Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Free Slots on Facebook

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Facebook’s great for keeping a close eye on everyone’s photos, check-ins and opinions, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from everyday life and ignite the imagination a little. With Jackpotjoy’s freeonline slots games, you can do just that, setting off on an incredible journey packed full of rich colours and animation, an array of exciting noises and a bunch of well-known characters.

One such game is Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Slots, and game’s magic take place across five entertaining reels that you’ll need to spin. As the riveting motion comes to an end, you’ll see what symbols you’ve landed across what pay lines. Depending on what you’ve got, you’ll receive more coins to enjoy another spin or even the chance to have fun in one of four fantastic bonus rounds.

Whether it’s hanging out with the Queen of Hearts for a humorous game of croquet or having a cup of tea with the Mad Hatter, you’ll be sure to use the game’s feature that lets you invite your friends to the party. Before long, you might even be helping the Queen of Hearts’ gardeners paint her roses red, all the while in a tournament to see who can get the most coins out of everyone.

Throughout your time on Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, you’ll from time to time have the opportunity of collecting a badge. Badges are awarded at key milestones along your enjoyable journey through the enchanted, fairytale world.

First Step is achieved when you play a game for the first time, Buddy and Crowd Pleaser badges come your way when you invite and enjoy the game alongside friends and Gifter becomes yours when you accept a gift off somebody ten times. As players collect coins, they can begin sharing them with friends at any time.
The next time you write a Facebook status update, you could be talking about faraway lands full of mad hatters, queens and gardeners, and your friends won’t think you’ve gone mad because they’ve probably been enjoying the excitement the whole time with you.  Don’t delay the party. Click hereto Play on Facebook!


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