Why Next-Generation Touchscreen Devices Could Have ‘Physical’ Buttons

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Have you ever thought how you will react if physical buttons simply appeared on your touchscreen devices from nowhere. You will definitely be surprised to find the screen inflated with buttons – something that is not normally associated with touchscreen devices.

If you want to check out home phone and internet packages to find the ones that best suit your needs, you will also be interested in knowing the devices that you can use to access the internet. Touchscreen devices have become quite popular recently. There are a number of tablets, eBook readers and mobile devices you can choose from. You can send text messages and even dial numbers on a touchscreen mobile device the same way as you do using your normal cell phone.

Although touchscreen devices have no buttons, you can still do all the functions without difficulty. This concept however is going to be changed by Tactus Technology – a company based in California. The latest technology introduced by this company allows physical buttons to appear on the touchscreen devices as and when needed. If you need to use your device to text or dial your friend, the special Tactile Layer will help the buttons appear on the screen.

This technology is magical in the sense that the buttons will only appear for the time you are actually using the device. Once you finish your work and your device is no longer in use, the buttons will disappear or go back inside the device. This concept can be used on a variety of touchscreen devices including mobile devices, tablets and eBook readers.

A decade back, no one ever imagined that devices can work without physical buttons. The arrival of touchscreen devices did change this perception and there are people who still miss the physical buttons. They would love to see the raised buttons on their favorite touchscreen devices in the future. As mentioned earlier, this wish will be fulfilled by the innovative technology launched by Tactus Technology.

If you feel your fingers are too big and cause problems when you use the touchscreen, you will have to wait to get your hands on a touchscreen device that has buttons and dials. This technology will definitely make your device much easier to navigate and use.
The best thing about this new technology is the fact that the physical buttons don’t leave behind marks or traces after they disappear from the screen. Technically, you will think that there must be marks or indications on your touchscreen device to highlight areas where buttons had appeared earlier. But the recent display of this new technology showed that the buttons leave no traces after they go back in the device. This feature is mainly due to the use of microfluidic technology.

The buttons that appear on your device will give you the same experience as if you were using a keyboard for the same task. What more will this technology offer? While the concept is still in its early phase, there are endless options when it comes to deciding the applications that will benefit with the use of this technology.

This concept can be used in Smartphones, remote controls, medical devices, navigation equipment, gaming devices, laptops, eBook readers and automobile displays. A large number of complex equipments used in the industries can also benefit from this latest technology.

Majority of internet users are interested to check out home phone and internet packagesand prefer to use a device that gives them good visual experience every time they use the web. Although touchscreen devices give you an enriched web experience, your experience can be messed up if the device is touched at the wrong place.

Most users also complain that the touchscreen devices don’t give them a tactile experience that increases the chances of making a mistake. You’ll only wish that there was a touchscreen with sleek buttons, so that you can rest your fingers on top of it.

If you are looking for an innovative solution that can resolve all your issues related to the absence of physical buttons on touchscreen devices, you have to check out the groundbreaking concept launched by Tactus Technology. Once integrated into a device, this technology will make sure you never sacrifice on the tactile experience again.

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