing will fail for businesses is when businessmen fail to understand the basic meaning of the social media tool. Yes, a business can reach millions of people through using social media but what it doesn’t guarantee, are sales. Investing everything in just social media marketing is not a wise thing to do and one should still use traditional promoting methods like newspaper advertisements as well as television commercials to promote their businesses. 
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FacePad:Facebook Photo Album Downloader

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FacePAD is a small Firefox extension that makes grabbing whole albums from Facebook a breeze.

FacePAD, better known as the Facebook Photo Album Downloader will allow you to download your friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.So,Friends & Bloggers have a try :) .You can get it from below provided link

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Physical Love Letter In Physics Language-Must Read

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Rotation Block,
Newton's Law,
Non-Inertial Frame

Dear -ve charge,
It was a fine morning that I saw you in Physics Lab and a Torque began acting on me, which made me to rotate about your axis. A force of gravity began attracting me towards you. Everytime, day and night, you are oscillating in my mind. But, your strong Electrostatics brother began repelling me. Since the Units and Dimensions were not correct, I avoided talking face to face. One day, I saw him outside my house and an electric shock was produced in me. So, I went in an Inertial frame and tried to integrate your phone number.But, everytime I failed to apply the Limits. You are the light of my life. By Doppler's effect, I feel that you are very close to my heart. Today morning, a Pseudo force was acting on me which compelled me to write the letter. A wave is travelling from you to me. I request you to meet me at Adiabetic Park. Please don't differentiate me. I am in Tension.

Yours Attractively,
+ve charge
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Chemical Love Letter -Must Read

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Hydrogen Tetraborate,
Carboxyl Road,

Dearest Alkali,
The day I saw you, there were sudden Chemical reactions within me involving phenolic and benzoic rings of love. Chemically, it was found that you were the reagent for the reaction. I wanted to convey my feeling that very day but since Aldehyde, Ketone and Ether were with you, I realized that the reaction conditions are unsuitable & you would show Chemical Inertness. So, I had to control the nuclear reactions of my mind using Cadmium rods.If according to first law of Love Dynamics, the following reaction: Heart(Miss Alkali in absolute privacy), Affection can be propagated, then meet me at Ammonium Restaurant, Butyl Road at 5 PM failing which I shall consume a mixture of H2SO4 + HNO3 + CH3COOH + C4H5ClNO3 +(C2H5)4Pb.

Yours Chemically,
Methanoic Acid

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Mathematical Love Letter Part-2

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Quadratic Equation,
Circle Road,
Binomial Junction

Dear Differentiation,
Without you, there is no existence of my functions as they are the basis of our life. Our love is always a Straight Line. There are no limits of our love and it is continuous at every point of life. Our love is so strong that no one can differentiate you and no one can integrate me. Our love is free from Complex Numbers & it is now in a state of Progression and Series. The Probability of getting apart from each other is Nil between us. Our love story is totally based on Intermediate Value Theorem which nobody in this world like FIITJEE, Brilliant, Apex, Bansal or Arihant can explain. OK Darling, Bye.

Yours mathematically,
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Add FaceBook Like Button For Blogger ( BlogSpot ) And Customize It.

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Hi friends and My dear loyal readers of the blog,Thanks for your support and yesterday one of the user Priyank-A Blogger and Reader of these blog had asked "How To Add Facebook Like Button To Their Website" So,am writing these Article for you all.Please read from the below passage

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add it to your blogger blog.
and you’ll learn how to customize
  • change the verb, like or recommend.
  • change it’s color.
  • change it’s font.
Step 1. adding it to your template.
The button code,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'> <iframe allowTransparency='true' expr:src='&quot;;   data:post.url   &quot;&amp;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=false&amp;width=100&amp;action=like&amp;font=arial&amp;colorscheme=light&quot;' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' style='border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:40px;'/> </b:if>

where to add it ?
Log into your blogger account, then go to Layout >> Edit Html.
Before doing any thing you must check Expand Widget Templates box.
And find the next Code

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

And after it, paste your button code
What, If you didn’t find the code above in your template, The try to find the following,


And paste the button code Before it.

click Save Template and you are done.
Step 2. Customize your button & Demo.
in the above code you can customize 3 parts. and i’ve colored them to make it easy for you to recognize,
in the above code change the following parts,
  • like this part controls the verb that appear on your button, keep it as you see or change it to recommend if you want.
  • arial this part controls the font type, keep it or change it to one of the following,lucida+grande
  • light this part controls your button color theme, and you have three options,lightevil, or dark
  • Update, How to make it appear on your home page.
in the button code there are two parts you’ll need to remove to make this button appear on your home page, the first line and the last line, if you still don’t under stand, please see the following parts and delete it before pasting the code to your template,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>


I wish you all like it and I Think it Will solve Your Problem Or If it is not working Please don't Hesitate To Ask Me.
And Please Pass Your Valuable Feedback Through Comments..
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Details of 100m Facebook users collected and published

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Hello Friends Today I Had A News From BBC Channel That About 100 million Users Of Facebook Accounts Are Hacked And It Is Available At Priate Bay..Its So Unhappy To Happen Like That..So,Friends Be Careful Don't Join Or Give Your User Details To Others.
See The Link For Details From BBC Channel
BBC Channel

See This Below Story  Taken From BBC Channel:

