Top 5 Cloud based services that are free to use

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Free cloud based services are rare to find, but they are not non-existent. The paid cloud services can be quite expensive, especially if we are not using the all the features that they are providing and the data that we are storing in the cloud is not too much. If you are looking for a free cloud service and have not been able to fine a single one yet, then you need not panic, as here is a list of the top 5 cloud based services that are free to use. Take a look at them and you can use them for storing your data.

Elastic Compute Cloud service by Amazon
This is a service that has been started by the Amazon to entice people to use their other services. The services are rendered free of cost for one complete year and among the loads of other things that you get free of cost with this service, the 30GB internet data transfer and the 5GB Amazon S3 storage are the most enticing. After you have used the service for a year and you wish to continue with it, you need to pay a nominal fee.

SkyDrive by Windows Live
Microsoft is not far behind when it comes to cloud storage and this service is one of the best that is present in the market. The user has the freedom to store data upto 25GB free of cost and that is a colossal space for storage. The user interface is friendly and interactive and the file saving method is exceedingly simple.

This is another site that enables free cloud storage and it is impeccable. There is a Free Lite version that is present that enables you to send files that are upto 100MB to whomsoever you like and I feel that, this is more that anyone can ask for. If you want to send files that are larger than this, then you need to have a Pro account, which is a paid account. That will enable you to send files that are as large as 2GB in one go.

Google Apps
This list is incomplete without Google Apps. The service is simple, easy to use and most importantly, you need not pay a penny for it. There is everything that you need in the form of these Google Apps and once you have made use of the apps you will realize that you cannot really do without them. There are documents, tables, spreadsheets, pictures etc that you can share with the service.

This service is distinct from the others as you get a free online system complete with a virtual desktop with it. There are a variety of things that you can do and the most outstanding of them all is the free online cloud storage. You can create all your documents and files with the help of the tools that are provided by the service and then store in the same place.

These are the top 5 cloud based services that are free for use. There are paid accounts for all these services as well, but you will need them only in case you require a huge amount of space for data storage, which is unlikely. 

This guest post is written by Gupta Sumit aka Sumoni HFG, who is a part time blogger and author at  TheGeeks Club and concentrates mainly on iOS apps and Phone comparision, get in touch with me on twitter @ sumonigupta


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