5 Best Slot Games on Android

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Gaming applications have taken off in recent years with the advent of smartphones and Android smartphones are no exception. Games of chance, including many that try to simulate the casino experience, are some of the most popular applications out there. Slot games in particular offer an exciting but simple diversion during the user's off-time.
Here are five of the best slot games available on Android smartphones:


Slotomania is one of the most popular slot machine games available to smartphone users. It blends state-of-the-art graphics with realistic sound effects to simulate an authentic casino experience, while still being able to fit in one's hand. Games included in Slotomania are simple and thus accessible. Furthermore, the developer's diligence ensures that these games are updated on a regular basis. Although Slotomania is cross-platform, installing it on an Android phone requires the phone to be running 2.2 or higher.

Slot City

Slot City is a slot machine game made by the developer Dragonplay and done up in the Vegas style. Players can earn chips and other bonuses through playing the game, compete with their friends and family on Facebook and move up the ranks as their experience accumulates. Slot City is designed so that players unlock previously unavailable games and more options through prolonged gameplay, a feature implemented to entice and hold their attention. However, it is very much intended to provide a social gaming experience to complement its single-player aspects.

Slot Machine Deluxe

Another slot machine game created and made available to Android users so that they can have a taste of Vegas excitement in the palm of their own hand, Slot Machine Deluxe comes with many of the same features and amenities. Users can play virtual slot machines done up in a number of themes and using a range of rules, while collecting free bonuses on a regular basis and claiming fresh jackpots with each victory. Sudden changes to the rules accompanied by higher stakes help keep the game fresh and entertaining even for long time players.

DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino offers its players one million chips to start out plus daily bonuses to help keep their interest hooked. In contrast to many other slot machine games available on Android smartphones, DoubleDown Casino make all of its games and features available from the start so that players do not need to face the hassle of unlocking them one by one. Instead, its developer relies on a combination of updates containing new games and features plus bonus rounds featuring higher stakes than normal to keep matters fresh and build excitement during gameplay.

Slots By Zynga

Slots by Zynga by the Eponymous developer adds elements made possible by the medium to help spice up the traditional slot game machine experience. Each spin is set in the context of a broader game and as the player progresses, more features and possibilities open up. These include not only the traditional bonus rounds accompanied by higher stakes, but also upgrades to unlocked game machines plus regular bonuses to keep players coming back for more.

Guest post contributed by Erik Sharif on behalf of Jackpot Party Casino. Erik is a freelance writer with and android app expert. His articles mainly appear on gaming blogs.


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