 Facebook torrent
The torrent is attracting hundreds of downloads
Personal details of 100m Facebook users have been collected and published on the net by a security consultant.
Ron Bowes used a piece of code to scan Facebook profiles, collecting data not hidden by the user's privacy settings.
The list, which has been shared as a downloadable file, contains the URL of every searchable Facebook user's profile, their name and unique ID.
Mr Bowes said he published the data to highlight privacy issues, but Facebook said it was already public information.
The file has spread rapidly across the net.
On the Pirate Bay, the world's biggest file-sharing website, the list was being distributed and downloaded by more than 1,000 users.
One user, going by the name of lusifer69, described the list as "awesome and a little terrifying".
In a statement to BBC News, Facebook said that the information in the list was already freely available online.
"People who use Facebook own their information and have the right to share only what they want, with whom they want, and when they want," the statement read.
"In this case, information that people have agreed to make public was collected by a single researcher and already exists in Google, Bing, other search engines, as well as on Facebook.
"No private data is available or has been compromised," the statement added.
'Privacy confusion'
But Simon Davies from the watchdog Privacy International told BBC News that Facebook had been given ample warning that something like this would happen.
"Facebook should have anticipated this attack and put measures in place to prevent it," he said
"It is inconceivable that a firm with hundreds of engineers couldn't have imagined a trawl of this magnitude and there's an argument to be heard that Facebook have acted with negligence, he added.
Mr Davies said that the trawl of data fed into "the confusion of the privacy settings".
"People did not understand the privacy settings and this is the result," he said.
FacebookFacebook hit its 500m user in mid June 2010
Earlier this year there was a storm of protest from users of the site over the complexity of Facebook's privacy settings. As a result, the site rolled out simplified privacy controls.
Facebook has a default setting for privacy that makes some user information publicly available. People have to make a conscious choice to opt-out of the defaults.
"It is similar to the white pages of the phone book, this is the information available to enable people to find each other, which is the reason people join Facebook," said a spokesman for the firm.
"If someone does not want to be found, we also offer a number of controls to enable people not to appear in search on Facebook, in search engines, or share any information with applications."
But Mr Davies disagreed, saying the default settings should be changed.
"This highlights the argument for a higher level of privacy and proves the case for default nondisclosure," he said.
"There are going to be a lot of angry and concerned people right now who will be wondering who has their data and what they should do."
However, Mr Davies pointed out that this was something of an "ethical attack" and that more personal information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses had not been included in the trawl.
BBC Online readers have been sending us their thoughts on this story. Here is a selection of their comments.
I've reconnected with dozens of old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in years, because it is possible to search for them on Facebook. There's not much point in signing up for it if you're just going to hide behind a wall of anonymity.
Cliff Smith, Exeter, UK
I don't see that Facebook has done anything wrong. They make it abundantly clear that you, the subscriber, are responsible for managing your privacy settings. If you don't know how to cook, you stay out of the kitchen. In other words, if you don't understand how to manage your privacy settings, don't sign up to Facebook.
Steve, Riverside, California, USA
I made a deliberate decision not to use Facebook because I don't trust it. It is obviously a frequently-attacked site, and I don't trust the company to resist the temptation to harvest the data they host.
Jane C, UK
What happened is that someone wasted hours compiling already available material and then posted it on the 'scary' Pirate Bay website, as if they were disclosing secrets of national security. It's no more alarming than finding the yellow pages in a brothel. If you want to meet friends and share information with the world then stop whining when the person looking over your shoulder can see it all too.
Mark Ford, East Grinstead, UK
I use Facebook to connect with family friends and co-workers. But I am not searchable, I do not share with 'friends of friends' and have not installed any of those silly side apps that share your info. Facebook is still too complicated for the average user.
Shannon, Winchester, California, USA
Large scale data mining exercises like this one are actually pretty common and easy to do. If you don't want people looking at your information, either don't make it publicly available or don't post it in the first place.
Ben, Manchester, UK
Source Taken From: BBC Channel
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Automatically Update Your Twitter And FaceBook Status When You Add A New Post On Blogger

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Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt are now one of the biggest visitors sources for a lot of blogs, so you have to use this services to get more visitors,
So you have to update your status regularly each time you add a new post on your blog so your followers and friends keep receiving the latest updates from your blog.
But updating your status regularly taking a lot of time, specially if you post many posts daily.
Today we’ll learn a new way that`ll save us more time. by using this tool you wont need to tweet and update your status on Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt.
You will just need to Authenticate your Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt account .
After this add your blog’s RSS feed link there . and you are good to go.

Lets Do It.
Go to, And click register now. Then fill the form and click Create account.
Then you’ll be taken to another page contain 3 steps.
Step 1: Name Feed & Add Source URL.
You’ll need to enter your
Feed Name
RSS Feed URL, your default blog url should be the following.
Or you can enter your feedburner url if you are a member of feedburner.
And click Continue to Step 2
Step 2: Configure Publishing Services.
In this step you will be able to Authenticate your accounts in Twitter, facebook, Laconica, and Hellotxt with your account,
For example click on Facebook, on the next page, click Connect with facebook, a new window will be opened, enter your facebook e-mail and password and clickconnect Then click allow access and click create service
And after you add and Authenticate all your accounts click All Done.
Step 3: Done.
On this step just click Go to dashboard. From your dashboard you can add, edit or remove services from your account.
And now you are done.

Please Pass Your Feedback Through Comments...!
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Facebook Page-Blogging-SEO-Traffic Tips

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We are very glad to introduce Facebook page in this blog and would like to invite the Readers,Fellow bloggers,Visitors and all supporting peoples whoever in the back end of this blog to join our Facebook page,So always my thanks goes to all these peoples.

We mainly concentrate this Blog from the past 6 months and we are planning to deliver more and more updates related with search engine optimization,Blog/website traffic tips for our loyal readers.So i request you to support and submit your valuable comments,feedbacks,suggestions to this blog for further development.We decided to introduce more features for our readers,visitors and fellow Bloggers shortly and announcements and invitations will reach shortly to all.

Finally one sweet news for blog or website owners is that we would like to add the website info to this page who joins this page.

All you have to do is after joining to this page simply use comments or send mail to me  Saikrishna344 (at) to add your site info.

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