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In this day and age, sometimes we find it difficult to spend time with friends. Facebook has reconnected us with old friends and has provided new friends for us – we know what they like, how they look like, what they eat, what music they listen to and what goes on in their life, but when it comes to actually spending time with them and talking, Facebook and other social media networks fail to provide us with any help. It is up to us to connect and reconnect with friends. When we don’t have time to actually meet with some of our friends, how about we meet them online and play some friendly games?

Find the Perfect Spot to Relax
When you plan to spend your evening online playing games with friends, you want to get as comfortable as possible. Find your perfect spot, stretch your legs and allow your muscles to relax. Have a drink and some nice music in the background, this will add to the whole experience making it even more pleasurable.

Choose a Game that You Both Love
When you’re playing with a friend, you want to pick something that you’re both good at and are going to enjoy. Since recently, Words with Friends has been gaining a lot of popularity, you can try that or online chess. Did you know that you can even play online Solitaire with a friend? We found the Fexi website, which offers all the possible Solitaire variants you can think of! Although the name suggests only one player can play the game, there are plenty of options where you can play against a friend. The possibilities are really endless.

Try to Skype When You’re Playing
If you get to hear the friend you’re playing against, the whole experience suddenly transforms into something much more intimate and fun. Get to comment on your player’s moves, make witty remarks or hear them sigh when they’ve lost a game. It’s great to be able to get close and feel the vibe of the person you’re playing against while you’re miles away.

When All Else Fails, Invite Them Over
If you’ve gotten tired of playing online games in an empty room, tell your friend about this and invite some over.  Suggest that they bring their laptops and create a small network of online gaming right there inside your home. Shooters are particularly great for this type of occasion. Take a glance over at their display to see where they’re hiding or take a break and talk about life and other things while you’re computers are cooling down. 


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